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UK Education Newswire Archive

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Suspended for supporting Gaza! Stand in solidarity with Matt Vicary

11-02-2009 17:05

Sheffield Hallam Students' Union is victimising Matt Vicary, Equal Opportunities officer for supporting the protests and occupations against the siege of Gaza. Matt is a dedicated and committed activist trying to force his Union to take up political campaigns and has been suspended by dictat of the President without being informed of the complaints or charges against him.

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Reclaim the Sheets : Help Save the Future from Bad News

09-02-2009 21:54

Reclaim the Sheets - flyer
Fancy taking part in a stunt in Central London one day towards the end of March or beginning of April ? Want to show your support of rational, radical Climate Change policy ? Want to have a laugh and make people do a double-take ? Then join Reclaim the Sheets to save the future from bad news.

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'Die-In Protest': Study War No More!

09-02-2009 17:41

'Die-In Protest': Study War No More!
Wednesday 11th Feb, 1pm, Portland steps (Lakeside), Nottingham Uni campus

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The Path of the Revolutionary Student Movement

08-02-2009 03:19

In the university town of Mérida, Venezuela, student political organizations have had a significant presence at marches both for and against a proposed constitutional amendment that will eliminate the two-term limit on elected offices if it is approved in a national vote this February 15th. The predominant discourse has been quite polarized between opponents and supporters of President Hugo Chávez, who plans to run for a third term in office and carry on the construction of “21st Century Socialism” if the amendment passes. However, nuanced voices have emerged from the campaign hype. Seeking to highlight the deeper analysis provided by these non-conformist voices, interviewed student leader and social activist Carmen Pulido about the state of radical student activism and the amendment. Pulido regularly organizes student-labor solidarity activities and other political events along with a loose network of anti-capitalist university students. These students have been staunch supporters of many of the initiatives undertaken by Chávez’s ten year administration. Nonetheless, the students persistently retain their autonomy in order to push the “Bolivarian Revolution” led by Chávez toward what they see as a more just and revolutionary path.

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Nitin Parshotam promotes ARK at Wembley, Brent

07-02-2009 13:39

The Greater London Authority (GLA) have recently produced a damning document critising the plans for ARK to build on the Wembley Park Sports Ground at Brent. However, some at Brent Council are still determined to drive this forward, in the face of enormous public opposition. The following demonstrates Nitin Partosham's role in this and his association with Shishukunj charity, with a logo 'Baal Devo Bhava'; 'Honour Baal as God'.

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Obama v. Cognitive Bias

06-02-2009 12:11

A study was recently published "showing that a performance gap between African-Americans and whites on a 20-question test administered before Mr. Obama’s nomination all but disappeared when the exam was administered after his acceptance speech and again after the presidential election." Earlier researchers had "assembled university students with identical SAT scores and administered tests to them, discovering that blacks performed significantly poorer when asked at the start to fill out a form identifying themselves by race. The researchers attributed those results to anxiety that caused them to tighten up during exams in which they risked confirming a racial stereotype."

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Books Not Bombs: A Rally for Gaza

06-02-2009 08:04

On Friday the 6th of February 2009 at 2:30pm, University of Nottingham students and academics as well as members of the local community will come together and urge the University administration to re-focus its connections to the Israel and Palestine conflict.

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Student Activism on Brum Uni Campus – The Criminalisation of Lawful Protest

06-02-2009 00:41

Banner by day
The occupation of Arts room LR4 in Birmingham University, conducted on 20th January 2009, which was in solidarity with Gaza and the people of Palestine ended after 12 hours because of the University’s heavy handed approach. The Arts building was shut down early, preventing many people wanting to get back into the occupation from doing so. Then after hours of negotiation the university security used force to compromise the door into the lecture room. Students blockaded the door as negotiations continued to maintain a hold on the room, but eventually due to the threats of removal by force from the police students voted to leave the room. They left with chants of “free free Palestine” and a written document issuing them a meeting with the Vice Chancellor of the University to discuss their demands.

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A Life On The Run

05-02-2009 20:13

New book describes young man's flight from war torn Africa. His hopelessness, refugee camps and eventual escape to the West.

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Strathclyde University Gaza occupation wins demands

05-02-2009 20:07

Students who were, until this afternoon, occupying the McCance building at Strathclyde have today won some concessions and guarantees from the university.

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Police Threatening Violence Against Man Uni Occupations

05-02-2009 19:34

The occupation of Manchester University in Solidarity with the heroic people of Gaza is under threat of eviction by riot police.

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Eviction video & post occupation statement from Nottingham Uni

04-02-2009 19:48

University security drag student protesters from lecture theatre
On the evening of Sunday 1st February university management issued an ultimatum giving protesters two minutes notice to leave. After this, university security entered B62 and used physical force, arm locks, pressure points and verbal aggression to end the peaceful sit-in, which had been called in solidarity with Gaza. For a video of the eviction, please see:

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Victory For Queen Mary Occupation

04-02-2009 19:24

Students of the Queen Mary Occupation have claimed victory after eight days of occupying one of the main lecture theatres at the University.

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The University of Manchester Occupation in solidarity with Gaza

04-02-2009 17:52

Over 150 University of Manchester students have occupied the main university administration building in a demand for a stronger and more proactive position from the university on the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

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Fight Staff Cuts! Salford Uni Protest!

04-02-2009 02:54

Salford University intends to make 150 staff redundant in 2009.

Recession? Resist!

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Students Still in Occupation on Seventh Day

03-02-2009 13:19

Facing a small opposition, the students from Queen Mary Occupation have already had two successes.

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High Court Australia pervert justice, cause injury leading to deaths

02-02-2009 21:24

How High Court Australia conspire to pervert justice, and to cause injury leading to deaths

Dear Australian Parliament and the Australian Federal Police,

I give notice of a Judicial and Constitutional crisis in the Australian legal system.

By giving me authority to join to my action, ALL actions against Mr John Wilson are now suspended until the High Court Australia determines all Questions of Law, and Notices of a constitutional matter.

A judicial and constitutional crisis means a void in jurisdiction of all legal proceedings in the Australian legal system.


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Nottingham Gaza solidarity occupation violently evicted

01-02-2009 22:49

At around 6pm today the student occupation of B62 at Nottingham University was violently evicted by campus security. Around 10 security staff used force to remove the occupants into the snow outside. Students are being forced to wait in the cold whilst they go in one by one to pick up belongings. They are being forced to give ID in order to be allowed entry.

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Nottingham University Authorities: A National Disgrace

01-02-2009 22:02

Forward from the occupation blog - university attempts to silence dissent, first by violently evicting the occupation, then by censoring media, refusing to record security guards' abuse and keeping protesters in the cold.

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New School Occupation: Perspectives on the Seizure of a Building

31-01-2009 16:27

1. Anti-Democratic Reflections on the Recent New School Occupation

2. A Case Study Of Occupation as Non-Event

3. Seven Points on Occupation
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