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UK Free Spaces Newswire Archive

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20-08-2004 17:58

The squatted Use Your Loaf Social Centre in South London is facing eviction. After seeing off illegal attempts to heavy us out we were taken to court and `possession was granted to the alleged owners, Glen International, on Wednesday 18th August.

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aug18 - camcorder activists unite

20-08-2004 10:02

Date: Monday 23rd August,
Time: from 7pm
Location: Rampart Creative Centre (15-17 rampart street, London E1 2LA)

An evening of radical film screening/exchange, discussion, and skill
sharing, for people interested in or involved with the use of video as a tool for
social change...

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20-08-2004 09:36

Euskal Jai is the famous Squat of Pamplona’s old part, where during 10 years lots of projects went on.

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CPRE Liverpool Press Release - Capital of Culture Day 20/08

20-08-2004 08:59

The Capital of Culture is a great prize for Liverpool but must be
about more than just high profile (and high cost) icons to benefit
the business and tourist market of the city centre, vital though these
employers are.

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Legendary occupied social centre evicted in Pamplona, Navarra, Spain

19-08-2004 22:02

Euskal Jai is the famous Squat of Pamplona's old part,
where, during 10 years, lots of projects went on.

It is now being evicted. Read the cronicle.

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Home Office surveillance at london linux meeting

18-08-2004 21:22

Home office pushes the case for mass surveillance on the streets, and linux role in techno-monitoring. at linux world expo in london 6-7 oct, regsiter now for free ticket, but not for paying conference.
We are not deceived by claims that the technology is only for 'ID parades', it can easily be used on the streets.
It would appear they cant even put proper english sentences together1

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An Open Letter to British 'Muslim' Terrorists

18-08-2004 11:31

Is there a risk criminals plotting to blow up British citizens could mistake Muslims for their allies? Just in case there is any confusion, here is a letter to Osama's mates telling them why my shed is no safe haven for anyone planning a terror attack.

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Fight Club & Autonmous Spaces @ rampART

17-08-2004 20:31

Tomorrow night (wednesday 18th from 8pm) at the rampART...

Free community cinema presents - F I G H T C L U B
an evening of films and discussion about reclaiming and defending spaces from capital
- land squats, housing, social centres and much more...

People involved in squat projects/social centres are invited to come along and share their experiences, motivations and stories of resistance.

Some of the projects represented (either on film or hopefully in person), include:

* rampart street creative centre (new 10 minute film plus speakers)
* sutton street 21st century action zone (10 min film plus speaker)
* chalk farm road autonomous lab (short film, maybe speaker)
* plus other films from;
Barcelona, Copenhagen, Hamburg, Roma, Milan, Berlin and more

( Anybody from 'in arms reach', 'ex-grand banks', ‘St’ Agnes Place’, ‘142’, ‘491’ )
( ‘Unity Works’ or from 'Use Your Loaf' wanna come along and/or got video? )

Starts 8pm. Drink and vegan food available.

Also screening... 'Fight Club' 1999 USA 21st Century Fox (139 minutes)

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Urgent Anti McDonalds Call out!

17-08-2004 19:12

Last Thursday police used Section 30 of the new Anti Social Behaviour Act to disperse McDonalds demonstrators. This was an arbitrary use of their power and an infringement on our basic right of freedom of speech and assembly.

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Radio Dreams Seminar

17-08-2004 10:03

Radio Dreams – Speakers Lol Gellor of Sound Radio, Lawrie Hallett of Ofcom and Jennifer Ogole of Life FM, chaired by Wayne Thompson of Sound Radio

Wednesday 8th September

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rampART cinema call for films/speakers

15-08-2004 16:26

This wednesday 18th the regular rampart wednesday night free cinema will be showing films about reclaimed spaces and struggles to retain them - land squats, eco-communities, evictions, travellers, social centres etc.

We also plan to get people to come in an speak about the current situation with projects such as Use Your Loaf, Sutton Street, Chalk Farm Autonomous Lab and the ex-Grand Banks plus some continental feedback from people involved in similar projects elsewhere....

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Venezuela Solidarity, indymedia access point, plus party

15-08-2004 13:11

From 6pm tonight (sunday 15th august), RAMPART STREET E1 is hosting a party for those who have been taking part in the Venezuela Week of Solidarity and the demonstration outside the american embassy during the recall referendum in Venezuela.

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venuzuala solidarity / rampart video

15-08-2004 12:57

9 minute video
17 mb file
mpeg4 avi format (with mp3 audio)


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Squatting Stories Wanted

14-08-2004 19:08

Squatting: The Surreal Story.
We are collecting stories for a book all about the joys and hazards of squatting in Britain. No matter how long you've squatted you're bound to have a tale or two to inspire and entertain the rest of us.

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rampart street friday mediation

13-08-2004 12:59

Since monday (9th August), the rampart street creative centre and social space has been venue to a many of the events taking place in London as part of Venezuela Week of Solidarity. On 15th August, the people of venezuela get to vote on whether to continue with the popular socialist government of Hugo Chevez or call a new election. Meanwhile, the whitehouse is itching to intervene and the corporate media twist and turn as the info war heats up.

The events taking place at rampart street this week have given an opportunity for people to find out more about the situation in venezuela, what has happen since Chavez was elected and how the people feel about things. It has allowed people to explore their feelings about social change, revolution and the state. Whatever ones views, the heat is certainly on and the world is watching to see what happens...

Today (friday 13th), the

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11-08-2004 21:36

Use Your Loaf squatted Social Centre survives! Today we got an adjourment in court.

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rampART wednesday liberation cinema

11-08-2004 12:51

Wednesday Free Cinema at the rampART

This coming Wednesday (11th August), the rampART free cinema will stick to the weeks theme of Liberation and Latin America. As usual, films start at 8pm and entry is free and this week there will also be food and drink...

Films screened will include:
* The Forth World War (Big Noise Films) 72mins
* School of the Americas
* Bolivarian Venezuela: People and Fight of the IV World War
+ various shorts and latin beats

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Disruptions in Venezuela

11-08-2004 11:27

Venezuela's Electoral Council Outlines Plans for Contingencies and Disruptions

One week before Venezuela’s presidential referendum, the country’s only officially recognized electoral authority, the National Electoral Council (CNE) is trying to anticipate possible problems prior to the election this Sunday, August 15, which includes a challenge by opposition governor Enrique Mendoza, and an investigation into CANTV, the Venezuelan telecommunications giant in charge of transmitting voter data.

- Events all week in London as part of a Venezual Week of Solidarity
- see for programme and details
- Venue for most events is the rampART centre in Whitechapel
- see for details and location

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Cuban heat at rampART

11-08-2004 11:23

Yesterday (10th August), events for the second day of the Venezuela Week of Solidarity in London took place at the rampART creative centre and social space near Whitechapel...

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Supporters Gather Against Referendum

11-08-2004 10:43

Chavez Supporters Gather in Venezuela's Capital for Largest Pro-Chavez Rally

Crowd estimates ranged from 100,000 (opposition) to one million (pro-Chavez)

Supporters of Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez filled Caracas’ largest public venue yesterday, packing the Avenida Bolívar for well over a mile and overflowing onto side streets all over the downtown. Clad in red—the colour that has come to represent chavismo in Venezuela—supporters bore t-shirts, hats, berets, placards, puppets, and inventive home-made signs all uniformly declaring “No!” to the recall on Chávez’ mandate scheduled for next Sunday, August 15th.
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