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UK Free Spaces Newswire Archive

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What Lead to the Closure and Sale of the Cottage of Content Community Centre?

19-07-2006 00:11

forfeiture of tenancy notice

The boarded up buildings of what was a Community Youth Centre in Sparkbrook have been occupied by a group of activists who along with local people are putting it back into use as a Social Centre, called 'The Cottage Occupied Social Centre'.

They believe their occupation and outreach will compel the Council to return the property to community use. The buildings, however are scheduled to be auctioned off, by Bond and Wolfe today, Wednesday 19th July.

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Rings around Tara

18-07-2006 23:33

International volunteers, support and Assistance are required for a protest camp that has been established at the Hill of Tara, Co. Meath, Ireland, to prevent the construction of the M3 motorway beside Tara. Additional Camps can be established, the more the better!!!

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Of Knighthoods and Commanders

18-07-2006 20:58

about the decoration made to Bob Petterson, a famous Brazilian politician

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Our homes are not for sale - public meeting, Weds 19 July

18-07-2006 07:26

A coalition of tenants, residents, public sector workers, trade unionists are trying to launch a city-wide anti-privatisation campaign. There is a meeting tomorrow night in the Little London estate.

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Mark Thomas - SOCPA (17.07.06)

17-07-2006 22:00

From Mark Thomas:

"It is illegal for an individual to hold a placard protesting in Parliament Square without permission from the police. So what happens if a number of individuals want to demonstrate about different things at the same time? We are about to find out."

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La Haine screening @ Everything4Everyone

17-07-2006 13:09

La Haine, a film that explores the harsh realities of life in Paris' noterious housing estates.

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Of the Terrorism

16-07-2006 22:38


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Sumac Centre - Limited Summer Bar Opening

16-07-2006 17:39

The Forest Fields Social Club, which is based at the Sumac Centre, Nottingham, will have limited opening times over the summer.

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AF ASBO in London

15-07-2006 18:11

Well they've done it again. Some dick with a can of spray paint and nothing better to write or prove has sprayed the initials A F (circle A anarchy style no less) outside the rampART. This wouldn't perhaps be so annoying if A F meant anything in terms of the rampart by virtue of indicating that a group known by those initials actually have anything to do with running the space, but they don't. It wouldn't be so anoying if the letters weren't deliberatly sprayed over a piece of art work that was actually commisioned by those who do run the space....

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Photo's of Russel Square Social Centre in the Sun

14-07-2006 23:10

Russel Sq Social Centre 1
Russel Square Social Centre in the heart of London looking splendid in the afternoon sun with all the banners out.

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Bristol news - Kebele social centre is free!

13-07-2006 00:19

Kebele's rear view - politics, organisation and art
Kebele breaks FREE - A new era dawns

As the Kebele Social Centre approaches it’s 11th anniversary later this year, it has already given itself an early birthday present – by paying off it’s mortgage well ahead of schedule.

Yes that’s right. Kebele has full control over its building from now on, free from the restrictions of capitalist profiteering. And you thought it was just a bunch of hippy lifestylists with dogs on strings? Think again, scratch the surface, and go beyond the perceived stereotypes. You may be surprised – at the commitment, motivation and political awareness of those involved.

In an exclusive article for Bristle magazine (see below), Kebelians have outlined their thoughts & plans for the future.

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Open Boat Day 2006 Pictures and Story

10-07-2006 22:41

Some merchandise.
On Saturday (8th July 2006) the third annual Open Boat Day took place near Jesus Green Lock.

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City of God Screening @ Everything4Everyone

10-07-2006 17:52

City of God, the moving and brutally real movie depiction of favela life in Brazil, will be showing at 'Everything4Everyone' on Tuesday 11th July.

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Camden Priest Spends 'Night On The Tiles' in Roof Occupation.

10-07-2006 17:05

A North-London priest has occupied the roof of his church in Camden in order to raise enough money to fix the roof so that it can remain a shelter for Camdens homeless.

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Six Billboards "Liberated" in Bristol

10-07-2006 10:15

Taken from Bristol Indymedia :

Last week 6 billboards were felled in Bristol

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The Cottage of Content Occupied Social Centre is reclaimed!

09-07-2006 14:06

valuable community resource to be auctioned by birmingham city council
A boarded up Community Centre in Sparkbrook, Birmingham, called the 'Cottage of Content' has just been occupied for use as a Social Centre. The Community Centre, which includes a garden and a large hall, was closed by Birmingham City Council back in May 2005. It has since been boarded up and left to rot whilst local people have lost a valuable community resource.

The 'Cottage of Content' was used by the local community for social events, a youth club, english lessons for Asylum Seekers, Adult Education and a Yemeni Cultural Centre. Without any consultation with the local community, Birmingham City Council are planning to auction the property off on July 19th for 'commercial use'. They also claim it has 'development potential'.

The occupation of the property, which has been enthusiastically received by local people, seeks to prevent this happening and aims to return the Cottage of Content to community use.

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more straw bale progress at eco works

09-07-2006 09:46

last weeks rendering
More progress on the straw bale building at eco works in Nottingham.

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Open Day at Camp Titnore on Saturday July 15

08-07-2006 12:18

MORE than 100 people packed into a vibrant public meeting in Worthing on Thursday night, July 6, to show their support for the Titnore Woods tree camp - and now they have been invited to an open day at the occupied Sussex site.

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08-07-2006 00:31

On the encounter among the abandonments, truthful history.

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RIOT in Hackney

07-07-2006 17:40

ROBOTS need people for the worlds first remotely choreographed riot.
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