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UK Free Spaces Newswire Archive

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RELOCATION TO NEW VENUE for Vortex International Womens Day 8th March

07-03-2007 12:09

As the Vortex was evicted yesterday (tuesday) we are relocating our events programme for International Womens Day on thursday 8th March to a local community centre.

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Ungdomshuset support demo?

06-03-2007 22:09

As I'm sure you are all aware, the Ungdomshuset social centre in Copenhagen has now been evicted and demonstrations are going on all over Denmark and across Europe. Is anyone interesting in a London demo?

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Vortex Eviction

06-03-2007 10:11

The ex-Vortex Social Centre in Stoke Newington was evicted this morning. Bailiffs arrived at 5.30, with several police vans in attendance and proceeded to break down the door.

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Berlin: Rigaer Straße Fights Back

06-03-2007 03:07

Berlin 2007: People's everyday life is increasingly dominated by fear, stress, and sorrow. Workplaces and social structures are being reduced, the cost of living is growing, at the same time incomes decline and jobs become more insecure. Unemployed people are being demonised as "parasites" and rents are getting higher,
even though thousands of houses are empty and slowly rotting. To be concise: the situation is becoming more and more impossible, especially for those who do not accept this logic and competion.

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first Bath Climate Camp meeting

05-03-2007 23:44

between thursday 19th and sunday 22nd of April there will be a Climate Camp in Bath.

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Radley Lakes: Join the protest march on legs and cycles on 10 March

05-03-2007 21:38

Join a Cycle Ride and March to Say No to NPower's "Criminal Damage" to Radley Lakes on Saturday 10 March

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Reclaim the Future 4, London March 31st.

05-03-2007 20:41

Flyer front
All day event in a self-organised space in London.

For more info and full line-up see:

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The voice of dissent at Gothenburg’s motor show

05-03-2007 13:07

60 meters by car = this much co2 (2).
A successful action to offset the tanker loads of greenwash in Gothenburg, Sweden, the home of the Volvo.

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Ungdomshuset - demolition work has started

05-03-2007 12:39

The new owners of Ungdomshuset, the Copenhagen 'Youth House', have started its demolition.

The demolition began on Monday morning (5 March) at 8 in the morning. Workmen wore masks and the company names on their vehicles were blacked out, apparently as a precaution against any reprisals.

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Mailstorm for Ungdomshuset in Denmark

04-03-2007 18:39

Activists has started a mailstorm to push the politicians in Denmark to find a solution to the eviction of Ungdomshuset at Jagtvej 69.

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Birmingham's Ride reaches Critical Mass

04-03-2007 15:54

The first Friday of every month signals the call for cyclists and other forms of human-powered transport to meet up in Birmingham's Pigeon Park (St. Phillip's Cathedral) and go to mass, Critical Mass, that is.

Brum's Critical Mass has been gaining momentum, with the last two monthly rides seeing numbers exceed 30. Friday's ride was accompanied by a trailer sound system pumping out cycling-related grooves and, for the first time, an in-line skater rode with us.

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announcement of Bath Climate Camp

04-03-2007 11:01

Bath Activist Network has begun organising a climate camp to be held between thursday the 19th and sunday the 22nd of April

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Report from presentations in court, Copenhagen

04-03-2007 00:40

Audience at the presentations in the city court in connection with the riots in Copenhagen consider the trials "out of order". The arrested were presented in court during friday night and the cases were considered in groups of six people at a time. They all took place between 19 and 22.30 friday night

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Map of Norrebro, Copenhagen

04-03-2007 00:27

Here is a map of Norrebro in Copenhagen, the center for the riots, so foreigners can follow the development easier. The other main area for the riots have been Christianshavn, the area where christiania is located, but here it is not so spread out and thus easier to keep track of.

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Protest against police raids

04-03-2007 00:07

The pressgroup from Ungdomshuset calls the police raids and the following arrests earlier today for a "campaign to provoke fear". At the same time the encourage the politicians of Copenhagen to do something
"It is not new that the Copenhagen Police is making illegal arrests. But it is incredible that the politicians aren't doing anything when the police are using illegal means to solve a problem that is political", says Jan from the pressgroup from Ungdomshuset

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Copenhagen, saturday afternoon:Big demo in support of Ungdomshuset

03-03-2007 21:24

Saturday afternoon, the 3. March 2007, a big demonstration with around 2.000 participants draw from the square in front of the City Hall to Nørrebro to express their support to the fight for Ungdomshuset in Copenhagen.
They were all there : The black dressed and the punks, mothers with prams and the eternal vagabonds, mature women with handbags and powder on their cheeks and old veterans with silver in the hair.

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Denmark: Copenhagen is burning

03-03-2007 18:39

Tonight riots in Kopenhagen became extreme. Burning barricades were built all over the city. Several black outs caused chaos in Copenhagen - actvists had cut off electricity cables. Swedish police supports the Danish state.

Solidarity action in many european countries.

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Saturday in Copenhagen - Timeline - Demonstration at 14!

03-03-2007 12:39

The day after even more riots, barricades and fighting friday night the police has now searched several locations in Copenhagen and arrested everyone present. Parts of Anarchist Black Cross has been arrested and also a highschool has been searched. A demonstration will start in 2 locations at 14:00 and meet at 15:00 from when it will move on as one to Norrebro
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