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UK Education Newswire Archive

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how i abused my Rights as a parent of a child at a local high school

20-05-2016 13:08

I have been a specialist instrumental teacher who has worked in many schools for over fourteen years, including ten years in a prison where I taught illegal immigrants.

My daughter is in her last year at a local high school, where I have also been working part-time for fourteen years.

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Sheffield Anarchist Book Fair 2016

15-04-2016 13:48

2016 book fair poster
Sheffield Anarchist Book Fair looks set to be the biggest yet. Now in its seventh year, stall and workshop bookings and other enquiries are up around 25% on the previous year. It is on Saturday 23rd April 2016, 10am-6pm at Showroom Workstation, 15 Paternoster Row, Sheffield S1 2BX. Entrance is free.

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Super mario flash classic

19-03-2016 12:18

The world's most famous game character Mario who's ever continues to rise with each passing day new games.

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Hard Coloring Pages

19-03-2016 08:54

Hard coloring pages, Difficult coloring pages, Advanced coloring pages

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11-02-2016 09:39

The Occupants of the Mega Squatted Mondeggi Farm at Bagno Ripoli just a stones throw from Florence. Have started up a a Free School of Farming where lessons, given by qualified teachers ,cost absolutely nothing at all.
As in totally FREE !! no strings attached anyone can book in.

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Fountainhead e-Letter, Berlin/Germany, January/February 2016

27-01-2016 23:12

International Cooperation through Media
Transnational, intercultural diplomacy through the utilization of art, education, culture and dialogue.

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How to stop popup ads in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and O

17-01-2016 16:19

Nasty Popups
Malware isn’t all about identity theft, banking frauds or ransom extortion. In fact, the overwhelming majority of malicious applications on the loose seem to have a much milder adverse impact, but the frustration caused to the victims is still immeasurable.

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Mindanao, Philippines: Stop ‘Lumad’ killings, harassment - UN

10-01-2016 06:43

Killings and harassment of the Lumad, or the indigenous people (IP), should stop and those accountable should be brought to justice, according to Ola Almgren, the UN country representative and humanitarian coordinator.

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New IStartPageing browser redirect bug. Don’t forget to remove the adware behind

20-12-2015 14:19

Istartpageing screenshot
There are many things in the web that annoy. Websites convert their inbound traffic into the outbound. The outbound traffic is thus purchased by third party websites. That is why users view pesky commercials nearly at any page they visit

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ICJ bans hitchhunters

02-12-2015 14:05

It broke out on Tamil Elam, spread through India and Israel, and from there into Europe and the Americas: Hitchhunters – regime agents masquerading as people like you and me taking a hitchhiker. They have long been a threat to social sanity, since no one except a total newbie would enter a car whose driver has preyed on their communications without getting prepared for a fight over their ego´s steering wheel. You know that you have a hitchhunter when it is beginning to mention details from your phone calls with your grand mother, the Pink Fishbowl Guide says. Now international jurisdiction has stopped the practice as incompatible with human rights.

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[Poland] Freedom Fighters martial arts league

22-11-2015 21:38

On 12.12.2015 sixt edition of Freedom Fighters martial arts league will take place in Poznań, Poland. So far the event got popularity in local combat sports scene, so we keep pushing forward!

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Iraqi Minorities in Peril

12-11-2015 14:42

The plight of the Iraqi people was the main focus of debate at the US based Holocaust Memorial Museum. The debate was centred around those in Iraq, facing persecution by the self-declared Islamic State.

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National Demo: Free Education, November 4th 2015

18-10-2015 21:03

Free Education Flyer (front page).
There will be a national demonstration in London on November 4th 2015 for free education, and against financially crippling tuition fees.

Below you will find resources to assist in promoting this event, including both sides of an A5 flyer and a sticker design.

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Stop The Agency Rip Off (Flyer)

18-10-2015 20:19

Stop The Agency Rip Off Flyer Design.
this a flyer design for a new campaign against the use of employment agencies in the teaching profession, something which is both expensive for cash-strapped schools and colleges, and exploitative of the workers having to use them.

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Handbook for student radicals

02-09-2015 11:53

New publication on student organising! Get it here -

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CURO Housing criticised by Housing Ombudsman over asbestos complaint records

07-08-2015 09:21

"The Curo Group suggested you might want to pursue a legal claim through its insurers, rather than identify liability through its complaints procedure, If you are of the view that the Curo Group was liable for exposing your family to asbestos."...

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How The Endless Discovery Of New Species Offers Humility For Humans

21-07-2015 08:54

As humanity’s quest for knowledge deepens into the cosmos, perhaps we should bow modestly to the ungraspable complexity of life here on Earth.

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Curo Housing and the 1% rent cut.

11-07-2015 19:07

George Osborne’s budget cut to social housing rents of 1% a year for the next four years is set to throw organisations such as the Curo Housing Group into their biggest financial crisis.

The announcement caught Curo Housing by surprise. Just last year the government had committed to it increasing its rents based on CPI plus 1% a year for the next decade.

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05-06-2015 17:40

Clutton Parish Council is urging developers who want to build in the village to work with it to find suitable sites that will benefit the local community following news that Curo Housing is pulling out of a scheme to build new homes.

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B&NES Council, Curo Housing & the missing secure tenancy agreements

02-06-2015 14:34

Following investigations by the ICO B&NES Council claims it passed the paper copies of 13000 secure tenancy agreements to Curo Housing (formerly Somer Community Housing Trust) which Curo Housing denies ever having received.

On that basis the ICO states it cannot make a decision on which organisation is to blame for this loss as there is a lack of evidence to prove one way or the other ie: its the word of a senior B&NES Council Officer against the word of a senior Curo Housing manager !

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24-05-2015 12:09

Burning Books Bahar stylee

I didn't invent the hashtag, although I did think of it on the bus (and I don't have a smartphone). As it goes, I'm most certainly not in favour of killing Bahar, and I don't even think that she should be sacked.

This is not the first time that she has been the subject of media attention at Goldsmiths, the university where my eyes were forced wide open on a Social Anthropology course a couple of decades ago.

I can't say that I am entirely comfortable with her style of politics, whether it is the burning of Socialist Worker, or telling white people that they are not welcome at a union screening of Dear White People, a movie which I ended up watching alone in my front room, but might have got more from if I had watched it with others and there had been a discussion about it afterwards.

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Manchester protests

20-05-2015 08:46

Two student occupations and a roving homelessness protest camp

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CURO Housing - Asbestos contaminated tenanted housing stock.

11-05-2015 15:26

"There are many properties with asbestos that are not logged...I would hesitate to tell tenants about known asbestos..." (email from B&NES Council Housing Department to Curo Housing Chief Executive 2nd November 1999 5.00pm)

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