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UK Free Spaces Newswire Archive

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Tree camp eviction to start this week?

27-08-2006 07:34

A CALL-OUT for help has been made by the Camp Titnore protesters in Worthing, West Sussex, who fear an eviction attempt is likely to be made this week.
On Tuesday morning an appeal hearing is to be held into the eviction order issued by the High Court in London.

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IWW Informational Picket in Edinburgh

26-08-2006 23:17

ust a quick report on our Informational picket at Starbucks in Edinburgh yesterday (Saturday 19th).

We (4 wobs, two supporters) chose our ususal target - the High Street branch on the top of the Royal Mile.

The area was teeming with people as it's mid-Festival.

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Wholesale of Community Spaces Continue as Construction of New Buildings Halt

26-08-2006 15:44

Birmingham City Council have auctioned and sold community buildings all over the city, while the number of newly built community and social buildings has dropped to a shameful zero.

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One year after Katrina, Gothenburg Critical Mass

26-08-2006 09:32

ghost bike
A small but determined group gathered in Gothenburg on Friday evening to remember the victims of climate change. Not only was this the last Friday in the month, it was also the day one year ago when the storm Katrina that devastated New Orleans reached hurricane force. Gothenburg was one of 28 Critical Masses around the world where this was remembered.

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A Squatting 'Slide Show' [to a show tune :-)]

25-08-2006 22:56

A Squatting 'Slide Show' [to a show tune :-)]

This is a 'slide show', prepared to show you some recent squatting activity in the Radford area of Nottingham.

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Cottage Collective Defend Building Occupation at Court Hearing

25-08-2006 18:15

On the 24th August 2006, members of the Cottage of Content collective were summoned to Birmingham Priory Courts to defend their occupation of the disused Sparkbrook community centre at risk from developers.

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Chalk4Peace2006 SEPT 16/17- OUR STREETS 'R OUR MEDIA -WE have TOTAL access

24-08-2006 08:01

Print up this flyer
The following has been e mailed to hundreds and thousands all over the world to activate the first simultaneous Chalk4Peace

People young and old from all over the world are being activated to participate in this GLOBAL Art/Peace project taking place in communities everywhere Sept 16/17th

This effort follows the success of smaller localized Chalk4Peace events in London since 2003
and in various locations around the world notably @ The Museum of Modern ARF

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23-08-2006 16:09

!! Odd gaps, missing background, a bias that seems further "pro-war" than in favour of israel or palestine, patriot or internationalist, is the strange "odour you dont see" that comes from pretty much ALL the press in the last couple of weeks - regardless of its alleged position in the "spectrum of opinion" - - - - as odd events in the middle east seem to try to blow any peace chance, -"immigration" buttons!!

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First Court Hearing for The Cottage of Content's Occupiers

23-08-2006 11:43

Press Release: First Court Hearing for The Cottage of Content's Occupiers
23 July, 2006

The Cottage of Content, a community and youth centre in Sparkbrook closed by Birmingham City Council last year, was occupied on 9 July, 2006, by a group of activists, who, along with local people, aim to put the building back into community use.

Since the start of the occupation, the collective who organised the take-over have been issued with various letters from Birmingham City Council demanding they vacate the premises. The latest letter received was a court summons, scheduled for Thursday, 24 August. Members of the Collective are planning to defend their actions and the occupation of the Cottage at the hearing, which is taking place at Birmingham Civil Justice Centre (33 Bull Street, Birmingham) at 11:20am.

The first public meeting of the Cottage Occupied Social Centre took place on 10th July, 2006, where the occupiers and members of the neighbourhood expressed their common desire for the place to be returned to public social use. A petition to "save our community centre from property developers" was drawn up and circulated in the neighbourhood. This was followed by a general public meeting on 21 August, where local residents expressed their anger at the loss of a valuable community resource without being consulted by the Council, and their desire to have it back. There will be another general meeting on 29 August, where representatives from the Council, local Councillors and the local MP will be invited to face the local people.

Whilst building up a campaign to compel the Council to re-instate this valuable community resource, the space is being used for a wide range of activities, from DIY and educational workshops, screenings and socials, a community library and Internet café, to a meeting place for various grassroots groups, including Birmingham Food Not Bombs, Birmingham NoBorders, Indymedia Birmingham, Women Fight Back, Birmingham Solidarity Federation and the West Midlands Anarchists. A local playgroup is also using the building to meet up regularly, and a local dominoes team is going to meet up there soon. Regular, open meetings are held every Monday at 7:30pm.

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Restoration of Sparkbrook Cottage Continues Despite Looming Court Case

22-08-2006 13:24

The occupation of the Sparkbrook social centre known as the Cottage of Content is ongoing, yet while court proceedings and legalities are set in place against the occupation, the renovation and revival of the community asset is continuing unabated.

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Sparkbrook Social Centre Occupation Approaches Seventh Week

22-08-2006 13:19

The Sparkbrook community centre neglected by Birmingham council, known as the "Cottage of Content", is approaching its seventh week of occupation, with encouraging progress and community participation increasing.

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Fancy Dress Eviction Party

22-08-2006 09:54

Dub Roots Sounds , no techno

Fancy Dress Eviction Party
Elvis Sound DJ's MC's
Ishu. Minty & Andy (urban warfare)
+ surprise guests

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The Cachan Thousand Being Evicted

19-08-2006 15:44

A big operation has begun to evict up to 1,000 immigrants, who have been occupying a former student hostel in Cachan, on the outskirts of Paris, for over 5 years. The block, which is mainly occupied by undocumented immigrants and homeless people, is one of the biggest squats in Europe.

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The Edukators @ Everything4Everyone

19-08-2006 11:33

Next weeks E4e Cinema screening at Everything4Everyone will be The Edukators.

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grass is good

18-08-2006 16:03

- in fact - a comment about recent revelations in german literature instead of a redo of the "i love the pope - the pope smokes dope" t-shirt variety - ie. recent news from gunther grass, with a radical angle to the odd but fast-reacting euro media, then a brief resume of why he is both VERY good with his timing, yet even further - that to "uncondemn" him - with others in the same "boat "- frees all of us

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17-08-2006 21:27


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Mass callout to help build the climate camp

16-08-2006 21:49

We are calling for all people who can to arrive in Leeds from Monday August 21 and head to the Common Place, 23-25 Wharf Street, Leeds LS2 7EQ. This is to build all the infrastructure ready to occupy the site. This is a mammoth task and the more people we have the more infrastructure is ready when we occupy the site and the less has to be built there. No DIY knowledge is needed as the highly skilled site practicalities group will be there to make sure everything goes smoothly!

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Newstead 'Treefest' Free Festival: Part 2

16-08-2006 15:11

Newstead 'Treefest' Free Festival: Part 2

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Newstead 'Treefest' Free Festival: Part 1

16-08-2006 15:07

Newstead 'Treefest' Free Festival: Part 1

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TO STOP NEW WARS - remember the "big" peace - remember the "bigger" peace

16-08-2006 15:04

Nameless "old hacks"s brief gist of a "what the papers aint saying" - accenting the "key background info missing" - that asks why - with a "spin" towards practical "peace process / ceasefire enacting " that asks why THAT isnt already happening _( terms : - "big" peace = israeli/lebanese peace + palestine,syria, iran. A "bigger" peace = end the manufactured "clash of cultures"("war of errorism") + !
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