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UK Free Spaces Newswire Archive

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13 make a Critical Mass in Gothenburg!

26-11-2005 11:19

Gothenburg’s second Critical Mass was a huge success.

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Edinburgh Evening News reports that Bypass protesters face eviction day

25-11-2005 13:44

Bypass protesters face eviction day


SHERIFF officers were today preparing to move in to evict bypass protesters living in trees in Dalkeith Park.

The showdown comes after the group, fighting against the felling of trees to make way for a £30 million A68 bypass, refused to leave the treetops despite being served an eviction notice.

An eviction hearing was due to take place at Edinburgh Sheriff Court this morning, with the sheriff officers preparing to move in later in the day.

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24-11-2005 18:42

Poster to show what are the social centers doing weekly

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Second Violent Eviction of Bradford Squat

23-11-2005 15:59

On the 22nd Nov the owner of the pub we have squatted came in to our home and tried to use violence to force us out. The building in question has no plans for it and is to remain empty until it it levelled in a couple of months.

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Brixton Arts Co-op Opens

23-11-2005 15:49

After lying empty for four years when developers happily failed to get permission for a trendy bar for scootstick-toters, the old Brixton Cycles Co-op building on Coldharbour Lane was occupied on the 30th September, 2005.

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Half Price Sale

23-11-2005 10:20

T Shirt Design
Imagine the fun that can be had when you print up a bundle of half price sale t-shirts and then wander around London's shopping mecca?

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The future of the Howard Mallet Centre?

21-11-2005 18:13

A growing and diverse group of Cambridge people are starting to put together a proposal to make use of the (very nearly empty) Howard Mallet Centre.

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Save Priory Park : Audio Clips Now On Camp Bling Web Site

20-11-2005 15:23

Web site news...

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CALL FOR SOLIDARITY FROM St. Agnes Place and the Kennington Play Project

19-11-2005 11:15

CALL FOR SOLIDARITY FROM St. Agnes Place and the Kennington Play Project Please Forward this to people in South London.

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rampART served with noise abatement order

18-11-2005 02:21

The rampART social centre has been served with a noise abatement order this week after claims of so-called statutory nuisance during samba band practise on the 9th Nov. Breach of the order could result in prosecution and upto 20,000 pouns fine and seizure of 'noise making equipement'.

Samba practise has been taking place at the rampART from around 8pm till 10pm most wednesdays for the last few months. However the noise excaping the building on the 9th was greater than previously due to a smashed window pane at the front of the building.

There is discussion about the possibility of appealing the noise abatement order as there are good grounds to overturn the order. However, no legal aid is available for such an action and failure would result in thousands of pounds in court costs. Additional it might result in an order against a named person instead of simply 'the occupier'.

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Liberté, egalité et patisserie – le picnique

17-11-2005 23:46

This Sunday 20th Noember at 12 noon in Parliament Square the Parliament Square Picnickers are hosting a solidarity picnic with our French brothers and sisters.

Bring your bageuttes, carry your croisants, fetch your fromage, leave your car at home.

Nous sommes tous des racailles!

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Anarchists and the Caracas ASF/January 2006

17-11-2005 23:45

* The Venezuelan anarchist movement invites you to participate in the Alternative Social Forum at Caracas in January 2006, a gathering of anti-establishment social movements, in response to the bureaucratic World Social Forum promoted by the Venezuelan government.

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Activist Legal Briefing at A-spire

17-11-2005 12:58

This will be an update on legal issues affecting activists, experience sharing of legal challenges, laws affecting polital actions from demonstrations to surveilence. It is open to all people who want to know their basic 'rights' through to examining more specific experiences such as squatting/site living or affinity group action with campaigns

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Sheffield Indymedia's Pre Fest Film Night 17th Nov at Matilda FREE IN

15-11-2005 17:07

Thursday 17th November @ 8pm FREE ENTRY
Matilda Social Centre, 111 matilda street, S1 4QF
Giving a taster of the variety of films to be screened at the second Sheffield Indymedia Alt.Doc.Fest: Films from the Frontline, on 24-26th November

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Anti-hoWARd government rallies a success

15-11-2005 04:43

Anti-hoWARd government rally
Over 200,000 people have protested at the anti-hoWARd government rally in Melbourne, with at least 150,000 or more in other capital cities and in regional centres throughout Australia.

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Scotland Indypendent Media CENTRE launch meeting

14-11-2005 10:55

Scotland Indymedian Public Meeting Thursday 17.11.2005:
Open a Free Internet Cafe and Free Software Lab in Edinburgh!
Films at 5pm in Forest Cafe, meeting upstairs in Church Hall at 7:30pm

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Jericho Community Boatyard Theatre Night

09-11-2005 16:34

Boatyard Theatre Night 20 Nov / 'Ramlin Rose' a play on canal life at the turn of the century / Jericho Community Boatyard / Sunday 8pm £6/£3 concessions / Email: / Web: / St Barnabas Church/07958130805

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Climate Camp, Late Summer 2006

09-11-2005 16:26

With the government failing and unable to take action on the greatest issue facing our planet, climate chaos, we have to create a grass roots solution

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Climate Camp, Later Summer 2006

09-11-2005 16:22

With the government failing and unable to take action on the greatest issue facing our planet, climate chaos, we have to create a grass roots solution

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Climate Camp, Late Summer 2006

09-11-2005 16:17

With the government failing and unable to take action on the greatest issue facing our planet, climate chaos, we have to create a grass roots solution
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