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Day 7: Climate Camp's 24 Hours of Action Spreads Throughout England

The Climate Camp's second Day of Action has seen a flurry of direct actions throughout England despite the widespread abuse of Stop and Search powers that Climate campers were subjected to over the duration of the camp. Whilst the 24h blockade of BAA headquarters in Heathrow continued overnight and into the afternoon, a series of protests have taken place in different parts of the country. The day started with a blockade of the Sizewell nuclear power station in Suffolk where a group of five people locked on in the entrance of Sizewell nuclear power station and unfurled a banner reading 'nuclear power is not the answer to climate chaos' and a solidarity protest in Newcastle. At the same time a group of activists super-glued themselves to various entrances of the BP head offices in St James Sq in central London. An hour later a group of people occupied the offices of a carbon offset company called 'Climate Care' in Oxford, whilst work was disrupted at the London offices of Bridge Point Capital, the owners of Leeds airport. Another action took place at the fountains of London's Trafalgar Square. Another solidarity protest has taken place in Newcastle city centre. Finally, a battalion of ten clowns marked out the site of a 4th runway in the garden of Lord Soley, chairman of the Heathrow Forward campaign.

Press releases: Carbon Offset Companies targeted by Climate Camp Activists and the camp's press release summarising 24 hours of action

Update Tuesday 21st: A group of around 30 people from the Climate Camp made their way to Harmondsworth Immigration Detention Centre at midday on Tuesday, only to be forcibly penned by police into a car park invisible to the road [Report]. The action was to highlight the link between detention centres and climate change, and to show solidarity to those inside, detained for committing no crime. In the evening Climate Camp activists targeted Stansted Airport. Leaflets were handed out and a slogan attached to a wall on a main entrance/exit. Hear a podcast containing a couple of interviews, general mood in BAA, Seize the Day gig and Rob Newman performance at the camp.

On the Newswire: Sipson Says Thank You to Climate Camp | Camp for Climate Action 2007 a Resounding Success! (Action Roundup) | Drawings in the Climate Camp

Daily round-ups are on the UK Indymedia Climate Camp page, and for detailed up-to-the-minute Climate Camp reports and breaking news, check the Indymedia UK News Ticker.

Links: Camp For Climate Action website | workshops | bust card | directions 1, 2


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Day 6: Climate Camp's 24 Hours of Direct Action

Midday Sunday saw the start of Climate Camp's 24 hours of mass action.

12.30am The blockade of the World Cargo depot ends, protesters have been cut out and have called in from police stations.
10.45pm The seven-strong support team from the World Cargo depot blockade have been made to leave and are on their way back to site. Those locked on have been arrested but it's not clear at this time if they have yet been removed.
9.10pm The BA World Cargo terminal shed is being blockaded by 8 people in lock on tubes forming a circle [press release|photos]. They have seven people present in support. Meanwhile Bicycology have delivered food to the 250+ people sheltering under tarps outside BAA. There is music and a party atmosphere despite the rain [later reports|audio].
8.15pm Bicycology has just left the camp with trailers full of food, cake and treats for those planning on camping at BAA tonight. More tham 200 people are currently at the BAA offices planning to stay overnight.
8.00pm The police cordons around both groups of protesters at BAA HQ have now dispersed. Some people are now returning to camp whilst others are trying to join the larger block to camp overnight.
7.30pm About one hour ago people dropped a banner reading 'Plane Suicide' on Colnbrook Bypass motorway bridge over the M25. The banner overlooks the traffic going northbound, some of which will exit off towards the aiport.
7.20pm The smaller group penned in at BAA is negotiating to be moved with the bigger group on the other side of the building. People are preparing to stay for the night at BAA - cooking equipment is being sorted and a cooking rota is being organised.
6.20pm Kids blockade arrives at BAA with bicycle soundsystem and placed in kettle. Meanwhile some some people are returning in dribs and drabs to camp. People are free to come and go as usual via the Sipson Lane gate. All others are blocked. Legal team are confirming 5 arrests so far and more reports of injuries are coming in.
5.00pm Riot police are blocking the footpath exit, southeast of the camp. They are not letting people out but they are letting people in. A line of people has been formed in front of them with their hands up on the air.
4.00pm A man superglued himself to a security vehicle at the Heathrow business academy. He was unstuck and arrested. Meanwhile the majority of the kids block are heading towards the BAA offices along the A4 with others returning to the camp. The atmosphere is good, the march looks really colorful and people are singing.
3.30pm Around 250 people are being confined by police behind the BAA offices. The building itself is now protected by a ring of police. Small groups of people keep coming to the area of BAA building. In the BAA carpark another small group are "praying" with the BAA monks! Another 200-300 people from the Kids block are headed towards the BAA offices.
3.15pm Around 100 protesters have reached BAA and are holding a banner reading 'Social Change Not Lifestyle Change'. Lots of mainstream media are present.
3.00pm 200-300 people left the camp from the south side and fanned out into smaller groups. TSG, police in riot gear and mounted police are there trying to kettle the crowds in the fields. One protester has reportedly been injured by a police horse. Police have broken down a fence to enable mounted police to enter and are being aggressive. 100 people were penned in but have since returned to the camp, others made it further towards BAA [full pic report].
1.00pm 3 teenage girls are on the roof of the Heathrow Business Academy, very close to BAA headquaters. They have unrolled a banner that reads Make Planes History
12.00 noon At least three large groups of several hundred people each have marched out of the camp from both exits towards the various targets of their actions. Children, parents and supporters are on one family-friendly march, one group is marking out the proposed third runway, while another has left from the south end of the camp and fanned out into smaller groups to foil police efforts to keep them in.

Also on the newswire: Video 1 2 3 4 5 6 | Photos: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 | Reports: 1 | Audio Podcast | Press Releases: Press release from Climate Camp Media: Police attack protesters | Activists Deny Smear by General Manager of Carmel Agrexco | Brandishing shields, hurling missiles? - anarchists at BAA.

For up-to-the-minute climate camp reports and breaking news, check the Indymedia UK News Ticker. You can also get it as SMS alerts or listen to it by phoning the Blasted Campers info line on 0207 043 3783.

Daily round-ups are on the UK Indymedia Climate Camp page.

Links: Camp For Climate Action website | workshops | bust card | directions 1, 2


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Day 3: Private Airports Blockaded

Police protecting BA

At 7am two independent groups of campaigners from the Camp for Climate Action stopped carbon-intensive private jets fom operating at two airports in the south east. Executive flights at Biggin Hill and Farnborough airports have been brought to a standstill by climate activists concerned at the huge growth in the use of private jets by business people. At Biggin Hill Airport the activists D-locked themselves to the gates of the airports. 10 people were then arrested. The blockade lasted for just under 4 hours.

24 people took part in the blockade at Farnborough Airport with 9 people locked onto lock-on devices across the access road. After an hour the aiport staff opened up an emergancy crash exit to allow the gathered business people in. Meanwhile protesters handed out leaflets to staff, passengers and locals. Jets were delayed and after 2 hours a second emergency exit was opened. By this point the police warned people they would be arrested and it was decided to return to the camp. Although no one was arrested, the police did seize lock-on devices.

Audio: Audio Interview with Biggin Hill Airport Blockader

Video: Video of blockade at Farnborough Airport

Also on the newswire: Pics of Biggin Hill blockade | Business flights blockaded by climate activists | Video Interview with Farnborough Airport Blockaders | Bristol Airport Stunt | Audio Interviews from Camp | Renewable energy at Camp - photos report and videos | Camp under Surveillance | Happy Days Thursday Pics and Report


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Heathrow 3rd Runway: Flying in the face of public opinion

Few informed people doubt the link between carbon emissions and global warming. Even Blair, commenting on "the world's greatest environmental challenge", admitted our effect on the environment to be "large and growing". And since the fastest growing contributor to that effect is air travel, it seems beyond belief that the government would be pressing to expand airports.

Chief amongst these is Heathrow, where a history of lies and broken promises continues as BAA, in league with the state, tries to force through a third runway and a sixth terminal. But it's ceased to be an easy ride. Public appreciation of climate change is awarding legitimacy to direct action groups and the battle over Heathrow's third runway looks set to be one to remember.

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Links: NoTRAG | HACAN | Plane Stupid | Climate Camp


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Climate Camp To Target Heathrow

Climate Camp 2006
Last summer, over 600 people converged outside Drax coal-fired power station for 10 days of sustainable living and collective education, culminating in a day of mass action against Drax. This year, the Camp for Climate Action will pitch its tents near Heathrow airport.

There will be a day of mass direct action aiming to disrupt the activities of the airport and the aviation industry, but in the interests of public safety there will be no attempt to blockade runways.

Although the location is different, the philosophy of the camp remains the same: to be a place for the burgeoning network of people taking radical action on climate change around the country to come together for a week of low-impact living, education, debate, networking, strategising, celebration, and direct action. The camp will feature over 100 workshops covering topics such as climate change impacts, carbon offsetting, biofuels, peak oil, permaculture, practical renewables, campaign strategy, skills for direct action, and much more. Run without leaders by everyone who comes along, it will be a working ecological village using renewable energy, composting waste and sourcing food locally.

London Climate Camp 2007 Feature Archive >>

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