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UK Free Spaces Newswire Archive

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"The Stonehenge Peace Group Proposal for Midsummer's day Access at Stonehenge"

15-03-2008 07:25

Draft version - Last updated Friday, March 14, 2008 6:45 PM

This proposal to improve Summer Solstice access at Stonehenge is being drafted by The Stonehenge Peace Group.

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Party Fun-Raiser with 2012 Show

14-03-2008 12:53

2012 Show Fun-Raiser
A Fun-Raiser for The Hackney Social Centre Saturday 22nd March

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I Bike MCR Fest 2008 Starts This Month

13-03-2008 14:33

So the I bike MCR fest starts at the end of this month. Hope you can all get on your bikes to take part

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April2008: one struggle - one fight

13-03-2008 14:14

any april2008 autonomous things going on in london like the rest of europe?

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No Borders @ Hackney Social Centre

12-03-2008 13:29

No Borders Flyer
Full program + flyer!

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DIY Women's Health Weekend - March 15th - 16th

11-03-2008 23:06

DIY Health Weekend
March 15th-16th @ wominspace
4a Corbridge Crescent
London E2 9DS
Tel. 07939381562

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Manchester Space Invaders.....Taking Over the City

11-03-2008 13:22

Manchester Space Invaders are a collective of autonomous groups and inidividuals working together to reclaim our city...we are mobilising to fight gentrification, 'regeneration' and all the borders that exist within the city. We call for all groups, individuals, networks and families to get involved and to join in our glorious celebration of autonomous spaces...

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Sneinton: Festival Planning and Discussing the Future of the Market and Baths

11-03-2008 08:34

Sneinton Alchemy is a project that aims to provide a forum for local residents, community groups and businesses to discuss the future of Sneinton - economically, socially and environmentally. This week the group meets to discuss the future of the Victoria Leisure Centre, and make plans for the Sneinton festival.

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thieving parasitic squat leeches trash rampART social centre

10-03-2008 15:14

Over the weekend one of the rampART collective caught friends of the neighboring squatters stealing the lead of the roof. Confronted, they justified their action by saying that the place was going to be evicted in a week anyway. Of course that's not actually true, there is no date yet for an eviction and who's is to say that an eviction attempt would succeed. It could have been months before the rampART was finally closed.

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Flash mob reclaim space in Birmingham's Bull Ring (article & video)

09-03-2008 21:38

At 1.30pm on Saturday 8th March, upwards of 80 people took part in a flash mob in the Bull Ring (TM) in Birmingham city centre, where people froze in 'suspended animation' for 5 minutes.

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Straw Bale work on eco-building in St.Anns Part 27

08-03-2008 20:58

Work has been continuing at EcoWorks with the Straw Bale building in Nottingham. Since my last posting, the building is nearly fully enclosed now. Window frames have been fitted in the main part of the building.

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New Forum - Digital Anarchy

08-03-2008 20:00

Enjoy this forum for open space debate on current issues of transnationality and International Brigades ongoing.........

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No Borders @ Hackney Social Centre

08-03-2008 17:34

An evening of talks, film and workshops by no borders activists, migrants and asylum seekers followed by cafe, bands and DJs.

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Infousurpa & Offline now out

07-03-2008 17:38

We're for now keeping to our promise to get the InfoUsurpa and Offline out every two weeks ... here is the last installment

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Notes from the UK Squatters' Meeting 9/10 February 2008

07-03-2008 17:27

This, the first attempt to coordinate a national meeting for some time, was held in a beautiful old nursing home with extensive grounds at Headingley in Leeds. There was a good mixed turn out with squatters represented from many of the major towns in the uk, some protest sites and some travellers attending. All in all perhaps 30-40 people.

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Defend Public Space in Birmingham City Centre.

07-03-2008 16:51

The Bull

A call out for progressive groups to help defend our space on

the High Street - this Saturday and every Saturday at One.

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Dissident Island Radio - Feminist edition tonight

07-03-2008 16:30

Hello from Dissident Island! Since July we have been beaming a bi-weekly
radio show from the Rampart Social Centre in London featuring interviews,
radio plays, and music. Previously on the show we have had groups such
as No Borders, the AntiFa, and Bicycology. With International Women's
Day coming up on March 8th, the Dissident Island radio show will be
highlighting various new and established London-based feminist groups,
activities and actions.

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Wominspace now open!

06-03-2008 01:26

Womin only space is now open in North East London. The space is open for all womin to use. We will be holding lots of different workshops and having cafe and bar. Come and visit us and get involved. All references to womin are trans friendly.

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Brixton Reclaim Your Food Collective, 2 Arrests.

05-03-2008 18:55

Carrying on Regardless...
People taking part in Brixton's Reclaim Your Food weekly action faced arrest on Sunday (2nd March 2008 ) as they challenged the legitimacy of a Dispersal Order issued by the Lambeth branch of the Metropolitan Police.

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giving food to the homeless "antisocial behaviour". Two Arrested

05-03-2008 16:09

On Sunday the third of march, two members of a grassroots Brixton based group calling itself Reclaim Your Food were arrested for distributing free food to the public. The grounds for their arrest was that their presence constituted antisocial behaviour.
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