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UK Free Spaces Newswire Archive

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SAVE The Livesey Museum for Children from tory/libdem cuts -sign the petition

06-02-2008 13:12

A free and valuable resource for local and london community families is under threat of closure by southwark's tory/lib-dem councils in needless council-cuts.

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London Social Centres Support Meeting Sat 2nd Feb

02-02-2008 10:52

Yes, really late reminder this but today (saturday) 2pm is the 2nd meeting of the relating to the London Social Centres Support Initiative (that's not the name, just an attempt at a description).

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Midsummer House demo - This Saturday!

31-01-2008 21:34


Midsummer House demo in Cambridge, please come and support the campaign.

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Berlin; Protest action at the Berlin House of Representatives.

31-01-2008 21:26

The fight for the self-organised spaces of Rigaer 94 has progressed to the next round.
On the 29th of January the court decided in favour of an eviction of parts of Rigaer 94 and a protest action subsequently took place at the Berlin House of Representatives.

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Indymedia screening tonight

30-01-2008 14:57

When Mexican paramilitary forces shot Brad Will in the chest, killing him, his camera fell from his hands. But it didn't stop recording. It continued moving from hand to hand. Brad's camera paints us a picture of what his life was about, and what so many of his friends continue to struggle for.

Tonight at the rampART there is a screening and discussion with the film maker and indymedia activist from south america.

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Midsummer House – Diseased Meat, Taking Public Land and Animal Cruelty

29-01-2008 20:15

At the last Midsummer House demo protesters were told about another reason some people dislike the ‘diseased liver restaurant’… they are taking over our common!

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the return of the basement - meeting 4th february

29-01-2008 17:16

hooray! this week we will finally know the status of 24 lever street - and can plan how to resurrect an autonomous social centre in manchester - come along to a meeting 4th february to get involved

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Respect the right to protest - Don't harmonise its criminalisation

27-01-2008 22:57

Response to the Home Office consultation on managing protest around Parliament

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Food Not Bombs...

26-01-2008 22:17

Thanks For the Dinner..

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Action Central at the Common Place 3rd February 6pm

26-01-2008 17:26

flier action central
Ever felt like it is hard to know how to take action?
Ever had a good idea for an action but not had enough people to do it with?
Want to know more about direct action and ongoing campaigns in Leeds?

From 3rd Feb 2008 The CommonPlace will be hosting Action Central 6.30 - 8.30pm (ish)

A monthly sunday evening meal and get together to chat, share information about upcoming actions and campaign meetings and inspire each other to take action about the problems around us.

Everyone welcome, please send this to any action or campiagn group you are involved in, or individuals who might be up for it.

If you are interested in helping this happen monthly please let me know on:

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US Passport Cards to contain RFID chips

25-01-2008 17:25

The US will begin issuing Passport cards for frequent travel between the US and Mexico, Canada, the Carribbean, and Bermuda. These cards will contain Radio Frequenqy Identification Chips linked to government databases.

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North West Vegan Festival - a reminder

25-01-2008 09:47

The NW Vegan Festival is happening on Sat 26th Jan at Sachas Hotel, Tib St, Manchester. We have over 40 stalls, a list of talks and films, free food samples, and loads more. Free admission.

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New Social Centre under Siege

24-01-2008 21:59

A new autonomous space in Hackney sustained two violent attacks this week as representatives of both Howen Estates Ltd., and the Hackney Metropolitan Police attempted to forcibly and illegally gain entry to the newly opened social centre.

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February - Fuck up a CCTV camera month

24-01-2008 16:46

The "Fuck CCTV Front " ahve said : February is fuck up a CCTV camera month.

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Skill-share and Free Shop in Next to Nowhere (Liverpool Social Centre)

23-01-2008 23:06

On Sunday 13th January we held a free shop and skill-share day at Next to Nowhere ( The idea was for people to come in and engage in whatever creative or practical skills they knew, to look at what others were doing and have a go, and to re-use, recycle or modify second hand items for free.

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DK: Ungdomshus Options Made Public

23-01-2008 21:40

In response to the announcement that a major civil disobedience action is under way politicians from the Copenhagen Council have made public two possible addresses for a new Ungdomshus.

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DK: Plan to Besiege Copenhagen City Hall

23-01-2008 21:38

G13 survived. Agrounded Ungdomshus-Discussions cause a new civil Disobedience-Action called "BlokR" (Word game with danish "Bloker" = engl. "to blockade"); which has the aim to get harder and more pressure to politicians.

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rampART social centre still hanging in there

23-01-2008 11:50

Seems many people seem to think rampART has closed. IT HAS NOT !

The legal process is still ticking along with a decision expected soon on whether we can have an appeal hearing. In the meantime it is not possible for the 'owner' to get a warrant of possesion so there is no immediate threat of eviction.

We'd like to remind people that the space is still available for events etc and that we have a backup space should eviction interfere with peoples plans. However, keeping two spaces open has been a major drain on everyone involved and the rampART itself is not getting the attention it deserves for the last few weeks.

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Protesting for the right to protest

21-01-2008 17:53

My freedom to hold a banner
Feel free to download or use this placard idea anytime you need to protest for your right to protest.

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Copenhagen: Police tried to stop a demo

21-01-2008 16:50

Every Thursday since March 1st, 2007 a demo has walked through Copenhagen demanding a new Ungdomshus. Two weeks ago it was decided to move the starting point from Nørrebro to the main shopping area in the inner city.
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