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UK Free Spaces Newswire Archive

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Pie Night at Clergy House Squat Bradford

17-03-2006 14:52

Vegan pie night benefit to raise cash for bradford and spanish squatters.

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George Fox 6 found guilty again!

17-03-2006 14:19

The George Fox found guilty again - appeal failed?!

Contact Lancaster University if you can't make it to the demo at 3pm.

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Food Not Bombs Event Against the War this Saturday 18th March in City Centre

17-03-2006 11:54

There will be a Food Not Bombs event on Saturday 18th in Birmingham city centre to show solidarity with the international demonstrations against the war taking place in most cities across the globe.

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hacklab report

17-03-2006 02:45

For years, months, days, we networks and communities of individuals have been exchanging knowledge, designing worlds, experimenting with gizmos and devices. We are the expression of a thousand thoughts, we are migrants across the City and the Net; we are searching for a place where our commonalities and practices can open up space-time discontinuities.

We want to hack reality, and we need a lab to reassemble its basic elements. In a metropolis scared by unreal securities and too real fears, we yearn to give birth to a site of full of imageries made flesh, of bytes resurrecting metal. Our collective mind is replete with digital/analog technology, info-communication, knowledge-sharing, meme-spreading, participation-catalysis, and much much more.

The four cardinal points are no longer sufficient coordinates. As Mars is closer to Earth than ever in history, there is no better time for a new reticular constellation, for a new geometry of relations that can freely recompile low-entropy bioware, stunning and getting stunned by vivid special effects and lively affects.

Reload, Hacklab Milano, Sept 14 2003

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more detailed shepton mallet report

16-03-2006 14:54

the night of the eviction - all is quiet
shepton mallet evicted yesterday, but not without a fight

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15-03-2006 12:11

Shepton Mallet anti-Tesco's protest site has just been evicted after a six hour tree top struggle.

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news from the rampART

15-03-2006 01:31

The rampART social centre had one of those less than pleasant incidents last week...

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infousurpa n15

14-03-2006 20:00

Weekly independent poster of social centres activities

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Dalston Theatre court case- freedom of expression? hmmm

14-03-2006 02:06

The occupants of the buildings alongside Dalston Theatre, 4-14 Dalston Lane E9, went to Shoreditch Court this Monday morning. With very little hope for a decision which would allow them to bide more time before the plans go ahead for the demolition of the theatre, the occupants decided the best approach was to make their own voices, along with the people of Hackney that have been supporting the occupation continuously, heard in the most honest and direct way possible.
Unfortunately, much time was taken up by the statement of the other defendent, and the judge did not allow time for the statement below to be read.

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Shepton Mallet 2nd eviction coming!!!!

13-03-2006 21:05

The second Shepton Mallet, anti tescos, anti corperations, pro trees protest site is still going strong! But the word about town is the eviction will take place if not Tuesday 14th then definatly Wednesday 15th. We need people!!!!!!!

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Last chance to save 100 year old copper beech tree

13-03-2006 00:30

Threatened copper beech tree in full bloom
Oxford City Council will meet on 20th March to decide the fate of a historic copper beech tree which has stood in Oxford University's science area for well over one hundred years. The meeting comes after a long battle to save the tree from being felled to make way for a new biochemistry building.

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56a Info Shop New Opening Times

12-03-2006 13:12

South London's finest Info Shop is now open four days a week.

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Autonomous Spaces at Athens ESF 2006 -open public ephemeral zone

12-03-2006 00:53

During the first week of May 2006 the European Social Forum will take place in Athens. At the same time the open assembly for the creation of the “Autonomous Spaces” / Open Public Ephemeral Zone will use a university space in the centre of Athens and will produce an ephemeral autonomous zone that will try to bring together all the grassroots anticapitalist, autonomous and antiauthoritarian collectives, groups and movements.

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Freedom to skate protest (pics and report)

11-03-2006 20:54

Video Skater protest - group photo #1
Following a proposal by police to outlaw skateboarding in Swindon town centre, a group of teenagers today held a protest to show their objection to the ban.

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Systematic destruction of Ecology and Culture in Shepton Mallet, UK

11-03-2006 16:34

These tall majestic trees stand to tell the stories of our past, present and future. To fell is to erase the memory of our identities.

People and Earth Defend

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French filth riot against student revolt.

11-03-2006 12:56

Riot police have stormed the Sorbonne University in Paris, forcing out students who have been occupying the building since Wednesday in protest against government labour laws.

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Little London PFI scandal - how Leeds City Council blackmailed a community

10-03-2006 20:47

Parts of Little London will now be sold off under the PFI scheme
Leeds City Council's announcement yesterday that nearly two-thirds of tenants have backed their proposed £35m PFI regeneration scheme in Little London is both expected and misleading. Here is the full story of how it happened.

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Shepton mallet update!!!!

10-03-2006 18:38

Still going!!

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Little London PFI Consultation Results Announced

10-03-2006 17:37

After months of so-called "consultation events", Leeds City Council has taken the somewhat surprising step of releasing the results as if they were a "ballot" of Little London tenants. As expected, they have managed to con enough people to support their gentrification plans.

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srilanka tsunami social project fundraiser @ rampart centre

10-03-2006 16:45

sri lanka tsunmai benefit @ rampart arts centre, 17 rampart st e1, 8pm -2am //

//////////////////music and lights #5 ////////////////////////////
our 2nd night at rampart. coming at you with a mixed bag of funky live aucostic+electronic music, slide & video visuals in a comfy atmosphere.
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