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UK Education Newswire Archive

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Opus Dei cabinet minister supports Plater College closure

19-06-2005 13:37

Opus Dei cabinet minister, Ruth Kelly, has refused to intervene in the increasing scandal over the closure of Oxford's Plater College.

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Learning Without Limits – A Call for Autonomous Education

19-06-2005 10:04

This is a call to build an non-hierarchial/anti-authoritarian/libertarian/autonimous Education Network replacing for some the failed and collapsing system that indoctrinates in capitalist mode - Education With No Limits

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Radical Theory Forum today @I4A London

18-06-2005 10:48

The Radical Theory Forum will host a series of daytime workshops/discussions followed by a party with film screenings, art, and damn good music.

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Off The Buses!

13-06-2005 20:15

New Labour council in Neath to eliminate school bus service!

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Free Food Talk + Caff at 56a Infoshop London

13-06-2005 19:17

Flyer for the evening, innit!
Saturday 18th June - 6pm til later

plus 56ª Infoshop '...This Shop Could Be Your Life' CAFF

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exclusive F#ck the G8 rap track to download

11-06-2005 16:04

Check this exclusive track: recorded this week to coincide with the resistG8 movement against the G8 summit. This track is an exclusive. pass it on. support the movement.

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Video of the Chilean “Demonstration Against the Exclusion” on May 21th

11-06-2005 05:45

A New Video of the great “Demonstration Against the Exclusion” on May 21th, 2005, outside the National Chilean Congress, were the President Ricardo Lagos was giving his last annual account to the parliament.

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Announcement: West Sussex Summer Screen Event

10-06-2005 12:03

Open invitation to attend a Community Filmmaking Forum at University College Chichester on 30th July 2005:

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Corporate Watch guide to the G8 in Scotland - map available NOW!

08-06-2005 10:51

This is a colourful, informative, double-sided map exposing corporate agendas at the G8 summit and Scotland Plc.

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07-06-2005 17:26

Theatre Workshops latest production Black Sun over Genoa tells the human story behind the anti-G8 demonstrations Genoa 2001. Based on documentary accounts, the play portrays the hope, the passion, the dedication of the protestors in the face of overwhelming opposition, and the tragedy of a young man, Carlo, who made the ultimate sacrifice for his belief in a better world.

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alert! to secularism activists

02-06-2005 11:14

Proposal to state-fund another faith school:

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UKWatch Launches!

30-05-2005 18:41

UKWatch ( launched today! is a new website that aims to promote a better understanding of UK political, economic and social issues whilst hopefully helping to encourage cooperation between activist groups.

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Roman Catholic Archbishops Sued Over College Closure

29-05-2005 18:55

May 27, 2005

Legal proceedings were issued against the Catholic Education Service and the trustees and governing body of Plater College, Oxford in the High Court, Birmingham, this Friday afternoon.

The claimant is The Plater College Foundation, the group opposed to the decision to close the college that was taken in February of this year.

in the High Court, Birmingham

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Roman Catholic Archbishops Sued For Fraud

29-05-2005 17:34

Bimingham, England
27 May 2005

The Plater College Foundation has issued fraud proceedings against four Roman Catholic Archbishops of England and Wales.

They are Cardinal Cormac Murphy O'Connor, Archbishop of Westminster; Vincent Nichols, Archbishop of Birmingham; Peter Smith, Archbishop of Cardiff and Patrick Kelly, Archbishop of Liverpool.

The proceedings were issued in the Chancery Division of the High Court, at Birmingham, this Friday afternoon.

Also sued, are the Catholic Education Service and its Chief Exective, Oona Stannard and a member of its legal staff, Martin Bradshaw, along with 14 present and former members of the Governing Body of Plater College, Oxford, including its former Chair, Leo Curran, QC and its present Principal, David Mason.

The Foundation represents staff and students opposed to the intended closure of Plater College, Oxford, of which the four Roman Catholic archbishops are trustees.

Counsel for the Foundation, John Rhys-Burgess, who is himself a former Plater College student, said:

"It is our view that no valid reasons for closing the College have ever been given. On the contrary, the stated reasons for the closure were manifestly false, misleading, self-serving and pretextual.

Upon any rational and objective analysis of the statements variously made by the Defendants to justify the closure, the unavoidable conclusion is that they could only have been made with the deliberate intention to deceive.

This has informed our conscientious belief that the Trustees and those advising them have attempted to carry out what can only be regarded as a callous and cynical fraud upon the College.

Whilst the Governing Body appear to be innocent of any dishonest intent, they are nevertheless complicit in the wrongful conduct of the Trustees and the Catholic Education Service, since they ought to have taken steps to prevent the intended fraud but have failed to take any action."

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Palestine, the right to education & the academic boycott of Israeli institutions

28-05-2005 15:53

Oxford PSC have organized a public speaker meeting to discuss the academic boycott of Israeli institutions.

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Clown army

26-05-2005 13:40

A few photos from the Clown Army tour

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Solar Electrical System Installation courses by Green Dragon Energy (NGO)

25-05-2005 18:56

Learn how to design and install a solar electric system. Ideal for anyone wanting to install their own solar electric system start a solar business or find work in the growing solar industry. And enjoy the South of France at the same time! Run by an NGO Organization.

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Reopen 9-11 Events in London and Manchester

24-05-2005 16:36, sponsored by Jimmy Walter, is putting on events in London and Manchester where they will be discussing the evidence concerning the September 11th attacks.

Reopen 911 is a call to reopen the investigation into the 9-11 attacks

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media-reportings from the Bologna follow-up Conference in Bergen, Norway

21-05-2005 15:12

a short overview refering the media-reporting and further information about the arrestments yesterday

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18-05-2005 03:40

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