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UK Free Spaces Newswire Archive

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National Squatters Meeting 9-10 February 2008 Leeds

13-12-2007 16:17

So we are inviting people involved in all squatted autonomous spaces around the UK to meet and discuss the squatting situation and some preparation for the days of action in April.

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rampART gets eviction papers

12-12-2007 17:11

The rampART social centre in London today received court papers for repossesion on the grounds of Tresspass. The hearing date is the 20th Dec.

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Come To This Party...

10-12-2007 16:07

7.30 - late late late
Free b4 9.30 £3 donation after.

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Movement for Justice in el Barrio - Fighting to Win and Visiting UK!

07-12-2007 13:51

Movement for Justice in el Barrio, a New York based (mainly Latino migrant) community organisation fighting against gentrification through direct-democracy, and fighting capitalism as adherents of the Zapatista's Other Campaign, want to tour the UK in 2008.

They want to meet with and exchange stories and lessons with anti-gentrification groups, anti-capitalist groups and migrant groups here and begin planning actions against their main enemy, their London based landlord.

Some UK based organisations are up for making this happen, but we need more help.

If you or your group might be up for helping organise the tour (funding, organising transport and crash space etc) or if you might be interested in putting on an event with Movement for Justice in El Barrio in your area, please get in touch at:


To learn more about Movement for Justice, read the following re-post from and visit:

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North West Vegan Festival - all welcome

02-12-2007 15:11

Sat 26th January 2008 10am-6pm, Sachas Hotel, Tib St, just off Piccadilly Gardens. A free event with loads of free info and food samples available, aimed at everyone who is exploring the vegan lifestyle as a positive way to reduce their environmental impact.

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Squat raid by Rottweiler in Brighton

29-11-2007 11:38

According to the local rag The Argus, a squat in Kingsway, Hove was raided on Monday afternoon by a gang of six men carrying crowbars and baseball bats led by a Rottweiler. A group of 12 men and women have been using the site for about 3 weeks and were so terrified that they had to barricade themselves in an upstairs room.

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We’ll Come to Gaza - END 'al Nakba' NOW!

28-11-2007 14:24

Peace Con kicks off with 6 dead in 24 hours.
Bulldozers, tanks & fighter planes.
Welcome to Gaza

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International Campaign for Release of the Cuban Five Intensifies

27-11-2007 23:28

Geoffrey Bottoms with Gerardo Hernández
British reverend Geoffrey Bottoms said on Monday that international solidarity with the five Cuban anti-terrorist fighters who remain unjustly imprisoned in the United States continues to grow...

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Home Office Consultation - Protesting around parliament

26-11-2007 19:51

Recently the Home Office released a consultation paper to gauge the public's feelings around protesting in and around Parliament. This is an opportunity to let our thoughts and feelings be known.

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No CCTV on Cowley Road campaign group releases report

26-11-2007 17:48

No CCTV has presented the case against CCTV in a 23-page Interim Report. The Report considers the use of surveillance cameras in the UK with particular reference to proposed schemes in East Oxford.

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Free Stall in Leeds for Buy Nothing Day

24-11-2007 20:00

Leeds Free Shop 1
The truth is out - buying stuff doesn't make you happy! Central Leeds today saw a free shop sprout from the pavement to drive the message home.

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Somers Town Residents Protest Corporate Land Sell-Off

24-11-2007 19:00

This Land Is Our Land
Today Somers Town Residents came out and protested government plans to sell off one of the few remaining undeveloped plots of land left in Euston / Kings Cross area.

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Decision on new Copenhagen Social Centre this year

24-11-2007 15:39

Copenhagen humour
A council decision on the guidelines for running a new social centre is to be taken on December 13th. A common set of guidelines have been agreed between the Monday meeting negotiation delegates and the Mayor and her legal staff. Central to the agreement is the foundation named Jagtvej 69, which will be responsible for ensuring the new social centre complies with council health and safety standards and making financial reports to the council.

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300 on the streets of Helsinki for squat Elimäki

24-11-2007 12:24

Helsinki, Finland: We get more time – 300 on the streets of Helsinki for squat Elimäki
Thursday was a day of victory for the squatting scene in Helsinki. 300 people defied the really shitty weather and gathered to demonstrate at the Youth Department of the city to show their support to the social centre Elimäki, aka squat E15.

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Screw Wildlife - Let's Play Golf!

22-11-2007 15:39

I have just got off the phone after speaking to Neil Hobday, the Project Director for the proposed Trump Golf links golf resort development in eastern Scotland. I would like to say that he seemed a reasonable man, but that would be untrue because despite trying to interest him in the views of the rest of life on the irrepairable damage that will be caused to 1400 acres of pristine sand dune habitat, he was clearly stuck in the lie that the economy was far more important than our life support system.

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Israels only squatted house evicted by police

22-11-2007 15:02

the squat
The Ben Atar squat in Tel Aviv was evicted today by many policemen, undercover detectives and border policemen.

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SECTION SIX Social Centre - Upcoming events

21-11-2007 10:17

Norwich's finest squatted social centre is playing host to an array of events this week....

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Norwich social centre update - new name, opening gig, attempted entombment foile

19-11-2007 17:27

Some quick updates from Norwich's exciting brand spanking new squatted social centre.

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Invitation to Expedition in the Napo-Ucayali Corridor: June/July 2008

17-11-2007 23:19

Contemporary developments in the global economy are very significant for the Amazon rain forest. While this might be said to be true for anywhere at any point in time there are nevertheless good reasons for paying special attention to what maybe the last battle for the survival of the largest rain forest in the world, the loss of which it should need no further justification to lament – and that is the basis upon which this invitation is written….

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New Norwich Social Centre!

17-11-2007 15:14

The Where Will It Be Collective (WWIB) announce the opening of a social centre in a squatted building in Norwich city centre. Come and visit! Here's the press release:
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