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UK Education Newswire Archive

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Taic mhor dhan Ghaidhlig ann an Alba

02-10-2003 17:35

Tha rannsachadh a' nochdadh gu bheil 2 a-mach à gach triuir a' meas na Gaidhlig mar chudromach do dh'Alba.

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EEF Berlin: solidarity with refugees and flashmob action

19-09-2003 15:13

action in front of the foreign office
In front of the foreign office in Berlin there was a flasmob action during the press conference of the European education ministers. This afternoon there was a solidarity action with protesting refugees in Berlin as well.

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EEF in Berlin: report about a workshop

19-09-2003 11:01

short before the first action this morning...( more later..)
Some participants tried to get contact with the European education ministers but didn`t came through due high security...

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Berlin: education flashmob on Friday

19-09-2003 08:53

Manifestation in front of summit yesterday
On Friday there will be an education flashmob just before the press
conference of the European ministers on higher education. Location:
Department for Foreign Affairs, main entrance Werderscher Markt 1 (500m from the
Humboldt University) Time: 12:10h – be on time!!!

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EEF: summary of the second plenary

18-09-2003 23:50

Evening plenary
Short summary of the second plenary (Thursday, 7:30pm):
The Bologna Process – criticism and alternatives

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More than 600 people at European Education Forum

18-09-2003 21:02

We don`t
More than 600 people attended at the European Education Forum today. At 4 pm there was a demonstration at the Hilton hotel where the summit of the European educationministers takes place.

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Artist's journey inspires powerful and moving exhibition

18-09-2003 12:31

Making Sense: A Rwanda Story is a powerful and moving exhibition that opened this week at Bristol City Museum & Art Gallery and runs until 23 November 2003. Inspired by the artist Helen Wilson's visit to Rwanda in 2002, the exhibiton features large scale paintings, film, poems and music showing the beauty of Rwanda and the resilience of its people in the aftermath of the 1994 genocide that claimed one million lives in 100 days.

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The European Education Forum has been opened!

18-09-2003 11:30

Poster EEF in Berlin
This morning the EEF has been officially opened with an introducing plenary. In the early hours about 150 people listened to current information about the situation of education in Europe. Some people performed a rap on Berlin’s financial situation. Here a few photographs…

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Latest news European Education Forum (EEF) Berlin

17-09-2003 18:20

1.. About the collapsed WTO summit in Cancun
2.. Schedule of the European Education Forum
3.. Demonstration on Saturday, September 20th
4.. Registration, sleeping places and program guide

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100,000 teachers on strike today in Australia, in a historic action

17-09-2003 16:01

Almost 100,000 teachers across Australia shut down hundreds of public schools, in the nation's largest strike by a single workforce. ...

At Melbourne Park, a stopwork meeting of at least 9000 teachers warned of further... action... unless the... government boosted its 9 per cent salary offer... Teachers want 25 to 30 per cent.

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16-09-2003 15:38

A full day of discussions, workshops and demos looking into using the Linux operating system for multi-media tasks.

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Update with news around the European Education Forum(EEF)

13-09-2003 10:24

here comes the latest information about the European Education Forum which will take place simultaniously during the summit of the European education ministers from September 18-20 2003 in Berlin, Germany.

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Only one week left till the EEF starts: Come to Berlin!

11-09-2003 07:05

Simultaneously with the European Higher Education Summit 2003 the first European Education Forum (EEF) takes place from 18th to 20th September at the Humboldt University in Berlin. Students, pupils and teachers from whole Europe will come to Berlin to discuss during two days the current education policy and to develop alternatives.

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European Education Forum and demo: latest news

10-09-2003 13:55

Latest news around the European Education Forum and Demo, September 18-20 in Berlin

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Children at local schools near Excell are prevented from leaving school bt Polic

09-09-2003 13:24

In the schools local to Excel conference centre housing the DSEI arms fair, the pupils have been forbidden to leave the school at lunch time.
They have been told that if they leave the school premises they could face expulsion.
Some children have left the school grounds and were escorted back by the police.
Police officers are stationed in local schools to enforce this curfew.

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07-09-2003 14:14

This InfoNet is an informal periodic noticeboard for progressive political/social activities and information in the Highlands and Islands (Plus the odd item included at the Editor's whim!).
It is only as useful and informative as the contents supplied to it.
InfoNet is non-judgemental and does not necessarily support/agree with events listed.
To be a recipient, no personal details are required, just send an Email to
gobbledegook at with 'InfoNet Add Me' in the Subject box.

Wanna do something? Let InfoNet know. We believe you can DO IT YOURSELF - and we can help you organise meetings, print leaflets at cost, etc.

Please note that if you can offer - or need - a lift to events listed below, please contact the organisers or InfoNet

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Pirate radio -- Loud and Offensive!

06-09-2003 02:16

Support Loud and Offensive! Information is power and we want to spread it to as many people as possible.

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DOCUMENT 1: Program of the Human Rights Film Festival in Glasgow

05-09-2003 10:22

"Document 1 is Glasgow's first ever International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival. The main focus is to show work from the regions around the world where asylum seekers in Glasgow have come from.
In doing so, the films will give asylum seekers a chance to see what is happening in their country of origin and give other residents of Glasgow an opportunity to see everyday life in such countries. These films, whilst explaining the conflicts which people have involuntarily had to flee, also show the richness of their societies and cultures."
Paula Larkin & Mona Rai, Co-ordinators
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