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UK Free Spaces Newswire Archive

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Climate Camp interviews - video's

09-08-2008 10:46

Here's a series of shows and interviews from Climate Camp which is based at Kingsnorth in Kent to oppose the continual use of this coal fired power station and the plans to build more.

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Preparation meeting for COP15 international mobilization against climate change

08-08-2008 14:54

We invite you to join the 1st international planning meeting in Copenhagen
from the 13-14th of September 2008.

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Short audio - Bodge House eviction

08-08-2008 01:11

Hot on the wire. Taking advantage of the climate camp, scum in London and Derbyshire have moved in for eviction.... hear one (slightly incoherent report).....

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Tons more beautiful images of Climate Camp Life published

07-08-2008 22:24

Amy: Daily life continues at the Camp for Climate Action, Kingsnorth.
Two more sets of beautiful inspiring pictures from life around the Climate Camp this year have been published by the camp photo pool.

Over 75 images from Amy Scaif, Guy Smallman, Kristian Buus, Mike Langridge etc


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The Wednesday Climate Camp breakout.

07-08-2008 22:04

An exodus at the main gate.
On Tuesday people approaching the Climate Camp successfully challenged the Police who were stopping and searching people. They refused to be searched saying it was unlawful and when they proceeded the Police backed down. On Wednesday it was noted that the Police were searching people leaving the camp. So a load of people left at once to again challenge the legality of searching….

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Food vans stopped a mile from Climate Camp by cops.

07-08-2008 21:30

Those ever helpful cops...
Vans delivering food are being stopped by the Police and forced to unload a mile from the site.

The cops are constantly saying the words "health and Safety" to justify every bit of harrassment they dish out. Yet here they are forcing dozens of people to cross a fast and busy main road carrying heavy boxes??!

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Climate Camp Wednesday pictures.

07-08-2008 21:01

Some pictures from around Climate Camp on Wednesday.

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bowl court evicted!?

07-08-2008 19:41

i just received the following information on an email list.

it seems to suggest that the bowl court social centre has been evicted this morning..

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Some random snaps from site

07-08-2008 15:28

Chris Davis MP l
Here's some pics, more to follow.

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Bowl Court Evicted This Morning - Call Out For Help

07-08-2008 09:06

This morning at 7am, 40 high court bailiffs have evicted the Bowl Court squat in Shoreditch. It is located in Bowl Court which is up Plough Court next to the junction of Great Eastern Street and Shoreditch High Street. Please come around - help needed urgently !

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Climate Camp Silver Group- Call Out For Flying Devices

06-08-2008 17:50

On Saturday August 9th we will shut down Kingsnorth Power Station. the Silver Group are planning a significant aerial presence involving all sorts of flying craft. Some details obviously cannot be discussed however...

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Leave it in the ground banner dropped above roadway

04-08-2008 22:33

Campaigners battling plans for an open cast mine on the edge of Telford today unfurled banners across one of Shropshire’s busiest roads. Members of Wrekin Stop War and Wrekin Anarchist Group are bidding to catch the attention of motorists travelling on the M54 past Telford and are calling for them to join their protests.

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All Aboard The Good Ship fro Monday Love!

04-08-2008 10:07

Monday Love 7
Because We Live In a World of Conflict, Misinformation, Disinformation MONDAY LOVE part 7 boards the Good Ship with a party of Grass roots Heroes and Servants of freedom. These London based souljas are coming to help in the reasoning thru MultiMedia Piracy, Open Deck discussion, independent music, Social witnesses, Front line Filmmaking to Share with us 100 things we need to know this year.

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London FreeSchool Week

04-08-2008 10:05

A week long London FreeSchool event will be taking place between the 1st and 7th of September 2008 with workshops, discussions and skill-sharing. Themes will include Food, Creative Arts, Permaculture, Gender, Science and Languages. The event will be completely free and open to all people willing to respect the ideals of the free school and each other. if you would like to facilitate or suggest a workshop, skill-share or discussion then please let us know by the 25th august at the very latest. if you are not london based then why not arrange something in your own town?

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Wembley Sports Ground Occupation Being Evicted: protestors physically assaulted

04-08-2008 06:26

Baliffs have used heavy-handed force to evict protestors at the anti-Academy occupation of Wembley Sports Ground this morning, with allegations of physical assault. Members of the press have also been physically assaulted. There is video evidence.

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Police mount morning attacks against climate campers

04-08-2008 05:37

Shortly after 5am this morning, police mounted an operation at the climate camp.

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Wembley Park Sports Ground Camp and Business Eviction 5am Tomorrow

03-08-2008 22:05

Brent Council will enter Wembley Sports Ground 5am tomorrow morning with police backup to evict the GRASS protestors and the businesses who refused last week's eviciton orders.

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Climate Camp Day One Summaries

03-08-2008 19:49

The day started and ended with rain but for the most part was sunny, dry but windy. Most of the neighborhoods have their infrastructure pretty sorted and kitchen serving food. The media 'village' now has it's full complement of structures and although some are literally held up with bits of string, it's looking good despite being two days behind schedule. Everything is running behind thanks to continuing vindictive obstruction by the police.

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Camp update sunday morning, before you come

03-08-2008 09:06

It was raining this morning at the climate camp but has stopped now and the ground dries out really quickly. Nether-the-less it would be wise to bring waterproofs and boots. Police are searching everybody, often several times and as far away as strood station. They continue took take a wide variety of completely innocent items.
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