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UK Free Spaces Newswire Archive

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Call to stop T-Mobile

11-09-2004 12:02

T-Mobile has arranged a meeting with Hackney council on Monday 13th Sept.
We need to make sure they also hear your voice.
1.00 - Lobby T-Mobile Hackney Town Hall Steps
4.00 - Demonstration Dorothy Hodgkin House (Reading Lane)
Make it colorful and noisy……

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Mondays demonstration

11-09-2004 10:09

At the end of the 1980's, the so called "monday protests" in Germany grew
and grew each week and led to the end of former GDR in 1990. Now the monday
protests are back. It began a little over a month ago in eastern germany: in
a couple of cities a few hundred people protested against the "HARTZ 4"
program and the "Agenda 2010" which are government plans that will have an
deep impact on workers and unemployed people. By Monday, August 23, over
100.000 people participatedand by Monday, September 6, protests were taking
place in over 200 cities in Germany, as well as solidarity rallies in Paris
and Vienna.

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The night of the packs : an international underground party the 10.30.04

10-09-2004 22:06

The night of the packs : an international underground party the 10.30.04

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10-09-2004 12:29

THE LABORATORY OF INSURRECTIONARY IMAGINATION, part of the autonomous spaces of the European Social Forum in London (14th-17th October) - will be briging creative activists, artists, pranksters and tricksters together to carry out actions and skill share.

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ESF Autonomous Spaces + Initiatives Update

08-09-2004 16:34

Autonomous Spaces During the ESF in London, 13-17th October 2004.

We want to create open spaces for networking, exchanges, celebration, thinking, and action. We believe our ways of organising and acting should reflect our political visions, unlike the UK ESF organising process which has not reflected the values and charters to which it aspires.

Some of us believe that it is possible to rebuild the ESF to make it closer to the ideals it claims, others wish to go further and say that it only represents a space for the co-option of struggles, and as such, should be opposed. However we are all united in our diversity, and in our desire to act together in ways that respect these differences.

There are now several self organised and autonomous spaces - they range from legally hired venues to squatted social centres.We invite you to participate in the autonomous spaces, to help shape them, to organise workshops, discussions, creative interventions, and practical alternatives.


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Art of the Subvert @ the Nursery

08-09-2004 14:36

Open exhibition at the Nursery, Brum

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Media Coverage of the ESF

07-09-2004 18:44

This is a page to collect media articles about the European Social Forum in London October 2004.

Below is one of the first - a guardian article. There have already been articles in the Evening Standard, the Tribune and a phone in debate on bbc london.

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rampART events and news

05-09-2004 21:53



Wow! We really supersized the audience on Friday when we put on a McDonald’s themed film night with over 120 people attending. We had to use every seat, cushion, bench, and table in the building and as fast as we could bring seats in, more people were turning up. After the eviction of the ex-Grand Banks Social Centre, which had been holding regular Friday night anti-copyright cinema for over six months, we decided to put on a Friday evening Anti-copyright Cinema in defiance against the closure of these spaces and in solidarity with those who had lost their social centre. We chose to premiere ‘Supersize Me’ (which gets it's official release in UK cinemas on the 10th). We also showed a 19 minute preview of ‘The Corporation’ and ‘McLibel – Two Worlds Collide’, which is particularly relevant at the moment because the case is finally reaching appeal in the European Court of Humans Rights on Monday 7th September.

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Cambridge Free Shop

05-09-2004 08:26

On Saturday 4th September, some people from the Cambridge Action Network set up a 'free shop' in Cambridge market square. Anyone could give or take stuff, yet the most important rule was: no money exchange.

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Use Your Loaf evicted

03-09-2004 14:00

At six-thirty this morning, Friday 03/09/2004 about thirty bailiffs and police helmeted suited and booted eventually smashed their way through the front door seizing possession of the building from the use your loaf collective.

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McDonald's trashing today!

03-09-2004 11:14

supersize me!
Tonight at 8pm at the rampART (15-17 Rampart Street, off commercial rd)

FREE unofficial premiere of SUPERSIZE ME, the latest McDonald's trashing blockbuster movie from the USA. Plus the McLibel documentary Two Worlds Collide, plus McSpotlight, plus a twenty minute version of THE CORPORATION, plus much more AND BURGERS!

Watch the film, JUDGE FOR YOURSELF...

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Squat in Copenhagen under eviction threat

01-09-2004 20:00

An old greenhouse area in north of Copenhagen that has been squatted for half a year, is under serious eviction threat. Around 20 people are now sitting on the roofs and in the trees resisting the eviction. The demolishing of the greenhouses was planned to start last monday the 30th of august.

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Film Night at the Nursery Social Centre Birmingham, tonight!

01-09-2004 13:23

Neo-Con monopoly
Fahrenheit 911 and supporting shorts showing tonight at the newly opened Nursery Social Centre Birmingham

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Major UK NGO's Criticise ESF Organising Process + SWP / SA

01-09-2004 09:03

A coalition of 10 British NGOs including the major ones like Oxfam, Jubilee and Greenpeace have written a letter complaining about the UK European Social Forum organising process and saying it has been characterised by a lack of transparency and openness. Finaly this can officialy end the myth peddled by the authoritarian left that those who have been critical of the UK ESF process are simply wreckers, splitters or crazy anarchists who don't represent anyone!

While the NGOs don't mention them by name, they're criticising the SWP (Socialist Workers Party) and SA (Socialist Action) for dominating a meeting to decide speakers names through weight of numbers. This is a significant moment. Reports from the meeting also revealed what appeared to be willful miscounting of votes and other undemocractic behaviour. The letter has been published ahead of the european esf assembly meeting in brussels this coming weekend.

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Anti-Copyright Cinema : SUPERSIZE ME! : this friday @ rampART

31-08-2004 23:51

Friday Night Anti-Copyright Cinema @ the Rampart Social Centre

On the 25th August, Tufnells Parks' ex-Grand Banks Social Centre was evicted in a pre-dawn raid by baliffs and police. The liberated space had been a thriving centre of community activitiy for over six months. One of the regular events, held every Friday evening, was the Anti-Copyright Cinema. Described as acts of disobedience against intellectual property rights and the monopolisation of accumulative knowledge - free films in other words!

This week only (in defiance against the closure of autonomous spaces and in solidarity with those who have had their social centre taken away from them), the rampART is hosting it's own Friday Evening Anti-copyright Cinema, featuring a premiere of Supersize Me which gets it's official release in UK cinemas seven days later.

Also screening
* The Corporation (19 minute version)
* Consumption
and, if we can obtain copies in time
* McLibel Two Worlds Collide
* McSpotlight the video
plus loads of other amusing shorts.

There will be appropriate food and drink available (do you want fries with that?)
and a late night jam session (so bring your instruments) as we'll have the stage and PA setup for the gig on Saturday night [4th Sept : Gertrude + God Like Animals + The Rub]

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Smash EDO! Peace Camp, Brighton - Action Update

31-08-2004 18:56

Brighton-based EDO MBM are part of the massive EDO corporation who manufacture all sorts of nasty weapons. EDO MBM themselves manufacture bomb release mechanisms for F-16 and Tornado fighter-bombers for use by the UK in Iraq. They have a massive contract with the MoD and are on record as being proud to support the occupation of Iraq. Activists are staging a protest camp from the 29th August to the 2nd of September to take action and build a successful campaign against the death profiteers.

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rampart events this week

30-08-2004 16:07

Events at the rampART this coming week...
(15-17 Rampart Street, London E1 2LA (off commercial rd))

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29-08-2004 16:55

Map to Council Building
DEMO at Epping Forest District Council - 2pm Tuesday (near Epping Tube Station)

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1 Video Dublin Critical Mass 27 August 04

29-08-2004 04:34

Video Dublin September 22nd Car Free Day
Critical Mass 27 August 04
Open Your Street to Car Free Day 2004
More people are celebrating Car Free Day around the world every year. You can too

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P.A.I.N in Bath – a real benefit!

27-08-2004 23:13

Bristle magazine benefit – in Bath on Fri 3 September
Bristle mag is delighted to present live P.A.I.N (Propaganda and Information Network), the legendary agit-prop ska-punksters, plus the Positive Vibration Sound System DJ’s, at a night of maverick merrymaking in Bath. Bring yer dancing shoes!
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