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UK Free Spaces Newswire Archive

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Gigs, Gardens & Grub! Action for Squats & Autonomous Spaces - Events in Reading!

01-04-2008 18:22

As part of the global days of action for squats and autonomous spaces (see or "upcoming coverage" in top left corner of home page) two (maybe three!) events will take place in Reading, Berks.

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Grass roots struggle for ecology in Palestine

31-03-2008 16:41

Audio Beans in Eco tent
This weeks Indy Global Reports was recorded in the village of Marda, in the middle of the West Bank International activists and environmentalists from across the world, Palestine and Israel came together to join a workshop which was originally to be led by Star Hawk, author and activist.
Star Hawk was denied entry to Israel and deported from Ben-Gurion airport last week. Local activists put out an emergency call for workshop leaders, and the course was able to take place. I went to Marda to speak with the participants and organisers.

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Westgate Demo Photos

29-03-2008 16:59

ahem. I'm sure one of the lovely IMC folk will realise that the previous post was missing its rather important part. That is the photos. *Blush*

So here's some Photos of today's demo against tripling the size of the Westgate Centre, and effectively privatising public space.

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Oxford community-run bar under threat from local cops

26-03-2008 23:19

East Oxford Community Social Club is a social club run for and by its members, based in a local community centre for which it raises money. It's unique not just for the way it's run but also because of its diverse, inclusive and friendly atmosphere, cheap prices and availability as a community venue.

A personal account and call to action. Corrections and comments welcome!

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Con Dax nel cuore - commemorative events for Davide Cesare in Milan

26-03-2008 19:14

On the weekend of March 15/16 a commemorative concert and demonstration for the murdered antifascist Davide Cesare took place in Milan, Italy.

This article contains a short overview of the events along with some background information and a personal report of our experiences.

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Kebele to show 'the film they tried to ban'

26-03-2008 16:00

Thursday 27th March
Kebele Social Centre,
14 Robertson Rd

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Network Solutions Pulls Plug on Anti-Islam Website

26-03-2008 14:35

A Dutch lawmaker who produced a 15-minute film critical of Islam has seen his website suspended by U.S. domain registrar and website host Network Solutions Inc.

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Int'l Union of Sex Workers Benefit @ Hackney Social Centre

25-03-2008 16:58

IUSW Benefit Flyer
On Saturday 29th March, HSC will host a night of music, DJs and VJs to raise money for the IUSW. Sex workers of the world unite!

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Sophie’s death leads to campaigns to end prejudice against Alternative subcultur

25-03-2008 10:49

Tragic murder of Goth girl Sophie Lancaster and the trial of her killers has sparked campaigns to fight intolerance motivated by prejudice about how people dress and to a popular petition calling for a law to protect against attacks.

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New social centred hatched over easter weekend

24-03-2008 18:17

The long weekend saw both the death of one social centre in London and the birth of another...

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Bookbinding & Juggling Workshops - 12th April

23-03-2008 21:17

Two workshops are being held - one showing people how to make books out of recycled materials and another on juggling. Both of these will be held at an autonomous occupied space in the centre of Nottingham on Saturday the 12th April 2008.

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Reflections on the Groene Voltage, Rotterdam

22-03-2008 09:28

gv october06, just squatted
In this short article, one member of the nonhierarchical collective which ran the centre would like to address some issues raised by the project. As such it can only be read as one person's viewpoint. It is likely that other people from the collective would see things differently. In some ways we achieved a lot, in others we got caught in the traps common to all such DiY projects. I will describe what we did, discuss the collective, mention what we achieved and assess what we did not. Hopefully others can be inspired by our successes and learn from our failures.

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RAMpart2 is dead - long live rampART1

22-03-2008 00:01

Following the granting of an Interim Possession Order on Thursday the 20th March, RAMpart2 was left empty by squatters after a final party...

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ASS Benefit & More 11th -13th April

21-03-2008 11:58

1st flyer front
ASS benefit
Open access squatters-housing-land art - photography exhibition
Workshops & stalls

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Fossil Fools Warm-Up Evening

21-03-2008 11:47

Fossil Fools Day Warm-Up
Friday 28th March 7:30 till 12
Benefit for London Rising Tide

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Autonomous action/Space Invaders Line Up

21-03-2008 10:59

space invader
Timeline of events in the next few weeks as part of the international autonomous days of action on decentralised places...get involved. Reclaim your city....

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'Blok R' Mass Action in Copenhagen, April 3rd

20-03-2008 19:11

Blok R - one of the posters
Blok R is intended to increase the pressure on Copenhagen City Council to come up with a new Youth House (one year after the brutal eviction of Ungdomshuset). Various houses have been proposed by the Council but negotiations have become drawn out. Blok R happens on 3rd April, afterwhich all participating groups have agreed to quit negotiations and take the battle to the streets for as long as it takes.

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Action for squats and autonomous spaces in Nottingham

19-03-2008 17:28

On Friday 11th and Saturday 12th of April, we are planning to answer the international call out for two days of demonstration, direct action, public information, street-party, squatting etc in defence of free spaces and for an anti-capitalist popular culture.

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Demo Callout: April 12th Manchester: Freedom of Movement and Autonomous Spaces

18-03-2008 14:41

On the evening of Saturday 12 April 2008, there will be a demonstration and street party in Manchester for the FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT FOR ALL and to DEFEND AUTONOMOUS SPACES. This forms part of the international days of action in defence of autonomous spaces that have been called for this weekend (

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