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UK Free Spaces Newswire Archive

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Middle East Circus of hope and giggles...

05-03-2008 10:59

Week 2 of Boomchucka Circus 2 Iraq's antics....

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Lancaster 'First' Carnival Of Culture 2008

04-03-2008 12:25

the procession...
"The Carnival of Culture is a celebration of all that’s good and distinctive about Lancaster and a protest against the corporate takeover of our city by Centros Miller and other developers, against the wishes of the community.
From Centros Miller, the Northern Link road and out-of-town supermarket plans at Lawson’s bridge, Lancaster is subject to a barrage of proposed developments designed to benefit large companies, yet threaten the fabric and liveliness of our communities. We are tired of the lack of any say for the residents of the city as to the direction that the planners are taking us.

The Carnival is about giving Centros, the Council and any other developers a taste of the strength of our communities and of our opposition. It’s also about making links and creating lots of exciting and fun events!"

Taken fron website....

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Second court reprieve for RAMpart2

03-03-2008 17:21

The squat opened as a backup venue to the rampART social centre in east london today enjoyed it's second courtroom reprieve. Twice now it has been served with an application for a Interim Possession Order. The first time the claimants failed to turn up at the hearing and today they admitted that they had failed to correctly serve notice on the defendants so it was thrown out of court. The owners will be apply for the third time and the papers are expected to be served sometime Tuesday with a court date probably sometime next week (although it could be earlier if there is an available time slot at the court).

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Cops use military seige tactics at TAA fundraiser, Brighton.

03-03-2008 12:53

A fundraiser for the forthcoming Temporary Autonomous Art project in Brighton was clamped down on heavily on Saturday. Police used violent tactics to attack the building showing there true face yet again. more........

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Sankofa Foundation in Crisis

03-03-2008 01:48

Amidst the recent disintegration of the ASBO project the Sankofa Foundation has been suffering and surviving, but now the end may be in sight for our Burns Street office.

Sankofa therapist Miriam Hollis recently wrote this message asking for help, which can also be read on the Sankofa blog -

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ASBO, The Last Days

03-03-2008 00:44

After many meetings and planning, in August 2005, a number of concerned individuals took direct action to squat a large house / block of flats. The place had been empty for the previous seven years and was in a great state of dis-repair.

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Reclaim your Food stall finally criminalised

02-03-2008 16:39

Police has definitely intervened in the weekly Sunday free food action today 2nd March 2008 in the Brixton Oval.

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Big Green's Corporate Investor

02-03-2008 12:53

The Big Green Gathering say that the festival can only survive with investment from Stuart Galbraith's "Kilimanjaro Live Ltd". Profit-sharing with this AEG backed company is surely bad enough, but according to the article below the BGG directors are also prepared to consider sponsorship by BP!

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Otautahi Social Centre Under Threat

02-03-2008 08:38

Social centre in Christchurch, New Zealand received a 10 day eviction notice.

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No Borders Benefit at RampART 1 tomorrow night!

29-02-2008 20:26

No Borders Benefit, Saturday 1st March, from 7pm, RampART 1

We celebrate the struggle for social spaces and for freedom of movement with another No Borders benefit party on Sat 1st March (7pm til late). Refreshments, films, info stall, and - of course - good music.

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Hackney Social Centre..Tonight (friday)

29-02-2008 12:54

Cafe, open mike,

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Photo Essay - Londons Secret Social Centre

29-02-2008 10:30

Owners seemed to want to make the building uninhabitable
Londons Secret Social Centre...

When a possession order was granted to the owners of the squatted block of properties in rampart street which houses the rampART social centre, a scurry of activity began to secure a new building to act as a backup venue during the uncertain period prior to eviction. A suitable property was found and entered for the first time on new years eve and occupied a couple of days later.

Only a short walk from the rampART, the new building was also a commercial premises with three floors. While the area of each floor was only about two thirds of that enjoyed at the rampART, the new building benefited from the addition of a basement which looked like it could make a great gig space. The ground floor had a tiny kitchen but with a bit of work it would clearly make a good space for a cafe and free shop. The first floor was mostly open plan, a good place for large meeting. Meanwhile the upper floor had been subdivided into offices and planned to use it for residential accommodation. The most exciting thing about the new space however was the yard which gave us potential to do things we could never do a rampART.

Despite all it's potential, the place was a mess. The owners had completely trashed every floor. Wiring had been cut, light switches smashed, false ceiling and lights pulled down, partition walls torn down or holed. Additionally, the only two toilets in the building had been smashed to pieces. However, we didn't think it would take long to put in shape. We took over a load of bedding and cushions, fold up table and chairs, water, wind up torches, candles, smoke alarms and fire extinguishers and settled in. Now split between occupying two spaces we put a call out for help occupying both buildings and preparing the new building to become a social centre...

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SOCPA Movie tonight, London + 'We Own the Streets' - Sat 1 March: Press Release

28-02-2008 14:47

Free screening tonight (Thursday) in London of "SOCPA - The Movie", ahead of Day of Action on Saturday (1 March) in London and elsewhere against existing legislation restricting freedom to protest around Parliament (SOCPA) and its possible extension to the whole of the country.

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1 March Lancaster Carnival of Culture against corporate takeover

26-02-2008 19:45

This Saturday 1 March, Lancaster will see its first Carnival of Culture, a celebration of everything that's fun about Lancaster and a protest against the corporate take over of the city.
Lots of towns and cities around the UK are being turned into identi-kit clone towns. Lancaster seems to be next in line. This Saturday will see hundreds of people take to the streets in opposition to these plans. There'll be musicians, dancers, jugglers, dragons, puppets, flags, banners, food and lots of fun.

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Manchester Crtitical Mass and After Party This Friday

26-02-2008 19:32

Critical Mass Bicycle Ride
Friday 29th February
6pm Central Library M1
Bike ride around the city to celebrate the bicycle

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Manchester Space Invaders Landing April

26-02-2008 12:10

11th & 12th April have been named as ‘international days of action on autonomous
spaces’. There will be things happening in Europe including squatted
buildings, parties, Reclaim the Streets, land occupations and more!
We have started an organising group to kick start ideas for action in Manchester. From reclaiming the streets to guerilla gardening..from a ceilidh to a
vegan party to permaculture space...

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Anarchist Flea market in Lisbon - from 23rd to 25th May 2008

25-02-2008 21:37

Create with us a space for debates, libertarian culture and networking in the South of Europe.

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Comrades In Crisis

25-02-2008 21:35

Anarchist prisoners in crisis. Be prepared for solidarity as these cases continue.
Updates and calls for action will be posted on our website.

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rampART and RAMpart2 evictions

25-02-2008 19:46

All very gloomy news from the various parts of the rampART. This morning there was a hearing to decide whether there would be an appeal against the granting of the possession order relating to Rampart Street. The judge decided there would be no appeal.

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Nottingham Speakers’ Corner Officially begun

23-02-2008 23:49

On Friday 22 February at 12.30pm, Nottingham adopted the first Speakers’ Corner in the UK since an Act of Parliament paved the way for the original in London’s Hyde Park almost 150 years ago.
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