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UK Free Spaces Newswire Archive

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Camp Bling at 'Prittlewel King' awards

17-01-2007 20:31

Southend 'Mayor' cancels F5 road widening at 'Prittlewell King' award celebrations

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mancunian soundwalk tomorrow

15-01-2007 15:58

a game based around a sonic exploration of mancunia courtesy of our friend Bob from Glue in leeds.

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Copenhagen: On .. two .. many Youth Houses!

14-01-2007 18:58

Copyright Mark Knudsen //
Today is truely a historic day for the colorfull youth of Copenhagen. It started as a big demo 'For more Youthhouses' - and ended fullfilling it's own wishes at once! Another Youthhouse has just opened earlier today in the Copenhagen North Western part of town in a big industrial building, Dortheavej 63, half an hour walk from the other Youth House.

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Green Hero : Erv Klaas, Ames, USA

07-01-2007 20:00

Erv Klaas
Green Seniors is pleased to recognize the environmental work of Erwin “Erv” Klaas, our featured Green Hero. Erv is Professor Emeritus of Animal Ecology at Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa. To the people of Ames, he is known as the person who spearheaded the effort that safeguarded our city water supply and created a beautiful city park for all to enjoy.

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Epiphany Derive Tomorrow in Manchester

05-01-2007 12:44

Meet 3.30 sharpish at The Basement (24 Lever Street Manchester) this Saturday January 6th for a wonderful wander round our city

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UK Social Centres Winter Gathering '07

30-12-2006 19:40


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motley crew confront Northwood

29-12-2006 00:49

'Wise men go the other way' what would you do?
faith based bunch have a nerve; to 'resist', 'insist on life' and vigil UK military nerve center

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HD-DVD and Blu-ray copy protection beaten already

28-12-2006 16:15

It's starting to look like someone has cracked the system used to protect commercial movies distributed on the HD-DVD and Blu-ray Disc high-definition-disc formats!

A thread on the Doom9 forums details the astonishingly speedy development process of the beta version of the cracking tool for the AACS (Advanced Access Content System).

The thread even includes links that let you download the Java-based command-line tool for Windows in a miniscule (18KByte) Zip file.

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Critical mass this Friday 29th Dec

27-12-2006 16:29

The next critical mass bike ride in Manchester is Friday 29th December
We suspect lots of santa's will be on bicycles!

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Winter Solstice 'Do' @ the ASBO Squat

24-12-2006 15:57

Winter Solstice 'Do' @ the ASBO Squat

Friday 22rd December

To celebrate our DIY community roots and the shortest day of the year, (from here on in we’re moving onwards and upwards into the light;) there was a day of workshops, bands, soundsystems, food, performance, subversion, films, projections, dancing…….in and around the asbo.

highlights included:- art and craft, percussion and unicycling workshops, radikal bass soundclash, many local and not so local bands, performance poetry, streetparty, performers…….As usual, people were adviced to 'bring what you wanted to find'.

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Sumac bar seasonal closing.....

21-12-2006 22:29

The Forest Fields Social Club at the Sumac Centre will not be open over the festive period.

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Video - squatting in Taiwan

21-12-2006 13:46

I often travel with a video camera these days and think it's a good idea to spread ideas for a better world. It's great to compare between projects and communities around the world.

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Photos: "Mass Lone Protest" (20.12.06)

21-12-2006 01:14

Credit: Marc Vallée, 2006. -
Photos: "Mass Lone Protest" (20.12.06)

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20-12-2006 19:01

For a number of years the Feminist Library has existed in a state of permanent emergency, with a dwindling number of volunteers to take part in running the library, a precarious financial situation, uncertainty about its location, and a lack of womanpower to pursue crucial funding applications.

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A Simple Building Occupation - [a short video]

20-12-2006 13:44

A four minute documentary originally made for Channel four's '4docs' about the ASBO community space has now been published on youtube. The short film is about squatters in Nottingham creating a community centre from a disused house.

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(A)l Qaeda's 'vote nobody' campaign

20-12-2006 13:38

The As-Sahab video collective has today released a new video labeled ""the truth about the conflict between Muslims and infidels" which calls on freedom fighters to withhold their vote. "Holding elections won't lead to Palestine's liberation," warns the video which supporting groups are being asked to screen in their local communities.

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Stonehenge Solstice 2001 VIDEO

19-12-2006 18:38

5min video chronicle of the Stonehenge solstice celebrations in Wiltshire

21st of June, 2001

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'Consultation' Preston City Council Style

18-12-2006 23:25

Councillors in Preston are consulting residents of one ward about the 'Riverworks' proposals - but are asking questions which ignore the key issues for local residents, and failing to give the information that people need to answer the questions they do ask.

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Denmark, Kopenhagen: Heavy Streetfights. *PICS*

18-12-2006 18:23

Sunday December 17 - More than 300 demonstrators were arrested in the Danish capital on Saturday after violent clashes between police and youths who were protesting against the planned closure of a youth centre in the city. "Ungdomshuset-The Youth House Stays" .

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Dodgy land deals in Farnborough town centre?

18-12-2006 16:38

Farnborough town centre boarded-up shops streets a bustle with Christmas shopper
Was public land in Farnborough town centre sold on the cheap to a developer to aid them in their plans to build an unwanted superstore?
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