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UK Free Spaces Newswire Archive

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Norwich Greens release website road movie

17-09-2005 22:10

Norwich Green Party has released a short “road movie” on its website. Called “Let the bad dream fade”, the movie explores the impact that the NDR road and associated Council plans for Norwich to be a “Growth point” for housing developments.

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John H.o.W.A.R.d line roars at Fascism Week

17-09-2005 14:29

Scott Parkin fined for illegal and degrading detention
Embellishments of all kinds -- detention, deportation, fines -- were evident on the dogwalks this week, as were masculine details such as ASIO, security risk, threats and new anti-liberty laws. Even those signs came off more like criminogenic intellectual slavery and less harsh than the nasty, over-the -top feelings of many suspected terrorists detained last season. That's a joke son!

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Friday 23rd Sept - Benefit Night for the Sumac

15-09-2005 22:46

InTheSameBoat presents a;

Benefit Night for the Sumac Centre ! (forest fields community info centre)

>>> See previous article about the Sumac Centre Appeal


- The Tramadolls (melodic meltingpot, mellow and marauding)

- Winterlong (coustic special for the mono seasonal band who indie & rock)

- Chris Benway (seasoned with Jeff Buckley & Velvets, then left to simmer)

- James Tolhurst (TBC)

Starts at 8pm, 2.50 donation, members and guests welcome.

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Waterside Anti-Arms Fair Protests - Opposite DSEi (pics)

14-09-2005 20:25

Says it all really
This afternoon the last large group of protestors (approx one hundred) moved into position opposite the Excel centre - facing the warships across the basin. As the sounds of the PA sound system echoed across the water - a mix of music, slogans and speeches - defence police and army personnel zipped across the waves in zodiac style speedboats (complete with waterborne FIT). This was about the best place campaigners could get to in order to maker themselves heard by the arms dealers. Demonstrations of military speedboats and landing craft were greeted with jeers and slogans shouted out over the water, meanwhile one person jumped off the quay and made a swim for the warships. (14/09/05)

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Edinburgh: Screening of Social Centres Video tonight

14-09-2005 11:16

filmscreening about different social centres world wide,

Date: 14th of September
Time 9.30pm

the Forest, Arts and Events Space on
3 Bristo Place,
EH1 1EY,

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East End Adversaries

13-09-2005 18:29

Image of front page of DSEi paper
In the week preceeding the start of protests against DSEi, europes largest arms fair, 10,000 newpapers about the issue were printed and distributed.

The 8 page paper was delivered to an estimated 90% of streets in the Canning Town, Customs House and Beckton directly north of the Excel Centre in Docklands which hosts the event.

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Pics from CAAT Anti-DSEi March (tues 13th sept)

13-09-2005 16:27

Pictures from today's CAAT march against DSEi arms fair. The march met up at East Ham Central Park and left around 1pm heading towards the Excel Centre where the arms fair is being held.

The march got as close as it could without breaking through police lines, where it paused just past connaught bridge underpass for speeches against the arms trade from local campaigners, including a local councillor.

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Diaper DSEi Baby Bloc Invincibility Police Pics

13-09-2005 16:17

Pics from this mornings baby bloc action outside Custom House docklands railway station.

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Correction: Land Roots Meeting on 15th at I.C.C.

12-09-2005 22:10

LAND ROOTS is having a meeting on Thurs, sept 15th, at the I.C.C. (International Community Centre) on Mansfield rd, at 8pm, hope to see you all there.

Next meeting after this one is on the 19th october at the Sumac centre, and LAND ROOTS benefit gig on the 15th dec.

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Some photos from workday at Burn Street

11-09-2005 18:02

Some photos from the workday at Burn Street.

Previous feature about the project

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beat the bombers...more pictures

10-09-2005 23:03

clowns blocked on bridge
reclaim the street to beat the bombers, party aginst dsei, london, 10th september 2005

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Pics from "Beat The Bombers Party for Peace!"

10-09-2005 17:40

Some pictures from todays "Beat The Bombers Party for Peace!". Just over 120 people, two sound systems, some clowns, tea and cake, and some heavy rain...

Overpoliced, but good walking through the shopping streets and residential area talking to people living in the area.

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DSEi radio this week

10-09-2005 10:09

Rampart Radio will try to bring regular updates from this weeks protests against DSEi, the worlds biggest arms fair.

tune in, via
or visit

Your content and audio reports are welcome by email or phone but please ensure that you prioritise informing indymedia media dispatch of any breaking news first.

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Indymedia Out-door - Nostalgia #1

08-09-2005 17:10

Old-school Indymedia
It seems the auto industry PR machine appears at running at full throttle. Even in our so called NEWS and Current Affairs programs they talk about it. They say we are in love with big cars in Australia. I wonder why.

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Danish police evict trailersite in Christiania, Copenhagen

08-09-2005 02:27

Pictures Copyrighted to Mark Knudsen / Monsun

The Danish police has raided part of Christiania in Copenhagen, Denmark. About 200 riot police stormed the freestate and quickly sealed off 'Fredens Eng' (The Meadow of peace) which is a part of the site, where people live in trailers. In one of the biggest mass arrests in Denmark ever, the police made over 100 arrests. There are various reports of injured people. Most people have been charged with not following police orders, although some with charges relating to violence against the police.

Christinia had been self adminstrative, meaning no permit was needed to 'build' new property or have trailers parked up on it's grounds. Newly introduced law, means trailers have to leave, so new development can take place. The people from Christiania have resisted this new legislation for years. They wish to keep their autonomy and self managed decision making structures that have kept the place running for over 20 years...

Links: Christiania Website | Denmark Indymedia | Photos: (1) (2) | Danish Clown Army Website | Video (mainstream media) | More Film Footage - (free registration) | Newly introduced laws threaten Christiania

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Still We Ride - Critical Mass Film

07-09-2005 09:08

A documentary by In Tandem Productions - May 2005

An action-packed documentary that glimpses into the shocking showdown between the monthly Critical Mass bike ride and the New York City Police Department in the months after August 2004.

Introduction and discussion with two of the film's directors, Andrew Lynn and Elizabeth Press.

Friday 23rd of September 8pm @ the Midlands Arts Centre.

Screened with shorts from the International Bicycle Film festival (45mins).

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the Sumac Centre appeal

05-09-2005 16:37

The Sumac Centre in Nottingham needs help.

The Sumac Centre is an independent community and activist resource centre in Nottingham, UK. It is made up of a community cafe, social club, radical/social library, art exhibition space, veggie catering campaign, filmnights, talks, meeting spaces and the residents. The centre is used by various local groups, collectives and individuals working towards social change and sustainability. It has hosted many national and international gatherings in the past and hopes to continue to do so. The centre is entirely run by volunteers.

At the moment the centre is in need of help. Mainly due to reduced use of the centre/bar/cafe over the summer and mortgage rates increasing. At the moment there is a shortage of volunteers meaning the centre can't be open as much. We would like to continue to support and promote the work of many campaigns and individuals and continue the work we do in our local community...

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Judgement - Video

03-09-2005 17:23

This Poem filmed outside the social centre in Manchester is called Judgement by Carol Batton, a psychiatric system survivor.

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Bust the Bins - Oxfree strikes again

01-09-2005 19:43

The second weekly recycling of Oxfam's unwanted stuff grows on past success

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Solidarity with the Canal art collective

01-09-2005 15:34

Resistance the Canal
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