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UK Free Spaces Newswire Archive

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CSO Castillo - about us

21-12-2011 13:51

an updated version of our post about CSO Castillo we posted a month ago

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Brighton Squatters Resist Eviction Attempt

21-12-2011 11:29

Squatters in Brighton have succesfuly defended themselves against a violent eviction attempt by High Court Balliffs this morning (21/12/11)

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16-19 Dec: 4 days of solidarity with Bradley Manning in Wales

21-12-2011 00:02

We marked the start of Bradley Manning's pre-trial hearing and his 24th birthday in Wales with four days of solidarity action: in Wrexham on Friday morning and in Cardiff on Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

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Open Letter To Occupy London from 2 Working Class Old Buggers

20-12-2011 19:14

An Open Letter To Occupy London from Two Working Class Old Buggers in an attempt to make some practical suggestions based on what has been attempted by some so far:

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Titnore Woods Info Night

19-12-2011 14:03

The woods are under (indirect) threat again!

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TSG force entry to Social Centre on Peckham Road, London

16-12-2011 20:32

News is coming in from the crew at the Peckham Social Centre that a raid has just happened there. Tooled up riot police broke their way in to the space without a warrant or court papers to attempt to justify the action and no reason has yet been given.

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Anarchy in China as Officials and Cops Beat Retreat from Village

15-12-2011 15:45

This is what democracy looks like: the new rulers of Wukan rallied on Tuesday
Wukan, a village in the south-eastern corner of China, is currently being controlled and administered by its citizens, after Communist Party government officials and police were forced out of the area this week. This amazing situation followed clashes over privatisation of communal land - which threatened many with destitution - and the apparent state murder of one of the resistance movement's delegates.

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Activists blockade mass Tamil deportation, allege torture risk

15-12-2011 12:07

Protesters have seized control of access roads and the notorious Colbrook immigration prison to halt the planned forced removal of Tamil refigees back to Sri Lanka. Legal experts believe they could be tortured upon their return as retribution for leaving.

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Occupy SF Bradley Manning Plaza camp attacked by cops

09-12-2011 07:15

The SFPD is concerned about public health and safety. That’s why they have to hit the public with clubs. The OccupySF encampment was raided and completely destroyed by SFPD late last night and Justin Herman Plaza, now being called Bradley Manning Plaza was left empty except for a city sign which read “park closed for renovations” and the occasional pile of horse crap left by one of our proud mounted public servants. 85 arrests were made and all the tents and equipment were confiscated. They were cited with “illegal camping.”

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Physical Attacks on Squatters

07-12-2011 17:28

Empty Buildings for All
It has come to the attention of a number of squatting campaigners that there have been a number of physical attacks on squats and squatters in the past few weeks. While intimidation and harassment by bailiffs, the police, nut-jobs and private security are nothing new in the squatting world, a couple of physical attacks by “groups of hoodlums” should be brought to people’s attention. The co-ordinated nature of these attacks points to property developers/ owners employing illegal methods to keep their properties empty.

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Occupy London Christmas Party

07-12-2011 01:03

Occupy London Christmas Party featuring Thom Yorke and Massive Attack

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Squatting: a history. Progress to the future

04-12-2011 21:00

BBC Radio 4 program: From Frestonia to Belgravia, The History of Squatting

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Occupy Essex!

02-12-2011 15:12

Essex University is occupied!

Students at the University of Essex have occupied a lecture theatre, in solidarity with the millions of public sector workers on strike on N30. Over 70 individuals visited the occupation on the first night; 35 stayed until the early hours and 20 stayed the night.

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Empty Ex-Forest Cafe Squatted and Reclaimed for the Community

01-12-2011 10:22

A diverse group of autonomous people are currently squatting 3 Bristo Place in central Edinburgh. Although there is no legal squatting right in Scotland, the building has been succesfully occupied. The 3-storey building has stood empty and unused for over 3 months since August 31st 2011. The non-hierarchical group are taking direct action to reclaim this space for use by the community.

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Swansea now occupied!

30-11-2011 15:26

setting up camp
Occupy Swansea has now set up camp in Castle Square

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Riot police outside now

30-11-2011 11:44

Police repression as part of n30 policing.

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Cardiff: Evade? Avoid? Invade!

30-11-2011 10:06

Report from the Great Cardiff Tax Invasion.

Reposted from Radical Wales website:

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A Message to Occupy Birmingham from Chomsky

29-11-2011 11:29

The Occupy Birmingham camp has received the following message of support from Noam Chomsky

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Occupy your university – Aberdeen chapter

28-11-2011 17:26

Aberdeen Defend Education Campaign have occupied the University management offices demanding that the university principal commit to the following three points:

• To do what he can to stop lecturers and staff losing their jobs. This should include issuing a public statement in opposition to changes to the USS pension scheme and arguing publicly and within Universities Scotland against any and all cuts to Further and Higher Education budgets.
• To refuse any raises or bonuses offered to him by court and to encourage all other members of the senior management team to do the same. Further, the principal must commit to donating the money the University paid on his behalf in rent and council tax last year to the student hardship fund.
• To publicly condemn the coalition government’s agenda of cuts and privatisation of Further and Higher Education institutions as counter-productive, damaging and fundamentally opposed to the idea of public education as a beacon of the progressive values that should underpin our society.

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463 Years After The Ketts Rebellion...

28-11-2011 15:16

Still the property of humanity is being progressively enclosed. Finally the right to residential squatting is taken as well, and the Dale Farm eviction went successfully for the coppers rather than the people. Where are those fighting back and preparing armies to resist these enclosures as our ancestors did?
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