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UK Free Spaces Newswire Archive

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Straw Bale work on eco-building in St.Anns Part 28

04-06-2008 22:43

Work has been continuing at EcoWorks with the Straw Bale building in Nottingham. The building is now fully enclosed [short of the main doors]. Window frames have been fitted in the main part of the building and now in the kitchen extension.

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Battlelines drawn in city squat eviction

03-06-2008 22:24

... more photos on the squat's back yard fence ...
On the front line of Londons expanding city fringe, opposing sides are
squaring up for battle. On 4th June at Gee Street Magistrates Court,
property giant Hammerson will seek a possession order on a Victorian
warehouse that has been left empty and open to the elements since
attempts to gain consent to demolish the building failed.

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Free Food and Guerrilla Gardening!

03-06-2008 12:12

Free vegan event organised by Manchester Animal Protection and Manchester Climate Action as part of the international day of climate action against the food industry..

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Images from the London anti-Boris Johnson tube demo

01-06-2008 17:20

UK, London. Flashmob/demo against Boris Johnson on the tube. 2008.
Images from the demo/flashmob event on London underground's circle line, 31st May 2008.
More of a party than a demo, this event attracted thousands of people wanting to stick two fingers up at Boris Johnson's new policy of zero alcohol on the tube.
It got out of hand at the end, a big flock of police turned up, and things got nasty.

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Newsletter Number Two from East Oxford Community Centre Action Group

31-05-2008 18:56

East Oxford Community Centre Action Group
21st May 2008
Newsletter Number Two
Threats Documented…
Property development on the site of East Oxford Community Centre,
Property development on the site of East Oxford Games Hall,
Demolition of most of East East Oxford Community Centre site including the Social Club bar

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Action Days for Autonomous Spaces; Berlin

31-05-2008 11:39

A short report on Action Days for Autonomous Spaces in Berlin

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Benefit Party at Bowl Court Squat for and ASS

28-05-2008 21:41

Music and Lights Saturday 31st May @ Bowl Court Squat, Plough Yard, Near
Drunken Monkey off Shoreditch High Street/Gt. Eastern St junction

Electro,funk and more!

Its at the Rampart collective's new space thats just had its court date so check it before its too late!

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Citex Squat Amsterdam Illegally Evicted

27-05-2008 12:32

The Citex squat in Amsterdam has recently been illegally evicted.

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EarthFirst! Summer Gathering, Aug 27 - Sep 1, Norfolk

26-05-2008 13:58

Worried about how the planet is getting trashed? Wanna do something about it?
Five days of workshops, skill sharing and planning action, plus low-impact living without leaders. Meet people, learn skills, take action!

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Bowl Court social centre under threat

21-05-2008 17:15

... more photos on the squat's back yard fence ...
the new social centre in shoreditch was served papers today for a court hearing on the 4th june. the owners hammerson have no immediate interest in the building which they have yet to secure planning consent to demolish for their huge redevelopement plans for the area. the developments are the biggest in london since the creation of dockland and canary warf.

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Mill Road Social Centre Open Meeting this Friday 7 PM

21-05-2008 16:56

The Mill Road Social Centre is taking shape in the space of the former Wilco building. The building and the parking lot have been cleared and cleaned, and furniture brought in. A film corner, a kids' corner, a cafe area and a workshop area are being set up.

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Former Wilco building squatted - to be turned into social centre

20-05-2008 16:58

Police hang about while colleagues search the building
On Monday night, 19 May, the former Wilco building on Mill Road (the very site where Tesco want to open a new supermarket) was squatted. On Tuesday afternoon, acting on a 'tip off' from a neighbour, armed police entered the premised on the pretext of looking for illegal drugs. There were a total of three police cars, a police van, and at least eight officers. The premises were searched, but no illegal substances (bar a supermarket trolley that was already on site) were found.

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New Name, New Website, Old Threat

20-05-2008 15:55

London's latest social centre has finally given itself a name, set up its own website and received a visit from the owners saying "get out!"

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WominSpace Eviction, the story of a squatted social center in East London

20-05-2008 11:46

The short-lived but infamous WominSpace Social Center by Mare Street was, after a successful resistance, and some weeks of tension, eventually evicted on the 9th of May.

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Free Kaff in Brighton

19-05-2008 21:10

Residents and supporters of 88 London Road, Brighton - the former Methodist church where a recent eviction attempt was successfully resisted - have been holding frequent free food stalls like this one on Sunday.

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Offline & Usurpa

16-05-2008 16:08

Latest London Indymedia Offline news sheet and InfoUsurpa guide

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London Zoo outside City Hall

16-05-2008 15:12

On 2 May about 60 people gathered outside city hall to await the London election results and protest against the lack of choice generally and the BNP specifically.

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**Vancover APC Fight the Olympics - London Talk

15-05-2008 14:34

*Vancover Anti Poverty Committee Fight the Olympics:
Public Talk on Wednesday the 21st of May*

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TONIGHT !!! Interspace / LONDON preparation meeting

15-05-2008 13:46

TONIGHT !!! Interspace / LONDON preparation meeting
@ Bowl Court Squat 8 pm

See you there !!!

Interspace: International meeting for squats and autonomous spaces

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London InterACTIVE diners club / radical assembly

14-05-2008 09:56

This week sees the second Interactive Diners Club, an initiative relaunched for the 21st century. Those who experienced the original pre Criminal Justice Act Interactive Diners Clubs in the early nineties, the RTS meetings of the mid 90's, or the late 90's London Underground meetings etc. will know what kind of thing to expect. The idea is to inspire and re-energise each other, form new links, strengthen old alliances, share skills and resources, raise awareness and get people involved.
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