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UK Free Spaces Newswire Archive

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new year, party and thanks

26-12-2004 20:09

Two things: rampART is having a new years eve party so if you are looking for a place to get together with friends and not spend and arm and a leg on entry and over priced piss like beer, rampART may be the place to be. If you'd like to get involved, perhaps by DJing or performing, let us know ASAP. Details on

Secondly, I just wanted to say thanks to everyone involved in the fund raising party on the 17th/18th - everyone that performed, everyone that provided workshops, everyone that
came, everyone that donated some cash and everyone that helped put it together or
promote the event...


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alternative fashion week

23-12-2004 20:04

call for participation at the alternative fashion week to the posh 'london fashion week'
from 13.-17.2.05 at the rampart creative centre, 15-17 rampart street, whitechapel, E1 2LA
with workshops, talk/diskussion, shows and entertainment.

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The power of social forums: 3000 words on why we should fight for them

23-12-2004 17:42

"Once the logic of power is adopted, the struggle against power is already lost… for what is at issue in the revolutionary transformation of the world is not /whose/ power but the very existence of power." [Holloway / Peláez]

Throughout the ESF process, I kept on having this dark vision: the European Social Forum office in London as an encampment deep in the Congolese Jungle. Like the Heart of Darkness – Ken Livingstone a 21^st Century Kurtz. Picture him: lurking in shadow, brooding in the last rays of a blood red sunset, deep within his humid, plastic-plant-filled office. Picture him: at the end of a long, dark corridor lined with the heads of SWP members and GLA officials who displeased him…

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film festival at rampART

23-12-2004 13:50

Movements in Motion: An Indian Film Festival

A week of documentary films and discussions food, music, dance performances

from 10 - 15 January 2004

at the rampART Creative Centre and Social Space (
15-17 rampart street, E1 2LA

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A Poem to the Dutch Fascists!

19-12-2004 18:56

A poem originally posted on [The] Cactus Lover, a Muslim newsletter set up in the aftermath of the murder of Theo Van Gogh

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Dress better than people you hate

17-12-2004 23:37

Selene and Ilona
Rampart Street Social and Creative Centre hosted an anti-fashion show by Selene on Friday 17th December. A stunning aray of fashion created entirely from fabrics and trimmings found on the local streets was backed by original artworks and music. These clothes are available on your local high street - but you need to make them: no sweatshops involved.

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Update on Brum Social Centre and Santa Resistance

17-12-2004 13:14

Teas-up on the roof protest. Do Brum City Council know it's Christmas yet?
Update on Brum Social Centre and stills of the Santa Eviction Resistance possee in full seasonal effect.

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rampART radio

17-12-2004 09:39

please listen to rampART radio this weekend.. its our birthday here at the rampART creative space.. we will have many good shows and tasty sound bites for your delictation.. support the uk's best radio indymedia station!
it's here for you!

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15-12-2004 23:25

Crossrail, a rail line to benefit rich City workers get between the City of London and Canary Wharf and Heathrow, is set to cost London taxpayers over £15bn at 2002 prices. The expensive scheme is backed by the Government privatisation architect Adrian Montague, who has cost the taxpayers billions while accumulating mass bonuses and lining the pockets of law firms, banks, accountancy and development companies.
Here's the deal, we do not know how much it will cost, just start the scheme up, oh dear it costs much more than we thought, guess what we gave taxpayers a stake in this for 30 years, to keep it going we need your money for the next 30 years. thank you for being so co-operative each and everytime we do this to you.

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CIA Behind Automated Chat Room Spying Scheme

15-12-2004 18:46

No, no, really, this is for catching terrorists. Give me a break. The neo-cons are scared of their own shadows.
Dec 12 - Documents obtained by a public interest research center show that the US Central Intelligence Agency and the National Science Foundation collaborated to fund researchers developing software to electronically spy on Internet chat rooms.

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The Basement - opening night

12-12-2004 21:26

The opening of new social centre in Manchester, The Basement, was a great success with loads of people browsing the leaflets and book shop, getting fed from the cafe and browsing the net on the recycled computers.

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sixth months of autonomy

12-12-2004 20:23

Born in the what may have been the final weeks of the wombles ex-grandbanks social centre, the rampART has been a space in time - a time in space - providing opportunities within the big smoke for autonomous alternative progressive non-hirachical self-organised self-motivated DIY culture....

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[Genoa] G8_ink

11-12-2004 20:41

..a project to put together signs, traces and memory of the G8-Summit in Genoa. A space to recover and to enhance what was produced during and after July 2001. An excuse to tell what we saw, thought and felt. Because memory is a collective gear.

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Drakes Group Illegal Eviction Of Squatters Resisted In Brighton

11-12-2004 16:49

Drakes Group, a UK private bailiff and enforcement agency employed by many county courts in the UK
failed to carry out an illegal eviction of squatters in a residential area of Brighton
last Tuesday thanks to support and solidarity of neighbours and concerned Brightonians.

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Redecorate London

10-12-2004 11:53

Calling all artists, culture jammers, anarchists, activists, nihilists, punks, and other radicals to...

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The Corporation - hear this

09-12-2004 22:07

The epic documentary 'The Corporation' is out now showing at cinemas around the UK.
If you can't be arsed to visit the cinema you can listen to rampART radio everyday at 4am or 4pm GMT....

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Nursery Social Centre Santa Resistance film: Help us RESIST tomorrow!

09-12-2004 20:42

This is a short film of Monday's underhanded eviction attempt by Birmingham City Council to evict the Nursery Social Centre in Selly Oak. This is Brum's first autonomous social centre and it's been occupied since late August 2004. There is a homeless project upstairs housing three homeless people who will be out on the streets if the Council get their way just before Christmas. The Nursery Social Centre resist attempts to evict them on Monday Dec 6th, but the Council will try again on Fri 10th December. Help us RESIST!

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09-12-2004 17:51



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Events this Weekend at A-Spire and Maelstrom!

09-12-2004 14:08

This weekends events are in conjunction with A-Spire and will be held at both A-Spire and Maelstrom…

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Brum Social Centre Friday eviction alert!

08-12-2004 13:10

Call for supprot on Friday 11th Dec, plus images from Monday eviction
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