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UK Free Spaces Newswire Archive

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Pics: The Climate Wave demo & Cop Out Camp out action, Sat 5th Dec

05-12-2009 22:01

Tripods and banner go up in the 'Cop Out Camp Out' swoop in Trafalgar Sq
Over 40,000 people took to the streets today for The Wave climate demo in central London in anticipation to the COP15 Climate Summit due to take place in Copenhagen in the next two weeks. Here there a few pics of the demo:

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Provo, Autonomy, and Ludic Politics December 10 London

05-12-2009 11:38

One night event on Provo, the legendary Dutch anarchist movement of the 60s, to take place at the Foundry in London on December 10th. WIll involve several members of the original movement talking about their experiences.

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Film: Slingshot Hiphop - Palestine / Gaza - Entry by donation

04-12-2009 20:17

“The culture of hip hop and rap is at its most powerful and yet its most tender in Slingshot Hip Hop” – Chuck D, Public Enemy

“Profoundly uplifting… It’s a refreshing take on the conflict” – NOW Toronto

Slingshot Hip Hop (2009)
A Film About Hip Hop & Resistance In Palestine

Wednesday 9th December – 7pm

Lecture Theatre A, Nuffield, Highfield

Entry By Donation

(supporting Gaza Freedom March)

“The culture of hip hop and rap is at its most powerful and yet its most tender in Slingshot Hip Hop” – Chuck D, Public Enemy

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Autonomy Center in Krakow/Poland need help!

03-12-2009 21:37

Two months ago the rulers of Cracow made an eviction of the Independent Social and Cultural Centre, which was held in a squatted, old drive-inn on Wielicka Street in Cracow.

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Video - Royal Park Reclaimed! (occupied community space in Leeds)

03-12-2009 18:25

Video here:

Leeds, UK, November 2009. A short about the occupation of Royal Park Primary School and its brief rebirth as a community-run space.

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Digital Economy Bill: Enclosure of the digital commons

03-12-2009 16:41

The Digital Economy Bill moving through parliament seeks to place heavy penalties on file-sharers. In this short article I look at how artists in the digital age are creating a culture of free art, and how the business establishment hope to re-establish their right to profit from all culture.

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Ride Bikes, Have fun, Support MCDAS, Give kids presents...awesome.

02-12-2009 16:37

A treasurehunt on bicycles to support Manchester Commitee to Defend Asylum Seekers. The riders, in pairs, will be following a set route and buying and collecting presents that will then be donated to MCDAS Chidren's Christmas Party.

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Resist Eviction of Kings Crescent Estate 12pm Thursday (London N4)

01-12-2009 21:34

Resist the eviction of a community squatting initiative 12PM on THURSDAY 3rd of DECEMBER. They are calling for as many people as possible to assemble at our place from Wednesday night onwards. Numbers mean victory!

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Skelmersdale council tenants fight for their houses

29-11-2009 18:23

A group of council tenants and council home owners in West Lancashire is fighting plans to demolish their homes and replace them with apartments for private sale. Why do so many regeneration plans do so little for the less well off?

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Berlin squat evicted

28-11-2009 17:23

Taken from mainstream press, full article on

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MMU campus plans set to be delayed

28-11-2009 14:47

Following last week’s news that 127 support staff are to be made redundant – an “efficiency” measure according to Vice Chancellor Professor John Brooks – Manchester Metropolitan University has announced setbacks in plans over its proposed campus developments.

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Vestas solidarity 'Magic Roundabout' Climate Camp evicted

28-11-2009 11:45

ahh... that's better, back to a bland corporate piece of faketure
After a court ruling on Tuesday granting a possesssion order to Hanslips (seemingly entirely at the behest of Vestas), the bailiffs arrived yesterday Friday 27th at 11:00am, demanding everything be moved from the camp by noon. This despite the Judge's ruling that the landowner negotiate a time for leaving the roundabout with the occupiers, and the roundbouters attempts to negotiate such a time being frustrated.

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Non Commercial House is still here!

26-11-2009 12:08

NCH Front
Non Commercial House is a squatted autonomous FreeShop space on 165 Commercial Street, London. The Corporation of London (The city of london council that owns the building, booooh) want us out, so they took us to court and won. Of course, they haven't got any plan with the building and will probably let it rot for another couple of years... But we resisted the first eviction and we are still here and we are planning to make the best use of the space until the last hour we have it!!

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Lets Start a Food Not Bombs chapter in Hackney, London!

26-11-2009 00:58

We want to start a new chapter of Food Not Bombs in Hackney, London. Skipping food, cooking it in a amazing occupied space and giving it for free in the street!

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Magic Roundabout possession order served - Vestas Solidarity Camp to be evicted

24-11-2009 22:27

Welcome to the Magic Roundabout
So, earlier today a Crown Court Judge in Newport, Isle of Wight granted a possession order in favour of the local landowner, and against the Vestas ex-workers and supporters who have been camping there for 4 months. Despite support from a raft of protest-expert lawyers and the Advisory Service for Squatters, the Judge refused to listen to arguments regarding right to protest, "vexaxious"-ness (I don't even know what that means, apologies).

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Legal Threat to the Vestas Campaign 'Magic Roundabout' Camp:

24-11-2009 11:14

The Roundabout at Night, a few months ago...
The people remaining on the ‘Magic Roundabout’ protest camp down on the Isle of Wight outside the now closed Vestas factory have been officially handed their eviction order by the land owner (Hanslips?), and the court hearing is today Tuesday 24 November.
If people want to get in touch with the Roundabouters, please email and we’ll do our best to get your message to them.

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Royal Park school to be evicted!

23-11-2009 16:38

the council will evict the occupiers tomorrow morning.

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23-11-2009 14:56

spread the word!
The Lappersfort forest has been okupied again,
and is now under eviction threat.

Come and stay if you like!
Aktion & Eviktion Practice Weekend 4-6 December

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Call out from the Netherlands

21-11-2009 23:47

We are squatters from the Netherlands. We are asking you to organize a protest (for example by dutch embassy) in your country against squatting prohibition in the Netherlands. We suggest to organize your protests between 26 and 28 of November, because Eerste Kamer (First Chamber of dutch parliament) will vote about squatting prohibition beginnig of December.

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squatting in Manchester! new social centre

20-11-2009 23:53

Squatters in pub fight

November 20, 2009
SQUATTERS have set up home in a historic former pub and now want to highlight the plight of the dilapidated building.
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