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UK Free Spaces Newswire Archive

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Eco-village occupation update + other news.

01-06-2009 11:50

Eco-village E-flyer
In this report:

News of the upcoming Eco-Village occupation taking place on a disused piece of land near Hammersmith starting on Saturday, 6th June (see attached e-flyer for details).

The latest from the Tyting community farm occupation <--- information on how you can get involved and support the action.

And some interesting facts about the land in Britain.

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Sussex Uni Protest Camp Threatened By Management

29-05-2009 09:05

Warning letter page 1
The protest camp outside the management offices of Sussex University, which has now been established for over a week, yesterday recieved a letter from the management warning of potential disciplinary action being taken against the student demonstrators.

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Cruch the Creditors 2009 European Tour - UK 3rd - 10th June

27-05-2009 12:12

Drowning Dog, DJ Malatesta, Comrade Malone & The Edger + many more on tour
**** Crunch the Creditors 2009 European Tour - UK 3rd - 10th June ****

~~ Putting the 'Fight the Power' back into Hip Hop. ~~

~~ Anarchist/Radical Hip Hop from both sides of the Atlantic. Pure class (war) ! ~~

For Full Tour Info & Links to all acts:

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Mass Squatting Action Videos/Photos, Lund, Sweden

26-05-2009 21:27

Lund Action Newspaper issue 1
On May 16th, over 1000 people gathered to participate in the occupation movement festival in Lund, which featured food, music, entertainment and of course SQUATTING! During Saturday two buildings, Bredgatan 4 and Observatory in the City Park were occupied, and during the night so were Sunday two unused buildings on the St Lars.

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Oil drilling threat to English woodland - Act now! Please!!!

26-05-2009 15:32

Oil threat to woodland - Act now!
It is not too late to object!

Surrey County Council has extended the objection period to 24th June 2009 so if you have not yet objected there is still time. Please keep reading to find out how.

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Berlin's Rigaer94--The Struggle Continues! (Trans)

25-05-2009 15:45

An update on the situation faced by Berlin's Rigaer94, a squat in the Rigaerstr in Berlin's Friedrichshain district

Translation from

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Sussex Students Set Up Protest Camp

25-05-2009 11:28

Students from the University of Sussex have been camped outside the main administration building since Thursday night in protest against the cutting of the linguistics course, the lack of democracy in university decision making and the ongoing marketisation of education.

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Redditch Green Fair - Sat 13 June 2009

24-05-2009 20:59

Display a web banner on your Myspace etc, see below
On Saturday 13th June, the 4th annual, independent Redditch Green Fair will be bigger and better than ever! With 20+ stalls, entertainment, childrens fun activities, free vegan food samples, alternative therapists and lots more... And with FREE admission, you can`t go wrong!
If you want a stall or to get involved in some way, please contact us via the website

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have you ever squatted an airport? Berlin. Video

24-05-2009 12:24

Come to Berlin in June for the action days

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Eco-Village Occupation, near Hammersmith, London, June 6th.

20-05-2009 15:14

Pure Genius1
you may be aware of the eco-village occupation which is being planned for
Saturday June 6th (see deatils below). The idea is to occupy a disused urban site in SW London
near Hammersmith and to start an eco-village community based on sustainable
methods of living such as vegetable growing, compost toilets the works. Come and be a part of it.

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Forest Fields World Folk Dance Day @ The Sumac, Nottingham 2

19-05-2009 19:51

Saturday 16th May from 12 – 6pm the Forest Fields World Folk Dance Day @ The Sumac in the garden.

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Forest Fields World Folk Dance Day @ The Sumac, Nottingham 1

19-05-2009 19:44

Saturday 16th May from 12 – 6pm the Forest Fields World Folk Dance Day @ The Sumac in the garden.

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Sumac Garden Project, looking verdant [Food for the Future]

19-05-2009 00:52

Folks have been beavering away in the Sumac Yard Garden.

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"Drop The Charge" Demo Pictures.

16-05-2009 18:09

All donations gratefully accepted...
Today something unprecedented happened.

Community arts event organisers found themselves having to protest against the police who up until now have turned up to cover their events for no extra charge, as it was understood it was covered by our taxes.

But now a PRIVATE company, by the name of ACPO is demanding fees from ALL organisers of ALL community events, so the police can turn up and do the very same job they've been doing FOR NO EXTRA CHARGE for years.

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US Anarchist Hip Hop - UK Tour June 3rd - 10th

15-05-2009 15:23

* Drowning Dog & DJ Malatesta (Entartete Kunst) - San Francisco - Anarchist Hip Hop *

* UK Tour - June 3rd - 10th 2009 *

+ loads more UK anarchist / radical hip hop talent in support round the country!

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Pics: Support Demo for LMU Occupation

14-05-2009 19:02

View of the support demo

On Tuesday 12th around 100 people demonstrated outside the London Metropolitan University's Commercial Road campus, following a call to support the student occupation of the university. Those demonstrating included a continget from the IWW and UCU unions, students and staff from the university, as well as campaigners against the privatisation of education. People demonstrated for about one and a half hours, during which speeches were made by students and unions staff. See video.

The management of the university has hired private security to prevent people from joining the occupation. They prevented the demonstrators from visiting en mass the occupied area, although, for some very strange reason, people were allowed into the occupied rooms in small groups, so many of those demonstrating eventually did so in order to show support to the students in occupation.

See below some pics of the demo:

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Programme for Veggie Pride UK

14-05-2009 18:41

The following programme can also be found in pdf format on our website

This is a FREE event - come join the party!!

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CCTV Planned for East Oxford Community Centre?

13-05-2009 22:42

Help reverse community centre CCTV decision.
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