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UK Free Spaces Newswire Archive

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Street Party ESF 2008- We are taking it all back!

07-09-2008 11:41

let's dance
We're sick of working for a ridiculous wage with only tendon-stretching, muscle-ache and early retirement to look forward to. We're sick of women getting a lower wage than men and we are really goddamn sick of the politicians that are supposed to be on ordinary people's side having long since turned into pseudoliberals and sent those of us who can't find a job to Malmö's own daycare center for adults: the employment office.

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Monday Sep. 8th - Filmmakers Against War/Nick Broomfield/Smash Edo/Andy Worthing

05-09-2008 10:24

Portobello Film Festival
Monday 8th September
As part of Portobello Film Festival
at Inn On The Green, 3-5 Thorpe Close, W10 5XL (2min from Ladbroke Grove Tube)

Free Entry All Night

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GRASS: The Battle For Wembley Park Sports Ground Video

04-09-2008 12:15

Protestor Head Lock
On Monday 4 August 2008 the Grass Roots Alliance for Social Sports (GRASS) was forcibly evicted from the Wembley Park Sports Ground in rough scenes and under sketchy legal grounds.

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Turning parking into parks... reappropriating urban space for people

04-09-2008 10:41

On the 19th of September, an ordinary parking space will be transformed into a park - one less space for parking a car, one more space for people to relax and enjoy themselves...

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Direct Action Camp in the squatted forest near Frankfurt/Germany

02-09-2008 15:25

The forest of kelsterbach near the airport of frankfurt/main is occupied now since three month. Fraport (the corporation running frankfurt airport) is planning to build a new runway on this place, cutting down every tree on 300ha of land. In total something about 100.000 trees would have to fall for the profit of an enormous international acting corporation. For the people of this region it will mean twice the flight movements per year, at least to a level of one movement every 45 sec. In the first week of september there will be an action camp on the site of occupation, from where we´re going to start countless direct activities in the forests, the streets and the terminals.

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London Food Not Bombs feeds Wobblies

01-09-2008 21:30

Feeding hungry syndicalists
This weekend saw the first general meeting of the Industrial Workers of the World outside of the US ; London Food Not Bombs provided the lunch-time food

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Save Titnore Woods!

31-08-2008 10:42

WHEN is a wood not a wood? When it has a road running right through it!

The "new" planning application for the West Durrington development in Worthing, West Sussex, is being sold to the Worthing public as a "response to public opinion" that will spare many of the Titnore trees.

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Sulukule Roma District Demolition in Istanbul: Call to Action!

30-08-2008 09:03

Call to action to raise awareness of and support for the Roma people of Sulukule district in Istanbul, Turkey, which is currently being demolished to make way for gentrification.

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'Positive squat' about to feature on BBC London News

29-08-2008 17:20

Now the Beeb catches up with the Grauniad

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Long Haul Infoshop, Berkeley USA raided by Feds and UC police

28-08-2008 17:52

At around 10:30am, 5-6 Officers made there way into the Longhaul Infoshop and broke down every door and stole every single computer on the property (including those used by the Slingshot collective and East Bay Prisoner Support). They also raided cabinets, cut locks and mis-sorted our mail.

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Workshops Announced for London FreeSchool Week!

27-08-2008 15:32

As we get closer and closer to the event, the timetable has finally been uploaded on to the website and it is looking packed full of all sorts of goodies :)

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The Grauniad supplement: "Landlords welcome 'positive squatting'"

26-08-2008 23:50

The Grauniad supplement reports on 'positive squats' in London - have they got it right?

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Squatting under threat (again) in the Netherlands

26-08-2008 22:01

A proposal has been brought to the Dutch Parliament to ban squatting, despite its many benefits.

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Common Ground Community Garden Celebrates Success with Party!

26-08-2008 17:58

Flyer 1 Front
After a year and half of green-fingered, community-spirited direct-action, we - the organisers of Common Ground Community Garden - are celebrating success … and we invite all our friends, neighbours and supporters to join in the fun!

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Free Films, Live Music TONIGHT, Final Monday Love

25-08-2008 10:29

Monday Love 7
After Carnival Party, Monday 25th August, 7pm-2am at The Good Ship 289 Kilburn High Road, London

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Olympic Handover to Free Hackney

24-08-2008 18:30

The Free Hackney salute
A tank from the Free Hackney campaign was at the Hackney Handover in Hoxton St as the Beijing games ended to celebrate the handover of the Olympic protest baton from the Free Tibet Movement to the Free Hackney Campaign. Pictures copyright (C) 2008, Peter Marshall, all rights reserved.

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Brian Haw - 7 years on, still going strong

24-08-2008 01:09

UK, London. Houses of parliament seen through Brian Haw's peace flag. 2008
Images of Brian Haw's peaceful demonstration in Parliament Square, London, UK.
Brian's protest, against war and to highlight the ridiculous SOCPA laws, is now in its seventh year.

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FREE Monday Love Carnival After Party with Movimientos

23-08-2008 17:48

Monday Love 7
After Carnival Party, Monday 25th August, 7pm-2am at The Good Ship 289 Kilburn High Road, London

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A week of free workshops, discussions & skill-sharing

23-08-2008 12:21

The planning for the London FreeSchool week is going well with confirmed workshops and the such like starting to appear on the website. Bowl Court Social Centre, the original location for the weeks event, was sadly evicted a couple of weeks ago. However, the event lives on and has moved to the rampART ( and LARC ( After all a free school should not be limited and contained by concrete walls!

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National Green Day UK - Sept 28th - in the parks

23-08-2008 09:58

Cannabis Campaigners from around the UK will gather in parks to draw attention to 80 years of unjust, unsound and ineffective cannabis prohibition, on Sunday Sept 28th.
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