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UK Education Newswire Archive

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London Boat Show Protest British Marine Federation Invited to Learn

04-01-2006 07:16

British Marine Federation Approve Corporate Social Responsiblity?
Eviction and homelessness in all forms is never pleasant. When it’s caused only in the name of ‘corporate beauty’, it is wrong. Representing his wife and five daughters, one man will again picket the London Boat Show at Excel. 'Open Invitation' to the British Marine Federation is already made.

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There are no children here

03-01-2006 20:58

A few months after the gassing of the Kurds in Halabja, a demonstration was held in 1988 by the Iraqi resistance in the United Kingdom.The demonstration had worked its way around the streets of London and had finally ended up outside of Iraq’s Embassy.

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The military-industrial brainwashing of america's children

01-01-2006 12:44

The Hitler Youth Movement succeeded in brainwashing an entire generation of German children with the Nazi ideology of racial and national superiority. In a 1935 speech, Adolf Hitler declared: "He alone, who owns the youth, gains the Future!" Corporate america and Washington politicos are goose-stepping to this concept.

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How They Rebuilt Stonehenge 50 years ago

29-12-2005 20:08

Pictures from The Wiltshire Archeological Society and Christopher Chippindale

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//// The Edukators //// rampART, thursday 8pm

29-12-2005 02:31

It's thursday and although we are still 17%, and an estimated 8 hours, away from fully downing it, we are pretty confident that we will be screening The Edukators at 8pm for the weekly rampART free cinema night.

So come on down for a little playful edukation...

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Film at protests? Now what?

28-12-2005 15:55

With cheap digital camera increasingly available, many more people are filming at protest. But what happens to the footage? How much of it gets editted down. How many people ever get to see the footage? What about footage falling into the wrong hands?

A gathering of radical videographers will take place in London during January to look at these issues, share skills, pool resources and footage, increase collaboration, work on distribution ideas, and generally continue to move things forward a little.

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Corporate ethics motions passed at York Uni

23-12-2005 21:37

Students at the University of York register their disapproval of Coke and BAE, passing Student Union motions calling for boycott and divestment, respectively. A motion calling for boycott of Nestle barely misses quoracy.

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Creative working the way forward - a photo report from Nottingham

23-12-2005 15:58

More and more artists within Nottingham seem to join the recycling art craze, as tetra-packs, plastic bages and cans are brought to new life. In the last few weeks various workshops were organised in the Sumac Centre in Forest Fields and the Old School Hall in Sneinton. The Rubbish Day Out in Sneinton was organised to raise awareness of recycling and waste issues. Here a collection of photo's from people who think creative workshops are fun and the way forward to promote environmental and social issues.

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Activists' briefing on the politics of the National Union of Students

23-12-2005 13:36

Activists from Education Not for Sale, a network of radical student activists, have produced a dossier on the shenanigans of the National Union of Students bureaucracy at the 2005 NUS conference in April.

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Sussex University LGBT

21-12-2005 00:06

A student at Sussex University has just created a discussion forum as part of a new online community for their LGBT group

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Art censorship strikes Cowley Road again

20-12-2005 22:16

The original mural
A group of local artist were told “you can have a free reign” to paint murals on a wall on Cowley Road owned by a local estate agent in Marston Street

After deciding to illustrate a poem written by local Poet Nyarai Humba and spending many hours researching photographs they then spent two days in the freezing cold painting the mural.

Over the weekend they had so much public support for the mural, the artists were constantly fed mince pies, cups of tea and mulled whine by passers by as they painted. So you can imagine the shock and horror they experienced to find the poem had been painted out by censors the day after it had been finished.

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Birmingham AUT debate on the boycott of Israeli Universities: Pappe vs. Hirsch

20-12-2005 18:21

What follows is a report by Brian Robinson, a Jewish peace activist, on a debate hosted by Birmingham Association of University Teachers on the boycott of Israeli universities. The debate was hosted at the University of Birmingham on 15th November 2005.

The speakers were:

Dr. Ilan Pappe, University of Haifa, Israel
Dr. David Hirsh, Goldsmiths College, University of London

(both speaking in a personal capacity)

Chair: Dr. William Edmondson, Vice-President, BAUT

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Education Not for Sale website

16-12-2005 16:44

The Education Not for Sale website has been overhauled and updated, and includes lots of new material for student campaign activists.

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MP discredits Aspartame

15-12-2005 10:54

Pushed through legislation, this sweetner is in many products if only you looked at the list of ingredients! "potentially" unsafe for you!

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D.E.D.S.A.M.S: How Play Betters a Community's Health

13-12-2005 12:03

Participatory performance methodology getting people to 'go to the clinic!' Kenyan community health workers facilitate health workshops with youth theatre practitioners. An M&E facility enables rural clinics to practice preventative care policy. Great potential for tackling diseases, HIV/AIDS formost.

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Human roadblock in protest against special needs school closures

09-12-2005 17:27

Parents and activists held up traffic this morning in protest against the proposed closure of schools for children with special needs.

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Merseyside and The Palestinians

07-12-2005 15:20

Student Under Occupation
Palestine continues to be one of the major issues for activists on Merseyside with film showings, music nights and a stunning student twinning campaign all in the past few weeks.

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Rules are 'unfair'

07-12-2005 12:29

A SATURDAY school is under threat because of ‘unfair’ council funding rules.

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Alt-publishing & Google Books

07-12-2005 10:43

A simple google book search for -

a | the | and | but | of | on | from

...enables you to see most of the pages of copyrighted books including books published by small alternative publishers eg. AK Press.

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Fight Racism & Censorship at New School

06-12-2005 16:08

In NYC, New School Administrators are targeting a graduate student because she organized an all-black panel to speak on topics they consider "controversial."
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