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UK Free Spaces Newswire Archive

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Protests & free food outside McDeath

17-10-2005 19:31

Every year on the 16th October, thousands of campaigners across the globe, stage protests outside their local McDonalds stores due to their promotion of junk food, animal cruelty, damage to the environment, the unethical targeting of children, exploitation of workers, and the global domination of corporations over our lives.

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ASBO welcomed by community!

17-10-2005 15:01

Saturday 15th October saw ASBO squatted community centre on Burns St open its doors for the first time. The day was really successful with 50-60 people from the local community and across Nottingham stopping by.


The free shop in the front garden drew lots of curious people off the street, and some were flumoxed that they were not being asked to pay anything. People brought goods along, and picked up some really useful stuff – including a record player and an electric guitar!

Inside, “Broad Bean” internet was busy all afternoon with local children making the most of the facilities. We may be looking to put more computers downstairs to cope with the demand. The 'Kranks' bike workshop was a real hit, lots of people came along with their bikes and everyone helped each other fix them – a really excellent skill share session. Even a double-buggy that a local family brought in got fixed up. Ideas for future projects include bike trailers, tricycles and even bicycle-powered washing machines.

The day ended with a hearty meal from the People's Kitchen which had been filling the centre with mouth watering smells all afternoon. Everyone tucked in, and enjoyed chatting to their neighbours.

We were really pleased at the diversity of people who came to use the ASBO and hope that this day was just a start for a really exciting new project. We hope to have more and more stuff happening at the centre: look out for a 'Recycled Art' workshop coming soon. If you want to use the ASBO space then email us at:

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New @utonomous Social Centre - Get involved!

16-10-2005 12:31

There is a meeting this Thursday at the Midland Arts Centre at 7.30pm for anyone interested in getting involved in setting up a new @utonomous Social Centre in Birmingham.

This will be organised non-hierarchically and decisions will be made consensually just like the first @utonomous social centre in Brum - The Nursery Social Centre.

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Plagued by corporate prank calls? Here's who to blame:

15-10-2005 20:22

MKD Holdings is the corporate stalker behind the public-harassment machine "Kitchens Direct". These are the people who will ring you up using an automated dialing system and then cut off when you answer, unless one of their operators is available at that precise moment to try and sell you a kitchen

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15-10-2005 20:18

This is a FREE OPEN ART HAPPENING for everybody! You are welcome to this JAM OF ART, with your media, your messages, your body and your joy !!!

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naked green mass park art kill G8 social house

14-10-2005 16:00

So many subjects so little time!

Saturday evening looks to be packed. We've an hour of the latest short films from the Real2Reel Vol3 video compliation and a whole bunch of people to talk about the campaigns or issues covered in the videos, what they've been up to since and what they are working on now.

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Free Video Workshop this saturday

14-10-2005 15:29

The world famous oxford indymedia video doctor is coming to London!

Yes, it's that time again, rampART is the venue for the video doctors surgery and video shooting and editing workshop from 2pm Saturday 15th as part of the Real2Reel video activism event. Film screenings kick off at 8pm sharp, interspaced with presentations and discussion then live music.

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Jenny Jones (Mayor's Road Safety Ambassador) On Critical Mass Criminalisation

12-10-2005 13:33

JENNY JONES - Green Party London Assembly Member, the former Deputy Mayor of London, the Mayor's Road Safety Ambassador and Member of the Metropolitan Police Authority... speaks about the potential criminalisation of London Critical Mass monthly bike ride.

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Audio: interview about St'Georges eviction

12-10-2005 11:16

Yesterday (oct 11th, 2005), the circle community was illegal evicted from Saint Georges theatre in Tufnel park before the appeal hearing was heard...

AUDIO MP3 >>> <<<

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Nottingham Community Print Resources

12-10-2005 01:52

Help needed to set up a print workshop and resource centre for Nottm's campaign community.

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URGENT HELP RESIST the illegal eviction @ St. George's Tufnell Park NOW!

11-10-2005 11:43

The Circle Community Centre project at St. George's in Tufnell Park is in the process of being illegally evicted. 30 police and 10 bailiffs illegally entered the project this morning and the project are asking for people to come and help RESIST the eviction NOW! They have made a call out for people to come along immediately and help support them, samba people, climbers, and people with cameras and video equipment to help witness the illegal actions of police and bailiffs.

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11:30am - Illegal Eviction at St George’s Theatre – help needed now.

11-10-2005 10:49

Dozens of police decended have on St George's Theatre whilst the residents are putting their case for appeal to the High Court.

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Screening/workshops/party London Oct 15th

10-10-2005 15:23

Pedal powered revolutionaries come in all shapes, sizes and colours. Check out the big green variety in this video...

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09-10-2005 21:34

Here is the call for submissions for the Art 05 exhibition in November.
URBAN INVASION | A call for submissions for a fringe event to Sheffield's Art 05's main event to be held at Matilda, 111 Matilda Street, Sheffield S1 4QF.

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08-10-2005 16:35

Queerdo Films
Program of showings for the LEEDS QUEER FILM FESTIVAL
14-16 OCT

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World Summit on Free Information Infrastructures: Audio Archive

08-10-2005 09:33

Audio Archive pages for WSFII - a gathering of Free Infrastructure developers of all kinds that took place between the 1st and 3rd October 2005 in London.


Notes from sesions:


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Sumac Centre - October Dates Confirmed

07-10-2005 15:29

Download pdf of Sumac flyer for October here.
Print off and distribute!

Events include:
Colombian Activists Presentation - Mon 24th Oct
Medical Aid for Cuba Benefit - Sat 22th Oct
G8/No I.D. Benefit - Fri 28th Oct
Saving Iceland Gathering - 28th-30th Oct
Workshops, Gatherings and Meetings! ...

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Critical Mass tonight meet up @ 5:30 pm Pigeon Park

07-10-2005 11:22

Critical Mass flyer from 2000

Following on from the continued repression of Critical Mass rides in New York since the Republican National Convention, London's Critical Mass is now under threat.

The regular monthly Brum Critical Mass meets up at 5.30pm tonight outside the Cathedral in Pigeon Park

Let's get this show on the road!

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"Tunisians Conduct Online Protest"

06-10-2005 01:24

Right now there's an extraordinary online protest coming out of Tunisia. The website,, is a collection of photos of Tunisians holding up signs in various languages, each with a message directed to Tunisian President Ben Ali.

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Callout for October's Critical Mass

03-10-2005 07:26

The text of the callout for October's Critical Mass. Lets make this huge and protect our Critical Mass. Print out leaflets and sitribute them to other cyclists
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