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UK Free Spaces Newswire Archive

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Machines locked-on to at Mainshill again in two days of continuous action

27-10-2009 10:25

At 7.30am this morning, two people locked-on to harvesting machinery attempting to make its way into Mainshill Wood, in an ongoing struggle to stop work at the site and stop Scottish Coal's attempts to turn the site into an opencast coal mine.

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Altcross Foot Path - Keep It Open!

27-10-2009 03:03

Altcross Foot Path - Keep It Open!
In Croxteth there is a decades old and well used path linking Altcross road to Oak Lane North, linking residential areas to Croxteth park, and enjoyed by walkers, cyclists, dog walkers and even a significant number of people flying birds in the woods.

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Two big barricades, two lock-ons and work stopped again at Mainshill Wood

26-10-2009 12:16

This morning at around 7am the access road being used by loggers and other contractors to gain access to Mainshill Wood was blockaded by residents at the Mainshill Solidarity Camp.

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Parkwood Springs Steering Group Thursday 12th Nov 2009

25-10-2009 16:14

Images from the annual Beacons event that took place on Saturday 24th October 20
There,s definitely some feeling of loss somewhere in us, the lack off free, un commercial space that people can use to congregate socially creativity & politically in this city is absolutely deadening.

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Last Day of Bristol TAA- get on down

24-10-2009 13:39

BRISTOL TAA 2009 is nearly finished. Get on down quick!! The address is:
The Bell Hotel, 112 Bell Hill Road, Bristol, BS5 7NF. Here is the map:,+Avon+BS5+7NF&gl=uk&ei=nQvfSszmCcefjAf8g8SkBg&sa=X&oi=geocode_result&ct=image&resnum=1&ved=0CAkQ8gEwAA

for more info and photos:

SUNDAY: CLEAR UP all hands on deck to get it tidy!

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Resist the FreeShop Eviction in London!

22-10-2009 19:38

Non Commercial House has received 12 hours notice for it's eviction after losing the court case last Thursday. At around 5pm an 'Advanced Notice of Possession of Land' was received from Marston High Court Enforcement Officers & Certified Bailiffs stating that occupiers are required to leave within the next 12 hours, before Friday 23rd October, 0800 hrs. Come and stay the night tonight at 165 Commercial Street ahead of the eviction or head down in the morning before 8am.

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BRING 'EM HOME billboard appeal

21-10-2009 23:25

Seen in the military enclaves of Chatham / Gillingham in Medway, Kent - the annual poppy appeal was given new and urgent meaning thanks to a little cut and paste.

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Mainshill Drilling Vehicles Sabotaged

21-10-2009 20:02

An anonymous communique was received after two machines used for drilling and testing for coal on site were sabotaged in the early hours of Tuesday morning... The communique reads:

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Protest as Embodied State Practices

20-10-2009 11:54

Black bloc demonstrators draw attention to the divide between anarchic direct ac
Whilst this article focuses on US based protest, the article provides some useful discussion on the reasons that Autonomous and Black Blocs receive so much more attention from the police. For more on the Institute for Anarchist Studies, see the Last Hours interview at The image is 'borrowed' from this article 'In support of Direct Action which appears at

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reclaim the earth centre walkabout

19-10-2009 09:07


We would like to invite people to a meeting about the future of the earth centre at conisbrough, this will be at 1pm on Friday, 23rd October. We will discuss the campaign for its reopening under the peoples management and make further plans towards a squat date. The Earth Centre is going to be lost to development and we can't lose this amazing resource to greed and bureaucracy please support us!

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Bath social Centre - Updates

18-10-2009 20:56

This has been a busy week of frantic cleaning and general preperation at the Bath social cetre, the place is looking amazing, and we are starting to open our doors to the public. It is a massive, amazing space with loads of potential and we have a few updates for y'all -

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Dutch squatter solidarity callout

18-10-2009 16:52

Actions are called for in support of the Dutch squatting days of action oct30 - november1

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Calling all artists! 'Alternative Trafigura Art Prize' launches today

18-10-2009 15:32

Don’t Get Fooled Again is delighted to announce the launch of the ‘Alternative Trafigura Art Prize’. This prestigious new contest will celebrate the contribution to UK political life of the oil-company and serial litigant Trafigura, and will run concurrently with the official Trafigura Art Prize competition.

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Dissident Island Radio tonight

16-10-2009 18:11

Sean Kirtley // Stop Vendata // Carrot Workers' Collective // Rampart // Housman's at 50 // DJ Sunny Wray

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Squatting banned in NL

15-10-2009 22:47

A blend of right wingers and christian democrats have managed to push through a ban on squatting, instead of a ban on emptiness. How fuckt up is that?

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rampART evicted this morning after over 5 years

15-10-2009 10:21

rampART Social Centre was evicted at 5:30am this morning by 45 police, bailiffs and a priest.

After over 5 years and many eviction scares it has finally happened... 3 people and a dog were inside when police attempted to chanisaw the door. They also had climbers going up to the roof conjuring up memories of the raid during the G20 in April. Police are blocking the entrance to all three roads leading to the social centre with vans and their bodies. They are handing out a piece of paper with a telephone number to call to get belongings out of the building. A meeting will happen at Non Commercial House freeshop at 165 Commercial Street this evening, details to follow soon.

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meeting - reclaim the earth centre

15-10-2009 09:17

meeting thursday 15th October at 2pm in doncaster
contact for details

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The Priest and the Chainsaw

15-10-2009 07:33

rampART Social Centre was evicted at 5:30am this morning by 45 police, bailiffs and a priest.

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Northumberland Road Eviction

14-10-2009 22:02

The second site of the Sheffield Social Centre on Northumberland Road was evicted today.
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