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UK Free Spaces Newswire Archive

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Sharp Hill to Swallow

12-06-2008 19:14

It's nearly 2 years since the glorious victory up on the hill, and while there are clearly more important issues g'won, if anybuddy wants to come up there'll be a loose planning picnic there this saturday, 4.30pm, hopefully followed by another one next weekend, the anniversary proper.

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Invitation to planning meeting of OpenSpace, London

12-06-2008 18:04

Invitation to OpenSpace planning meeting

Tuesday 17 June 2008 7 pm

At NoID Gallery, 26 Calvert Avenue, Shoreditch, London E2

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Mill Road Social Centre May Stay For Flippin' Ages

12-06-2008 17:31

A possession order was granted to Tesco today in court, yet representatives of the Mill Road Social Centre had apparent confirmation of indefinite leave to remain from Tesco's solicitors.

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Bowl Court Social Centre Days Are Numbered

12-06-2008 16:18

David vs Goliath
The courting hearing today ruled in favor of the property developers claiming ownership of the derelict warehouse in Bowl Court that has been used as a radical social centre since openning 23rd March. The David vs Goliath case was clearly motivated by Hammersons desire to prevent the new social centre becoming a hub for the local campaigns against their proposed development for the area, the biggest development in London since Docklands in the eighties.

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Mill Road Social Centre's days are numbered.

12-06-2008 11:26

This morning at approximately 10:30am in room 2 of East Road Court, a judge presiding over the case of a repossession order for the premises currently occupied by the Mill Road Social Centre granted possession to Tescos, meaning that the current occupants will have to vacate the premises some time in the near future, thereby soon ending an era of community occupation of the old Wilco store premises.

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Women and Trans DIY-SQUATTING Weekend in London, 28th-29th June

11-06-2008 13:26

This is a callout to all women and trans-folk that would like to be involved in a weekend of workshops around diy-squatting

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Pittsburgh Food Not Bombs under attack

11-06-2008 01:21

North AmericaRich White folks represented by the Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership (PDP) are trying to remove FNB from Market Square, where the group has served food to hungry people for 15 years.

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More squatters challenge developers

09-06-2008 09:24

An article in a local newspaper in canada this week reveals yet another groups planning to squat an abandoned-building to create some kind of radical community resource. The

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Reclaim Hulme Park - every Friday - Manchester

09-06-2008 00:09

Local residents reclaimed Hulme Park in Manchester on Friday for an hour by closing down the road that runs through it. Leaflets had been distributed and posters stuck around inviting people to reclaim the park - “one love, one park!!” People played games, ate and drank, and generally sat around in the street chatting to old friends and new. The police turned up in fair numbers on time, but sensibly - shock horror - just left enough of them and PCSOs to help direct traffic away, and left us to it.

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Marie Vesco RIP

07-06-2008 19:57

Marie Vesco, a French activist involved with the London direct action
groups Whitechapel Food Not Bombs and Brixton Reclaim Our Food
(amongst others) was killed whilst cycling to the Carnival Against the Arms
Trade on Wednesday.

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Spike Surplus Scheme Under Threat

07-06-2008 18:57

South London Community Project under Threat – call for support
Open Day Sunday 15 June to showcase activities – all welcome

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Sounds on the Downs, Nottingham University - Info & Stalls

07-06-2008 10:28

The free Sounds on the Downs festival happened on Thursday. And jolly nice it was to!

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Sounds on the Downs, Nottingham University - Bands

07-06-2008 10:20

The free Sounds on the Downs festival happened on Thursday. And jolly nice it was to!

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Sounds on the Downs, Nottingham University - Around Site

07-06-2008 10:16

The free Sounds on the Downs festival happened on Thursday. And jolly nice it was to!

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Net Neutrality: Stop Virgin from destroying the internet...

07-06-2008 02:07

The new CEO of Virgin Media, Neil Berkett, has openly stated in an interview that they think net neutrality is “a load of bollocks” and claimed they're already doing deals to deliver some people’s content faster than others.

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Thu 12 June, 10am - Court hearing to decide social centre’s future

06-06-2008 20:25

On Thursday 12th June, at 10am there will be a court hearing where Tesco’s application for an eviction order will be decided. It would be swell if we could turn up with lots of support to make it clear what this space means to us. The hearing will be the main point of discussion in next week’s general meeting, on Monday at 7pm at the social centre.

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Berlin - In Chaos!

06-06-2008 13:50

A personal report from last week's action days for autonomous spaces in Berlin. This report reflects the thoughts and opinions of the authors, not of any campaign, although these opinions may be shared by others.

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Tories attack squatters ( again )

05-06-2008 20:28

The Daily Torygraph has excelled itself once again.OK nothing new about overpaid middle class scumbag thickos attacking the homeless and the poor. They can when they are overpaid, rinse public money, invest in property and of course the robof the global south ( where their wealth - and that of the UK - comes from anyway ). They are fucking useless curtain twitchers.

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Squatting in the media, a squatter responds

05-06-2008 02:39

On Monday 2nd June, inaccurate and prejudicial articles about squatting appeared in the Hate Mail and the Torygraph, then not to be out done, the Daily Star. All were regurgitating some bullshit statement from the conservative party made by Eric Pickles (a particularly nasty right-wing pro-hunt homophobic toad from Essex). So clearly lacking any genuine research or analysis and so blatant in their anti squatter bias, I felt compelled to complain...

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Straw Bale work on eco-building in St.Anns Part 29

04-06-2008 23:37

Work has been continuing at EcoWorks with the Straw Bale building in Nottingham. The building, now being fully enclosed [short of the main doors], and all window frames fitted, this last weekend saw the lime rendering of the walls.
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