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UK Free Spaces Newswire Archive

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"Support action for Ungdomshuset" DK

18-12-2006 02:50

Riots broke out in copenhagen as court decide to shut down Ungdomshuset youth', cultural and social center.

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Violent protests in Copenhagen - "Ungdomshuset-The Youth House Stays"

17-12-2006 11:16

1 - Copenhagen street
Sunday December 17
More than 300 demonstrators were arrested in the Danish capital on Saturday after violent clashes between police and youths who were protesting against the planned closure of a youth centre in the city.
"Ungdomshuset-The Youth House Stays"

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Copenhagen: Ungdomshuset, Now or Never!

14-12-2006 21:34

Coverage of Thursday’s events. The most recent news first.

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G8 2007 in Germany - some information

14-12-2006 16:20

map of Germany and G8 location in 2007
The G8 summit 2007 will take place at the start of June in the north-east of Germany, in the luxurious Hotel Kempinski, which is situated directly at the Baltic Sea in Heiligendamm, at Bad Doberan near Rostock.

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Fear not God, Fear the X-tians who take away the young people's house.

14-12-2006 01:07

Mobilisation video:

Help save the house which for more than a hundred years has been instrumental in political organising on the left. From the Youth House to the Father's House - need we say more?

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asbo solstice celebration - all day community party 22:12:2006

13-12-2006 16:53

To celebrate our DIY community roots and the shortest day of the year, (from here on in we’re moving onwards and upwards into the light;) we are having a day of workshops, bands, soundsystems, food, performance, subversion, films, projections, dancing…….in and around the asbo.

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Save Ungdomshuset!

13-12-2006 02:01

Ungdomshuset, a 24 years old radical social centre in Copenhagen, Denmark, is being evicted to make way for a right-wing homophobic Christian organisation who have illegally purchased the building, after the local government had given it to the social centre following a campaign by the locals.

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Oaxaca Benefit at Rampart

12-12-2006 21:46

Oaxaca Benefit, Saturday 16th December from 8pm till 2am

We are asking for £5 suggested donations but any other help counts.

There will be Latin-American food, live music from Latin-American and London bands, and Screening of Indymedia films with discussion.

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09-12-2006 18:28

50 lee street E8 (hackney)

SUNDAY 10 OF DECEMBER from 7 p.m.

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Voices of Torture in London

08-12-2006 11:30

Last night at the regular rampART social centre cinema night a disapointingly small audience was treated to a series of film being presented under the theme 'alternative black history month'.

Along with the films was a illuminating discussion about deportation, torture and the awful human rights abuse in Eritrea. Coincidently we also learned of a demonstration called for today outside the Eritrean embassy to commemorate The International Human Rights Day.

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The Battle for Ungdomshuset - The Movie

07-12-2006 19:59

The Battle for Ungdomshuset - The Movie

An anonymous movie maker have created a little propaganda piece ind defence of the eviction-threatened autonomous center in Denmark Ungdomshuset.

The movie is Four minutes long and kan be considered an emotional defence of the Place. Its translated into english and German.

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BeyondTV International Film Festival 2006

04-12-2006 17:51

BeyondTV 2005, an international film festival organised by Undercurrents, took place in Swansea 26 November - 2 December 2006.

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Social Forum Xmas Benefit Night - 7th December 2006

04-12-2006 14:40

The Liverpool Social Forum is holding probably its last benefit night at the
Casa, 29 Hope Street, this Thursday 7th December from 8pm before the
Liverpool Social Centre opens.

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battle for broadway market dvd's available now

02-12-2006 20:39

dvd's of films about the occupation of a cafe in broadway market, hackney are available now. the occupation of tony's cafe and the ongoing campaign in support of Spirit's Nutritious Food Gallery was an international cause celebre this time last year (ie 2005), and continues...

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Asylum Seekers get an early xmas present

01-12-2006 09:33

Here is a little snippet of what life is like for a destitute refugee. (see below for definition *)

3 Destitute men have been seeking shelter in some empty council flats. The council are seeking to sell the land on which the flats are built to

Arches Housing.
122 Burngreave Road
South Yorkshire
S3 9DE

Phone: 0114 228 8100
Fax: 0114 228 8150



The council began legal proceedings to regain possession of the flats (court date set for 7th of December). Arches Housing have employed Red Wall construction (Building Contractor) to demolish the flats when they are emptied. On the 28th November 2006 (according to reports via Arches Housing) Red wall construction workers found all the front doors of the occupied flats open and apparently abandoned.

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EVERYTHING4EVERYONE Oaxaca solidarity assembly (hackney)

01-12-2006 00:37

Pre-opening day assembly at Everything4everyone "new" occupied building

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Copenhagen: Police brutality ... again

28-11-2006 21:21

Arrest with a cops glove in mouth
This sunday a demonstration against the church Faderhuset turned into resulted in police brutality and mass arrests.

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' Stage Movement' Political Theatre Workshop at Mooreen Social Centre

28-11-2006 15:56

Creative resistance in the form of a political theatre workshop

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Fort Pannerden-The Netherlands

28-11-2006 14:02

Squatted Fort in the Netherlands resquatted!

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danish pigs attack activists

28-11-2006 03:03

activists demonstrating against faderhuset, (rightwing fundamentalist christians) who are trying to evict them from ungdomshuset, are brutally attacked by the police. over 80 people arrested
see video here
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