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UK Education Newswire Archive

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Photos from University occupation

03-11-2011 02:46

Photos from today's occupation of the University of Birmingham.

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Why we occupy, our statement.

02-11-2011 23:59

University of Birmingham Occupation: We have come together to discuss democratically alternatives to cuts, privatisation, we are debating what we believe and will publish our points here.

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University of Birmingham Occupied!

02-11-2011 23:44

We have just marched into University of Birmingham Corporate Conference Centre. Our actions are not disrupting education or learning but rather those working to destroy public education in the interests of private profit.

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Midlands Anti-Academy Conference

02-11-2011 11:38

Fighting Academy conversions and Free Schools

12th November

Birmingham & Midlands Institute, Margaret Street, Birmingham, B3 3BS. (Behind the Council House)

Registration 9.30am

Conference 10am to 2pm

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Demo outside Eton College AGM, City of London, 6.30pm, 1 November

01-11-2011 13:50

A protest will be held outside the Eton College AGM to demonstrate our strong feelings about the privileged elite that runs this country, and its most important school. At the time of writing this, there are rumours that the College has cancelled its AGM owing to "public order concerns". This may or may not be true, but the demo will go ahead regardless. We will meet at St Paul's at 6.30pm, and have a short walk to Withers, 16 Old Bailey.

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St. Andrews Prepares for Another Occupation

31-10-2011 19:08

St. andrews leads the way in rolling occupations. We urge student activists to adopt our tatic and keep the pressure up.

Below is the email sent out to hundreds of students.

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What lies beneath the Ark Academy in Brent?

30-10-2011 17:21

Concrete ridges (possibly plinths), described as ‘Car Parking Area’
Email correspondence with Brent Council Planning Department, December 2008.
Although the links to the Brent Council website have long broken, links to these images is at the bottom of this document, so can still be accessed.

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day 6 of newcastle occupation

21-10-2011 08:42

well the weather maybe rough in geordi land but that wont deter us
we are the 99%

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Term starts today: Plebs' College is back!

18-10-2011 12:12

Plebs' College is open for the new term.

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Audio Recordings from the Sheffield Free School

17-10-2011 22:47

Attached are recording of 4 sessions of the Sheffield Free School, which was held on 15th October 2011 at CADS in Sheffield.

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The Sheffield Free School is underway!

15-10-2011 11:36

Get yourselves down here!

Daytime Venue: CADS (Creative Arts Development Space) Snow Lane Entrance, Shalesmoor, S3 7AL (5 mins from city centre, next to “Kit Locker”). See the image below for the latest timetable.

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ARK Academy Public Meetings

13-10-2011 08:48

I live in South Birmingham and am a parent of two primary school-aged children. On 10th October 2010, I attended a public consultation meeting at Kings Norton High School on the proposal to turn it into an ARK academy school. I have to say that it was far worse than I had actually imagined it would be!
I had thought that, whilst academies would be a form of privatisation, there would be enough safeguards in place and enough self-restraint by the people running the academies for it to avoid being too radically different from schools as they are currently run. Having heard from the people pushing this academy agenda I now think that is quite naive.
The 1-hour public ‘consultation’ meeting basically consisted of a 30 minutes of an incredibly one-sided sales-pitch given by 4 academy fundamentalists, followed by an attempt to shut down any form of criticism that came from the floor. The academy fundamentalists consisted of the ARK project director, the chair of the governors of Kings Norton High School, the Head Teacher of Kings Norton High School, and another head teacher from an existing ARK school in Birmingham.

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Students To March On The City | Nov 9 [NCAFC]

12-10-2011 20:25

Tens of thousands of students predicted to march against fees, cuts and privatisation on November 9th

National demonstration will go to the City, rather than to Parliament

Students plan to derail the government’s HE white paper

Demonstration a key date in the autumn of resistance, ahead of the November 30th strike action

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Filmshow - Emma Goldman: An exceedingly dangerous woman, 12th Oct 2011

12-10-2011 12:44

Filmshow - Emma Goldman: An exceedingly dangerous woman, 12th Oct 2011, Brighton (UK)

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St. Andrews in Tent City Occupation

11-10-2011 06:04

St. Andrews students are in occupation against the recent fee increase for Rest Of UK students. The cost of a degree at St. Andrews now stands at £36,000 which makes our University the most exspensive in the UK. Anti cuts activists and autonomous supporters have started a tent-city occupation to demonstrate against this University's policy.

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What Passing Bells

30-09-2011 09:16

A new novel by a British Veteran talks about his experiences with life after war.

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St Andrews Strikes Again!

26-09-2011 14:12

every year St. Andrews activisits attack the Army for the Freshers Fayre. this year, let us delight you with our methods and tactics for you to employ at your own leisure!

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Youth Climate Event "Power Shift" Returns to UK

24-09-2011 23:46

So many inspiring campaigns are taking place at the moment in the climate change movement: Moving Planet (a global day of climate action), campaigns on gas fracking and tar sands, and new climate campaigning films. Now is an exciting time to get involved.
That is what many young people will be doing this October at Power Shift: coming together to build the youth climate movement and take action on issues surrounding climate change. Power Shift will bring together hundreds of young people in Salford, Greater Manchester, for a weekend of workshops, inspiring speakers and cutting edge bands. It will give them the skills, inspiration and knowledge to campaign and communicate around the youth climate movement, and transferable skills for use in other social action campaigns.

For more information and to book tickets (from £10) please go to

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Lib Dem Conference - Convergence and Crash Spaces

13-09-2011 11:55

The national campaign against fees and cuts is organising convergence (and crash) space for anti-Lib Dem conference action which has already been reclaimed. The Birmingham Social Centre is ready to be a base for the start of another autumn of anti-austerity direct action by students and workers.

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Statement from the Chilean school students on hunger strike

12-09-2011 15:06

Translation of communique issued Sunday September 11 by the school students on hunger strike (some for 50 days now) in Santiago, Chile. Education without profit.
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