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UK Free Spaces Newswire Archive

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Berlin: Raids and Demonstrations - "We are not scared".

16-08-2013 18:36

The quote above reads: "Our passion for freedom is stronger than any authority"
On the morning of Wednesday the 14th of August 2013 around 400 police raided 7 buildings in Berlin on the pretext of 'evidence-gathering'. That evening an unlicensed demonstration was held, attended by around 150 demonstrators and a large police presence. A further demonstration has been called for tomorrow at 5pm, in the Friedrichshain area, against the raids and state repression.

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Berlin: Projects raided by police on August 14th

15-08-2013 00:37

According to first reports, there were huge police raids on eight house projects and apartments in Berlin, including the Rigaer 94, this morning (14/8). The cops are supposedly looking for people responsible for attacks on various job centers (‘welfare offices’) as well as a recent molotov attack against police, who were conducting a drug raid in Köttbusser Tor during a solidarity demonstration for the revolt in Turkey. More news as it comes…

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Dark Nights #36 – ‘Freedom to the Wolves of the North’ – August 2013 (ACN)

14-08-2013 12:41

August 2013 issue of Dark Nights dedicated to a long hot dangerous summer. International news and reports from the informal network of counter-information and translation. Front page covers the repression in Thessaloniki, northern Greece, against comrades from the Nadir squat after the attacks of the Phoenix Project by cells of the Informal Anarchist Federation – International Revolutionary Front. Front page sidepanel is the contribution of Actforfreedomnow!/BoubourAs to the gathering concerning the informal network of counter-info and translation which took place at Nadir itself previous to the repression.

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Freespirit Community Festival Saturday August 17th

14-08-2013 09:24

If you're knocking around the midlands this weekend get yer sen down to Newcastle under Lyme and check out Freespirit Community Festival, its going to be a cracker! :-) An extravaganza of freeness, there's going to be a Free Market, free vegan cafe, free activities and workshops. free live music and poetry, disinfo stall and library, discussions and other don't buy anything get one free offers :-) See yous down there.

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Prison squat resists eviction from High Court bailiffs in Cardiff

08-08-2013 19:47

Prison squat in Adamsdown, Cardiff
On Thursday 8th August, at approximately 10am, High Court bailiffs showed up to join United Welsh representatives, police and contractors booked to secure buildings, in an attempt to evict Rumpoles, Moira Terrace, Cardiff, CF24 0NE (aka: prison squat / 0ne squat). By 12pm, without even attempting to enter, they left the occupiers in possession of the building.

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Cuts to UK legal aid, toxic legacy of 2012 Olympics, Made Possible by Squatting!

05-08-2013 18:00

Check out episode 123 - ready for your ears...

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ACAB take over Canton Police Station in Cardiff

05-08-2013 12:27

In the early hours of Sunday morning, we entered and occupied Canton Police Station. We did not ask for permission, as it is our legal right to do so. Given Cardiff Police abandoned the building over a year ago, kindly leaving twelve different open windows for us to choose our entrance from, permission seemed a bit of a formality anyway.

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Occupy Firgrove: Destruction of the trees

26-07-2013 22:30

trees in the morning
Wednesday morning, police, private security, fencers, tree surgeons, arrived to end the occupation of Firgrove Green and destroy the trees.

The planners lied, said the trees were in poor state of health. The trees had to go, as they showed the planners lied. Green space, the only green space in town, earmarked for destruction for an 80-bedroom Premier Inn hotel.

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Occupy Firgrove call for hellp

24-07-2013 01:36

Save Firgrove Parade
Local community have been trying to protect the only green space in Farnborough town centre, a green space, with trees crossed by public footpath.

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Where Am I To Go? London Roma Evicted

20-07-2013 09:38

Roma evicted in London

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Communiqué 1 – The Smart Casual Anarchist Federation

19-07-2013 20:55

On Wednesday the 19th June, in broad daylight, and under an agreeable sun, we gathered on the Bristol to Bath cycle path. We armed ourselves with the tools we would need – knives, machetes, saws, ladders & rope – and headed to our target.

We did not hide, we were proud, we attracted peoples attention with high visibility vests and before the schools released their pupils onto the path, we took action.

We cut back the trees and undergrowth around the street lights in the area around Clay Bottom so more light would reach the path during the night. So the cowards who choose to move in the shadows would no longer be able to hide there. To go some way to help members of our community see clearly in the dark and no longer be intimidated or feel afraid to be out at night in this area.

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Summer Peace News Camp In-Line!

11-07-2013 10:34

How to jump dinner queues at Summer Peace News Camp!!

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National Rally against UK Road Building Schemes

10-07-2013 10:20

July 13th join us for rally against UK road building schemes.

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Please come to Grow Heathrow

03-07-2013 11:06

Grow Heathrow at Court
We will give more updates as soon as we can, but the short story is that we urgently need people to come to site to help us plan. We’ve just heard that we lost our appeal in the UK’s second-highest court so the landowner now has a live possession order. We don’t know the landowner’s plans, so we don’t know whether or when he will apply for a warrant from the County Court for bailiffs, and beyond then whether or when he might hire bailiffs.

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Nkululeko Gwala Murdered in Cato Crest

03-07-2013 07:20

Nkululeko Gwala
On June 26th, Nkululeko Gwala, an Abahlali baseMjondolo member, and a well known and respected housing activist, was murdered in Cato Crest. Twelve shots were fired. The style of this assassination is very similar to the assassination of Thembinkosi Qumbelo, also a well known housing activist (but not an AbM member) who was killed in the same area on the 15th of March this year. There are also strong similarities to the attack on our movement in Kennedy Road in 2009.

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Eviction Brixton

02-07-2013 13:27

We are 75 people living in six blocks of flats in central Brixton who are facing eviction from our homes on July 15th. We live in property that Lambeth Council has not maintained or looked after for the past thirty years. Lambeth council is pushing ahead with its plan to drive more of us out of Brixton, to develop private housing, only affordable for the ultra rich. Now we are being ripped out of our homes to make space for ‘corporate clients’ (see letter below). Foxton’s will charge people upwards of £2000/week to stay in our flats and/or they will sell them for half a million pounds.

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Made Possible by Squatting Call-out for Submissions

01-07-2013 20:14

Made Possible by Squatting seeks submissions for an exhibition in September 2013 and an on-line archive that celebrate how squatting has positively affected the lives of individuals & communities in London.
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