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UK Education Newswire Archive

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First Sumac Debate now Online- Listen Now!

01-10-2008 14:26

A series of three open discussions was organised in Autumn 2008 by the Riseup! Radio project in Nottingham. These were hosted by the Sumac Centre. They were recorded to enable a wider audience to engage with political discussion and reflection on grassroots approaches to the problem of climate change in the UK.

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"Bring Back Slavery"?

01-10-2008 08:19

It has been reported in the press that at a National Union of Students (NUS) event this summer, Nottingham University Students' Union, Education Officer, Craig Cox, held up a poster saying 'Bring back slavery'. The NUS subsequently removed Craig Cox from the event following complaints from other student representatives present. Our Student Union officers attending NUS events are there to represent all Nottingham students. We believe that such behaviour is unacceptable and does not reflect our views.

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Digital Freedom in Education and Youth :: October 19th :: Marbella Cafe

30-09-2008 11:38

DFEY-NW (Digital Freedom in Education and Youth) is a group formed in response from a growing need in the Northwest of England for a Group to encourage and promote young people's involvement with the free software community by creating a social space to make it more comfortable for young people to get involved with GLUGs and FSUGs.

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ARK, Teachfirst and Common Purpose

28-09-2008 12:37

ARK (Absolute Return for Kids) works in partnership with Teachfirst, who offer discounts on Common Purpose courses. They are also linked to people at Tavistock, via the 'Teaching Leaders' program.

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Round Table - Academic Freedom and Social Justice

26-09-2008 09:58

The Centre for the Study of Social and Global Justice (Politics) and the Centre for Research on Identities, Citizenship and Migration (Sociology and Social Policy) are holding a round table event on Wednesday 1st October, 4-6 pm, in Law & Social Science Building, B62.

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Cinema Pacifico

26-09-2008 09:56

NSPM will be holding a regular free film showing at the University of Nottingham. Films will be shown every Friday night at 7pm in C11 in the Portland building.

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ARK Academies

24-09-2008 18:01

Ark Academies are involved with the charity 'Children Our Ultimate Investment', who work with The Psychosynthesis Education Trust. Ark have not made it clear to the public that it is working so closely with these charities and what these charities are about.

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First Sumac Debate tomorrow..

22-09-2008 21:22

State: Work with the Power?
The first of the Sumac Debates will take place at the Sumac Centre in Forest Fields, Nottingham, tomorrow evening. The State: Work with the Power is part one of a series of three discussions on Social Change and the Climate Movement.

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London FreeSchool Benefit

22-09-2008 16:54

After a successful first london freeschool week at the beginning of this month we are planning another weekend of nonhierarchical skillsharing, learning and practicing together with the emphasis on equality, respect and trust. since the freeschool is, as it implies, free, we need to raise some funds...

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Stop the War Student Banned from College

22-09-2008 16:17

Support Artem Liebenthal, who only asked army recruiting officers a simple question. See bottom of piece for petition/actions.

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Call for a national demonstration against fees and marketisation in education

17-09-2008 14:39

Student activists have launched this call for a national demonstration against top-up fees, for decent student grants and against marketisation in education. To add your or your organisation's name or for more information, email

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Oppose Orimiston Academy!

16-09-2008 15:25

A consultation evening is being held to discuss the proposed Ormiston Midlands Creative & Media Arts Academy. This is being held at the Cresent Theatre, Birmingham on Monday 22nd September at 6.30. We encourage as many people as possible to show up and voice their opposition to this new proposal.

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Cl@ss War bookstall at Richmond Sunday 28th september

13-09-2008 22:17

Selling labour movement, anarchist, autonomist, Marxist books and associated magazines/postcards

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Climate change book launch, Manchester, 17th September

12-09-2008 12:09

17th September - Book launch of Only Planet Manchester at the Sand Bar on Grosvenor St, 8pm

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Managerial discrection and disciplinary action: a case of disciplinary action

11-09-2008 22:30

A case of disciplinary action against a university academic

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UCU to ballot on strike action at Nottingham Trent University

11-09-2008 19:15

The University and College Union branch at Nottingham Trent University is to ballot its members on strike action following the formal de-recognition of the local UCU branch by university managers.

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Harborne Hill School rejects ARK as Academy sponsor – so should St Alban’s!

11-09-2008 12:22

We congratulate the Governing Body and the Head Teacher at Harborne Hill School for stopping Absolute Return for Kids (ARK), the controversial sponsors of the proposed Harborne Academy, from taking over their school.

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shirkers circus - playspace starting most tuesdays at sumac centre

09-09-2008 19:52

A regular play space for practice, sharing, teaching + learning circus skills(and related ting like magic, propmaking, etc);is starting on Tuesdays, at the Sumac Centre.
This is open for all but especially for those opting out of school or work. There are much better things to do and this is one of them.

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ARK Academies

04-09-2008 18:35

Articles and a video on youtube have been posted re concerns about ARK Academies; these are available here:
A serious worry is that moves have been made to remove this information from circulation, yet no intention of clearing their name in court. Greatly concerning. This is about children.

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GRASS: The Battle For Wembley Park Sports Ground Video

04-09-2008 12:15

Protestor Head Lock
On Monday 4 August 2008 the Grass Roots Alliance for Social Sports (GRASS) was forcibly evicted from the Wembley Park Sports Ground in rough scenes and under sketchy legal grounds.
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