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UK Free Spaces Newswire Archive

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Maelstrom needs more help

19-01-2005 15:02

Call out for involvement in squatted infospace

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Silver Squat Eviction Imminent

19-01-2005 12:35

The Silver Squat, near the train station, will be evicted next Monday after a court hearing this morning.

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Sexual assault on Iraqi by British soliders

19-01-2005 07:02

Basra abuse
Basra abuse of Britons

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A report from the Cottenham traveler community

19-01-2005 01:13

A group of activist from the Cambridge Action Network alarmed by the overt racism of some local newspaper articles and websites, decided to visit the traveler community outside Cottenham, Cambridgeshire. Eleven settlements there are under the direct threat of eviction: people are going to be kicked off their land by bailiffs, driven to the county borders, and their homes will be trashed. Unless we do something to prevent it...

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18-01-2005 23:43

Who's Heritage ?
Here's a very short article related to the road plans around Stonehenge (and a chance for me to get my head around this posting articles business!...bear with me please!)

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Maelstrom raided again

16-01-2005 13:04

police raid of maelstrom social centre

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Liverpool Social Forum meeting

15-01-2005 19:18

The second meeting of the LSF will take place on Tuesday 18th Jan

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Activists arrested over Gujarat videos

14-01-2005 02:02

Preceeding the indian activist film festival at the rampART this week, an unrelated yet related incident ...

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Mark Thomas writes a column offensive to Christians

14-01-2005 01:40

Mark Thomas writes a column offensive to Christians

Why are evangelical Christians so upset at a musical that shows Jesus calling himself "a bit gay"? According to the Bible, he was arrested for kissing a man in a public park. By Mark Thomas

Before starting this column, readers should be warned that it contains explicit language throughout. In fact, this 820-word column features the word "fuck" 46,000 times - according to calculations done by evangelical Christians.

The editor would like to issue a second warning to really stupid Christians. Evangelical Christians especially, please be aware that the following column features the word "God" a mere seven words away from the word "evolution".

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trouble free opening night for threatend film fest

11-01-2005 03:26

The first night of the indian activist film festival at the rampART went ahead without hitch and no show from the rightwing Hindu groups that have been trying to get the festival canceled. Over one hundred people turned up but there was no indication that any dissenting Hindus were present. The was a great deal of media attention during the day from Channel 4, BBC Asian Network and many papers, all seemingly finding a story in comparing the resent attacks on the theatre in Birmingham. Many people have been offering to be on call to come down if there is any trouble during the rest of the week and yet another alterative venue offered. Aditionally it looks like quite a few further screenings elsewhere in the country will be spawned from this one.

Despite the no show, it appears the UK VHP have been busy during the day making statements to the press...

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Threat to disrupt Asian film festival

10-01-2005 01:16

Source: The Hindu (

Threat to disrupt Asian film festival
JAN. 9. - By Hasan Suroor

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rampART newsletter with indian film festival programme

09-01-2005 22:20

Download and print the latest rampART newsletter for a programme of this weeks indian activist film festival and a list of coming events during january and february.

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Indian activist film festival (10th to 16th Jan)

07-01-2005 22:44

MOVEMENTS IN MOTION: 10th – 16th January 2005

15-17 Rampart Street, London E1 2LA

The rampART Creative Centre in East London is hosting a week long festival of contemporary documentary films from India. Grouped around themes of social and political issues, made by accomplished and dedicated filmmakers, this festival brings to London audiences documentaries that are rarely seen, inside or outside India, with the intention of creating spaces for debate. Disturbing, impassioned, humorous, inspiring and controversial, these films provide a glimpse into some of the most difficult challenges facing Indian society.

The festival runs over 6 days, from Monday 10th January to Saturday 16th January.

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Pins and Noodles weekly craft session

07-01-2005 17:31

A weekly gathering to make banners, costumes, props etc for the G8 and any other actions will start this Sunday.

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The Basement Reopened

07-01-2005 15:19

The Basement, Manchesters underground bookshop, vegan cafe and computer hub has reopened.

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Local Anti-ID Card Group formed

06-01-2005 20:18

A meeting about ID Cards was held in Liverpool on 6th January and a group loosely calling itself Liverpool Defy-ID Group was formed. Its going to be convening an organising and planning meeting in a week or so and will be trying to organise direct action on the 28th and longer-term action thereafter. Anyone in Liverpool interested in getting involved can contact me via this discussion group or my email.

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more trouble brewing for rampART

05-01-2005 20:21

After the assult last before new years eve which result in one person being taken to hospital with a head injury, more trouble appears to be brewing at the rampART...

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The New Year at Maelstrom

02-01-2005 14:07

Events in the New Year at Maelstrom squatted infospace, The Old Post Office, Hyde Park Corner in Leeds, West yorkshire

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rampART news year's eve party cancelled

30-12-2004 04:58

Sadly, the rampart NYE fundraising party has been cancelled due to a violent conflict and our wish to ensure that it doesn't spill over into the event. We are very sorry to have to do this, not least because it means missing out on a good opportunity to raise some more money towards bill, however we feel we have no choice.

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Circle Community Centre

29-12-2004 21:14

The Circle Community Centre at the old St.Georges Theatre 49 Tufnell Park Rd, London was occupied 3 months ago, as part of an ongoing campaign for urgent action on our critical environmental situation, which has been carried out in numerous squats for the last 12+years (ref. Agenda 21 from the Rio Earth Summit 1992).

Initially taken as an Earth Circus rehearsal space, it has now evolved into a Circle Community Centre. This old church has been a theatre for the last 32 years. However it has been left empty for the last four years and so over the last 3 months untold hard work from many volunteers has re-activated this theatre as a community space.

We were very happy to host the Indymedia benefit party, which was rammed with large queues, however with a bit of patience pretty much everyone got in.

This was an amazing event with top quality performers, especially The Rub Revolutionation, Fundamental, Unpeople, Planetman and the Internationalz , Angel and of course our street action favorites the Rhythms of Resistance who raised the roof with samba vibrations in the stunning acoustics of the hall. Big shout to all the Indymedia crews, Rampart possee, Mudge Peace Not War, the door crew/ stewards, caretakers of the centre, cleaners, recyclers, cafe crew, and you know who, all those volunteers to numerous to mention who keep these places running day in day out, big shout, big up yourselves.

We have video footage that will soon go up on the web , we need some more tech support with this. Especially a more powerful computer that can store more video. Also help to set up live streaming of some of our events.

Keeping the centre going is a constant mission, it is run voluntary on donations by an intrepid band of caretakers.

We need your help, come in and visit , there are many tings to do and many tings a go on.

Everyday caretaking, letting people in an showing them round on open hours, repairs and maintenance, cooking ,cleaning, office work, tech support, research, creativity, kids activities, running workshops and meetings, gardening and campaigning to save this community resource.

We especially need help opposing the change of use plans from theatre back into single denominational church.

The building is owned by the House on the Rock a Nigerian pentecostal church who have said they will allow it to be used for about 10 hours per week of community and theatre activities.

The planning committee is on Jan 18th any resident of Islington, Camden, Hackney or Haringay can send in their views online at or write a letter to Islington planning or lobby the Islington councilors.(details on our website)

We have an appeal court hearing which has already been adjourned till some point in the new year, at which we have a strong case for a license granted at an early meeting with house on the rocks.

However, this appeal case will probably be heard after Jan 18 and if the planning is not granted for change of use, then the building could be passed back to a community consortium who could compensate House on the Rock.

Meaning this historic theatre could be used by many wide and varied environmental and community groups for many years to come. There is already a St. Georges Development Trust who are a not for profit company who are campaigning to keep the building in the public domain.

This campaign is winnable if enough support is received over the next 2 months.

It's up to all of us! Take action for a brighter sustainable future.

Check out our cabarets every friday 8p.m-12 and our website

for more details


0207 6091283....

One Love from da Circle Community
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