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UK Free Spaces Newswire Archive

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Ride out against Birmingham airport expansion this Saturday

05-05-2010 12:04

BIrmingham CIty and Solihull Council want to use £32 million of your money to move a road so that BIrmingham Airport can expand. If they can be persuaded not to, 17,000 new flights every year will be prevented. So we're off to reclaim the A45 with a flock of cyclists- sweeping through the countryside to the sounds of a bike-towed sound system. Dress for climate code Red, and bring ipod tunes to share.

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Bristol Eco Village Eviction Update - Urgent

05-05-2010 10:07

Bailiffs threatening to remove Trpod sitters without special equipment

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Bristol Eco Village Emergency - Bailiffs On Site

05-05-2010 08:49

Bailiffs on site, people up tripods, please get down asap to defend your eco village.

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Parliament Square Democracy Village - Day 4 pics

05-05-2010 07:15

Tent Village
Pics from Democracy Village on Tuesday, 4 May 2010

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St. Werburgh Residents rally around the Bristol Eco Village in hour of need.

04-05-2010 17:16

The first Bristol Eco Village, located in St. Werburghs, has been snubbed out before it could properly take seed. But never fear, we have many more sites around the city to choose from and will not surrender so easily.

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St. Werburgh Residents Rally Around the Bristol Eco Village in Hour of Need.

04-05-2010 10:58

The first Bristol Eco Village, located in St. Werburghs, has been snubbed out before it could properly take seed. But never fear, we have many more sites around the city to choose from and will not surrender so easily.

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Demockracy Village - Day 3

04-05-2010 07:38

lunch is served
after the torrential rain at the start of this protest, today has seen a chance to dry out and consolidate. with more structures in place and plans for the week beginning to form, the camp has issued a call-out for an election day festival all afternoon and evening in parliament square, with music, food, guerilla gardening and open mic, and an intention to remain a presence in the square as the new government takes over power.

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May Day Carnival – Pix-&-Vidz – Sat 01 May 10

01-05-2010 23:35

A1. Happy May Day, Four Times Over Already
Dateline: May Day Parade & Carnival, Parliament Square, London, UK, 14:00-17:00, Sat 01 May 10 – G20 Meltdown mobilised thousands to the Bank of England on 01 April 2009, and Election Meltdown repeated the feat on International Workers Day 2010, with four convergent May Day Parades converging outside the House of Conmens in Parliament Square for Carnival festivities. Four bosses' lackey politicians were executed in effigy, Thursday's forthcoming election was declared null-&-void, and we took the roadway for a dance-floor and held it, till heavy rain stopped play around 17:00.

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Mayday Pics (Red Horse)

01-05-2010 20:55

The General Secretary of the Labour Party
Some of the action on the Red Route

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Sheffield: International Sunflower Guerrilla Gardening Day

29-04-2010 20:52

May 1st is International Sunflower Guerrilla Day, where people all over the world (well, probably the northern hemisphere) go out and plant sunflower seeds in places around where they live.

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Know Your Airport! Biodiversity Walk - Sun 9th May

29-04-2010 14:33

Join us for this family-friendly walk around the areas earmarked for
destruction by Manchester Airport's expansion plans. We'll begin at Hasty Lane and walk round the affected areas to the south. We'll hear from local experts about the different wildlife affected.

Bring your friends and family, binoculars, a picnic, a frisbee/skipping rope/games, and appreciation for what's currently being destroyed by Airport expansion.

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Justice Not Crisis Members stand as Green Candidates

28-04-2010 11:44

Justice not Crisis, a 'direct action' housing group based in Birmingham with links to the Optima Housing Association are standing as Green Party candidates in the general election on May 6th. They are also urging people to vote for the Tories to kick out Labour, even though the occupation of land they carried out a couple of years ago was entitled the 'John Lines Homeless Village'. The occupation sought to highlight the lack of socially available housing and was named after the Conservative Cabinet Member for Housing, John Lines.

The following is reposted from their website

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S036.NET attacked by German Police

26-04-2010 19:41
German Radical ISP has homes and data centre raided by German cops

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Capture the Flag in Newcastle City Centre

26-04-2010 17:42

This Friday! 7pm at Monument!

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Critical Mass! This Saturday in Newcastle

26-04-2010 17:40

Critical Mass as part of DIY Aye radical festival

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DIY Aye! Radical Festival - This weekend in Newcastle

26-04-2010 17:38

2010 Poster
DIY Aye! returns

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Jus' Take up Your Tools - Bristol Ecovillage is Born - Urban Center for Alt Tech

26-04-2010 11:54

On 17th April 2010 around 45 people occupied a piece of unused land in Bristol, England to set up Bristol Ecovillage, a Center for Alternative Technology. By the end of the day they had established themselves and even had built raised planting beds. This film tells the story of this day.

Watch the video at

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St Ann's Well Café to close

24-04-2010 13:43

St Ann's Well, Malvern Hills - Steve Luttrell
After 20 years, St Ann's Well Café in the Malvern Hills is due to close.

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Oxford Action Resource Centre celebrates 5 years of radical organising!

22-04-2010 16:39

From here (OCSET 1)..
Since 2005, Oxford Action Resource Centre (OARC) has been a part of the local activist landscape: a social space, meeting venue, office and shared library for campaigners, activists, agitators and community groups.

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Sumac Centre Spring clean and Maintenance day

20-04-2010 17:37

Its been a while since the Sumac centre has had a spring clean. So come along and get your marigolds ready for a day of cleaning, tidying and maintenance. Brunch will be served.
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