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UK Free Spaces Newswire Archive

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Solidarity Cafe Night - 34 Broadway Market TONIGHT

16-12-2005 10:38

Solidarity Cafe Night in support of the occupation of Tony's Cafe in Hackney.

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Victory against New Labour: Edinburgh says NO to privatisation of Council Housing Stock Transfer

16-12-2005 00:40

logo of Britain-wide Defend Council Housing Campaign

Grassroots tenants groups have celebrated today the "no" vote against transfering Council Houses in Edinburgh to a newly founded Housing Association.
The City of Edinburgh Council publicised the outcome of the ballot.
53% of eligable tenants voted "No" in the ballot which had a turnout of about 60%.
The grassroot groups took on a battle against an estimated £21 million PR campaign funded by the Scottish executive - and won!
The ballot was brought forward from Spring 2006 to November 2005 to avoid unpleasant findings by Audit Scotland, which researches the effects of council housing stock transfer at the moment, and then furthermore brought the vote forward another six days to make a possible legal challenge by the Scottish Tenants Organisation impossible.
[Tenants Auction Housing Leader's House! | Edinburgh tenants 'Doormat' City Chambers | Edinburgh NO to Housing Sell Off: feature | Edinburgh NO to Housing Sell Off: article | Demolition Threat in Glasgow: feature | Demolition Threat in Glasgow: article]

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tonight : Auzzy good neighbours night at rampART

15-12-2005 16:34

It's back, the free community cinema at rampART relaunches tonight with a auzzy neighbours special...


15 rampart street, London E1 2LA

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Solidarity Cafe Night - Friday 16th Dec

14-12-2005 20:17

Solidarity Cafe Night - Friday 16th Dec
*Support the occupation of Tony's Cafe
*Against the gentrification of Hackney

6pm onwards

Hot food & drink, all welcome

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Saorsa Centre winter benefit gig

14-12-2005 15:35

flyer: print and distribute!
Start Hogmanay early with yet another fantastic line up from Section 60 with a benefit gig for the G42 Collective. The venue is the 13th Note in Glasgow and the date is Friday 30th December.

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13-12-2005 17:22

Weekly Poster of social centres activities

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Infousurpa n3

13-12-2005 16:48


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artist to challenge/defy westminster protest ban

13-12-2005 14:27


This Saturday 17th an extra ordinary art performance artist Mark McGowan is to challenge the government and police�s Westminster protest ban by walking backwards inside the entire exclusion zone wearing a tee shirt saying THIS IS NOT A PROTEST, and whispering the words 'sssh this is not a protest sssh�this not a protest sssh', to passers-by.

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What's happening with Howard Mallet Centre?

13-12-2005 14:00

Cafe Afrika closed down, Star FM moved out and Dawe Media Ltd took advantage of a break clause in their lease. So it is now empty apart from the groups using the gym. Ownership has now reverted to the County Council. The County Council have stated firm intentions to sign a 125 year lease to Citylife on 23rd of December. Citylife want to knock down the building and build a social enterprise incubator.

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12-12-2005 19:51

The INCA centre in Timisoara, Romania is a rare example of an activist-run cultural centre in the country. Without it, alternative and activist culture in Romania will lack a focal point. The local authority is currently threatening to throw INCA onto the streets 18 months before their contract ends.

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>WOMBLES // Dec 13th:: Social Centres - What Next?

11-12-2005 23:05

>Discussion:: Social Centres - What Next?

This discussion will be presented as part of the WOMBLES meeting at:

7.00pm on Tuesday December 13th @ Autonomie Club,
Upstairs at Freedom Anarchist Bookshop,
84b Whitechapel high Street, London E1.

All welcome.

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meeting between cindy sheehan and brian haw turns to spontaneous protest in defi

11-12-2005 18:05

cindy sheehan and brian haw
u.s. peace activist cindy sheehan, who lost her son as a soldier in the iraq war, met with brian haw, veteran parliament square protester, this afternoon. the meeting was harassed by officers from charing cross police station (including the ones who illegally arrested brian on friday morning!), and escalated into a full blown noise demo outside downing street in total defiance of the 'serious organised crime and police act' designed to prevent dissent outside parliament buildings. there were no arrests.

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Brum Critical X-Mass resists winter hibernation!

09-12-2005 17:10

15 cyclists convened at St Philip's Cathedral for Birmingham's monthly Critical Mass bike ride on Friday December 2nd.

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Action needed against crackdown culture - police escalate offensive poster drive

08-12-2005 17:21

Nottingham Police, allied with authoritarians at the local council and the Home Office, have been wasting taxpayers' money on a wave of offensive posters intended to terrorise dissidents and the socially excluded. This campaign has escalated with attempts to terrorise those involved in subvertising the posters.

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DIY camp to take action on Climate Chaos

07-12-2005 18:46

Media Release
A DIY camp this summer will see thousands of people from all over Britain come together to learn about and take action on climate change.

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a blow to freedom - guilty verdict in SOCPA case in court today

07-12-2005 18:02

bell-ringing and supporters outside the court
brian haw's one man protest outside westminster embarassed the warmongers inside. it seemed easier to try to stop protest against the war than to stop the greed that led to war, so they brought in new legislation. he's still there, but today the first guilty verdict was passed on an 'unauthorised protest' that comprised just two people performing a remembrance ceremony opposite downing street.

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350 Sefton Park trees earmarked for felling

07-12-2005 10:58

350 trees earmarked for for felling, some needlessly

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Infousurpa n2

06-12-2005 20:08

Weekly independent social centres activities

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06-12-2005 19:39

weekly independent media poster

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rampART news

06-12-2005 17:09

Regualar events at the rampART

Monday 6pm till 8pm - weekly oganising meeting (2nd floor / office)
Tuesday 4pm till 7pm - screen printing workshops (2nd floor / workshop)
Tuesday 7pm onwards - artjam (2nd floor / workshop)
Wednesday 7pm till 9pm - samba practise (ground floor / hall)
Wednesday 9pm till 10pm - ror meeting (ground floor / hall)
Wednesday (third wednesday of each month) - Womens Cafe / cabaret
Thursday 7.30pm till 9.30pm - spanish / english conversation (library)
Thursday 8pm - free cinema night (see website for details)
Friday (every other) - Radical cheerleaders (hall or library)
Saturday 12 pm onwards - Regular Hacklab drop in session !!
Saturday evening - usually a gig or something / check website
Sunday 6pm onwards - games night (bring your games!)
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