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UK Free Spaces Newswire Archive

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Network X Gathering updated details

20-12-2010 18:40

Here are some of the logisitical and political details of the upcoming gathering

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Assange should be Person of Year: Time needs a pair

17-12-2010 15:57

"Reaction, meanwhile, was swift by readers on Time's website, including Avijit Paul who wrote, "So I guess Time has chickened out by not making Julian Assange as the person of the year. It's a shame when [Assange] was not the top when the biggest chunk of readers say he is."
Time reader Tony Castro pondered: "Wasn't Mark Zuckerberg in tenth place? I will spread this injustice like wildfire knocking your readership down to zero."

Let’s use the net (Facebook. Twitter, etc.) to demand that Mr. Zuckerman declines the offer in favor of the real winner, Julian Assange, Wikileaks, and net neutrality. We better or we might soon loose this important freedom, like so many others. We can do this.

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Chile: Invitación Campamento Autónomo

17-12-2010 13:03

Trabajo de Verano autónomo, comunitario y rebelde

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Desperate to stop the "truth telling

15-12-2010 19:15

"The imperialists of the world are desperate to stop the "truth telling" of wikileaks. To do so they have thrown away the cover of respect of "freedom of speech" in particular and "support of democratic principals" in general. They are naked now in their hatred of democracy.

Organize, resist, do all that you can to protect these true heros from attack. Most importantly, aid them in their efforts to reveal the truths that just may "set us free."

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The MET's published photos. Advice for those identified.

13-12-2010 16:28

Once again the Met have released a set of images of people they want in connection with the student protests last Thursday.

If you or one of your mates is one of them, you’ll be worried and unsure about what to do. Before you do anything, read this first.

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Personal accounts of time inside the student protest kettles

13-12-2010 11:31

The late night kettle on Westminster Bridge

As the ConDems and their corporate journos froth at the moth, calling for yet more repression of protesters, little corporate reportage is given of events as experienced by the protesters themselves. Accounts from inside the kettles are being published on many different sites. On this site, we have already seen accounts posted to Indymedia by A level student Rosie Bergonzi kettled in Parliament square on December 9th, along with the reposted article The Fight For Parliament and the informative Capitalism is dying, let it burn. This thread is an attempt to draw in more eye witness accounts from inside and outside the kettles during the recent student protests.

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Goldsmiths Library Occupation is successful

11-12-2010 23:22

Goldsmiths University Management has agreed to the occupation's demand that the Library is reopened tomorrow morning.

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Goldsmiths Students Open University Library to the public

11-12-2010 10:25

Goldsmiths Occupation
A group of Goldsmiths students and staff have re-opened the University Library to the public for discussions, idea-sharing and teach-ins. Statement by the group.

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Occupations, civil disobedience and direct action in Newcastle this week

11-12-2010 01:16

Protestors occupy the Council Chambers
Here is a summary of the action's that have taken place in protest of the governments destructive attacks on education in Newcastle within the last week.

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Hounded out (Oxford)

11-12-2010 00:00

The Fox and Hounds pub has been derelict for four years and Tesco want to build yet another store there. This is a depressing example of the destruction of our communities by an increasingly individualistic society. On 5th December a large group took back the space and started turning it into a social centre.

Article taken from Issue 2 of The Ox-Fly - Oxford's radical newsletter:

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Radcliffe reclaimed (Oxford)

10-12-2010 23:55

In Oxford, 500 people gathered on Cornmarket to protest against cuts to education, and ended up occupying the famous Bodlean Library for over 28 hours. Students from local schools and colleges joined those from Oxford Uni, Brookes and Ruskin.

Article taken from Issue 2 of The Ox-Fly - Oxford's radical newsletter:

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Great Vegan Food Give-Away in Nottingham ..For international Animal Rights Day

10-12-2010 16:06

FREE Vegan food give-away..not half pop-pickers! All right Mate!

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Gathering at Huntington Lane THIS WEEKEND

08-12-2010 15:43

Protester on ropewalk above camp
We are calling for people to come and join us for an action-packed extended weekend of resistance at the site this weekend from the 10th-13th December.
Come to the gathering to enjoy free vegan food, nature walks through huge areas of uninterrupted beautiful ancient woodland, acoustic music by the campfire and enjoying the company of the lovely people at the site.

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OKASIONAL CAFE is back in Manchester!

08-12-2010 12:33

After a 8 year absence the OKasional Cafe is back in Manchester!
The squatted space will hold a daily café, regular vegan meals and function as a radical space for meetings, organising, actions, workshops and events.

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Today at the Goldsmiths Occupation

08-12-2010 12:12

Update from the occupied library, and events today and this evening...

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Veggies Need You!!

08-12-2010 10:39

Help needed before this Saturday and on Saturday for Vegan Free food give-away!!
Vegan food preparing on Friday 10th December at Sumac Center and in Nottingham Town Center on Saturday 11th December the Great FREE Vegan Food Give-Away!!

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UCL Occupation Injunction Application - Court enters 3rd Day.

07-12-2010 16:53

After a full day today hearing arguments from lawyers representing UCL management, and lawyers representing the occupation, court is deferring its decision, which is now expected tomorrow: Wednesday 8th December)

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WikiLeaks and secret diplomacy

07-12-2010 14:59

As diplomatic cables obtained by WikiLeaks continue to be published—revealing each day new information on the sordid maneuvers of American imperialism in various parts of the world—the US government is going on the offensive. It is leading an international campaign targeting WikiLeaks founder Jullian Assange and the organization’s web site.

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Goldsmiths University Occupied!

07-12-2010 07:31

Several hundred people occupy Goldsmiths library, first statement made + demands

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New Oxford social centre evicted!

06-12-2010 00:10

Within hours of the call out to inaugerate the opening of a new social centre in Oxford heavy handed police response puts a spanner in the works...
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