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UK Free Spaces Newswire Archive

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Breaking News - US North West Social Forum Collapses!!!!!!!!!!!

07-10-2004 01:30

The US NorthWest Social Forum planned for the same time as the ESF in London has collapsed as several groups pulled out of the process citing problems over the organising process including accountability, failure to adhere to charters and values, and margianalisation of grassroots groups.

Here are the statements from

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Greece: Statements by the Political Prisoners on Hunger Strike

06-10-2004 11:20

Statements by the alleged members of the "17th of November" guerrilla group on the beginning of their hunger strike.

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Party Trafalgar Square - When Thatcher Dies!

05-10-2004 20:06

We all know it can't be long now - and when Margaret Thatcher dies its party time!

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Out now: Autonomous Spaces Free Paper

05-10-2004 18:01

20,000 copies of the Autonomous Spaces free newspaper are available now from autonomous info-points around London. Get your copy now and help to distribute...

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Welcome the The Autonomous Spaces Around the ESF!

05-10-2004 12:21

"We want to create open spaces for networking, exchanges, celebration, thinking, and action. We believe our ways of organising and acting should reflect our political visions, and are united in standing for grassroots self-organisation, horizontality, for diversity and inclusion, for direct democracy, collective decision making based upon consensus, and against the false consensus in which power is used to silence others."

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ESF Breakfast Radio Show on Resonance 104.4 FM (fri 15 - sun 17)

05-10-2004 11:11

Live and Direct On The Airwaves...

Each morning during the ESF tune into Resonance FM 104.4 to get one hour of the latest news and views from the Indymedia ESF Breakfast Show...

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radio rampART streaming now

03-10-2004 22:02

After a coupld of days of installing a new operating system, networking and other techy type activity, radio rampART is now streaming on

(also see

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Babels Interpreter CoordinatorsThreaten to Pull Out of ESF

03-10-2004 16:17

Urgent statement by Babels ESF ‘O4 European coordinators to the UK ESF Organising and Coordinating Committees, the Directors and Treasurer of the ESF UK Company, affiliated bodies, and all other organisations, groups, networks, delegates and activists participating in and organising the ESF 2004 in London.

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Prisons Without Bars - Anti-Repression Squat

02-10-2004 18:01

ID Cards, ASBO's, Nanotech, Prisons, CCTV, Prisoner tagging, RFID and

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radio and video workshops

02-10-2004 15:46

some news about preparation for the ESF at the rampART (
plus info about workshops re radio and video this week...

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rampart during ESF

02-10-2004 12:00

Squatted in May, the rampART creative centre and social space has hosted cultural and political events including weekly free cinema, exhibitions, benefit gigs, discussions, meetings and workshops etc. The venue provides a large hall, kitchen, a stage, PA, video projector, library, meeting rooms, workshop space, sound studio, creative media lab, internet access, public Wi-Fi, and a shared office.

During the ESF, rampART will be acting as a creative convergence centre and providing one of the info-points for the autonomous spaces. rampART is also home base for the Carnival Forum and the Lab of II. Each day there will be cheap food, free internet / indymedia access, plus resources to edit audio / video reports, or make props and banners etc. In the evenings, space may be used to exchange feedback about the days events or you can socialise and enjoy a range of cultural entertainment, films, live music or performance.

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London Sound Study: Online art exhibition and free mp3 download

01-10-2004 15:52

Boyle Family: London Sound Study
Exhibition from 1 Oct to until 7 November 2004 on

The sound study project began in October 2002 when Boyle Family asked visitors to Construction art space to throw darts at an unseen target. This was a mixed-up A-Z map of Greater London which extended beyond the M25. 79 sites were pinpointed by the darts and each visitor was also asked to choose a random time – one of the minutes of the day. Over the following months Boyle Family went to each site and recorded one minute of its sound at the given time.
This sampling of a moment gives the work a filmic suggestivity and a zen-like quality. From 1 Oct, the files will be available to listen and to download from onto your computer or iPod for free.
With this web-based and aural exhibition, the Centre of Attention seeks to further its examination of the formalities of production, distribution and consumption of art. It also provides an accessible, easy and alternative interface to the traditional gallery experience.

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Znet needs your help!

30-09-2004 00:38

We need to increase our revenues immediately to stave off growing costs that threaten our existence. Accomplishing that goal includes taking special steps such as posting this on our homepage

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Media Hacklab meeting this Sunday 3rd

29-09-2004 22:57

At 5pm this Sunday the 3rd of October there will be an open meeting of the Media Hacklab. It will take place upstairs in the reading room of the Ramparts social centre: 15-17 Rampart Street, London E1 2LA (nearest tube Shadwell).

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Bournbrook Nursery Social Centre Update!

29-09-2004 21:58

Bournbrook Nursery Social Centre still fighting eviction!

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Cherry Tree at EOCC

28-09-2004 23:24

Cherry Tree
Here is a photo of the mature cherry tree at EOCC, due to be cut down early
Oct, Planning officers and the tree officer in particular advised that the
kitchen extension would over develop the site and result in the loss of the tree.

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4 to the Floor. Benefit gig for Leeds Social Centre. Thurs 8th Oct

26-09-2004 21:05

Thurs Oct 7th @ the amazinf Brudenell Social Club (nr Royal Park Pub, Hyde Park, Leeds) from 8pm till bedtime. Come early for a better chnace of playing

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Indymedia Call for Participation Around ESF

26-09-2004 15:18

Indymedia @ the ESF: Four Days of Tactical Media Production

Come and join us from October 14th – 17th in London.

We need your reporting, radio, photography, cables, ideas, enthusiasm and more!

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Autistici wins case over railroad parody site

24-09-2004 23:37

The Italian hostingprovider Austici does not have to remove a satirical
website it hosts with a parody on the website of the Italian railroad
company Trenitalia, by a court decision.

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Community Centre Kitchen Building Causes Controversy

24-09-2004 13:59

The kitchen will be here in redbrick
It seems far too many people were surprised that the kitchen will fill in the open free space on the public face of the building rather than in the back of the building. It will involve the felling of a mature cherry tree and the removing of public space which is scarce in East Oxford. The meeting was in uproar between the centre bureaucrats, professional architects and council employees pitted against the users groups and parts of the wider community.
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