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UK Free Spaces Newswire Archive

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Christmas in Prison for Peace Protestor Grandmother

18-12-2008 17:42

During August 2008, to mark the anniversary of the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima, Sylvia Boyes cut the fence at Fylingdales Radar station near Whitby. Today (18th December) Sylvia (aged 65), a dedicated peace campaigner, was sentenced for 12 weeks by Bingley Magistrates Court for her action at Fylingdales. Her protest was against Fylingdales role as an early warning radar station, part of US Missile Defense.

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New York City: New School University is now OCCUPIED!

18-12-2008 07:35

Greetings to the UK...Love, New York!

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New Tactics in Greece: Rioters Use Lasers to Blind Police

14-12-2008 19:52

if the cops are cyborgs, we are aliens
Greek rioters blind police succesfully with lasers. watch the first parts of this vid:

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Call for a popular assembly at the liberated town hall of Agios Dimtrios in Athe

13-12-2008 12:37

It should be evident to all by now that this uprising is not merely an honorary response to the death of Alexandros. Ever since, there has been much talk about theft, burning and looting. For media and politicians, violence is understood only in terms of what disturbs the public order

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Screening of awards winning documentary Nomadak TX

12-12-2008 11:35

Screening of awards winning documentary "Nomadak TX", on two txalaparta players around the world trying to interact with people of the world through music.

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In Age of Migration, Human Rights Declaration Falls Short

11-12-2008 19:40

New America Media, Commentary, Joseph Nevins, Posted: Dec 10, 2008
Editor’s Note: The Universal Declaration of Human Rights actually has helped legitimate the right of countries to regulate immigration. This is because the declaration, written before the age of mass migration, protects the right of exit from a country but does not affirm a right of entry. Joseph Nevins is an associate professor of geography at Vassar College. His latest book is "Dying to Live: A Story of U.S. Immigration in an Age of Global Apartheid" (City Lights Books, 2008). IMMIGRATION MATTERS regularly features the views of immigrant rights advocates.

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Letters from Bologna parts two and three have arrived

09-12-2008 23:27

The further instalments of Riseup' trip to the red city of Italy.

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New Oaxacan Social Centre Attacked by Cops, Fired On.

09-12-2008 18:08

Early on Monday morning, Oaxaca's newest social centre was attacked by State and Municipal Police.

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Screening of awards winning Nomadak TX documentary

09-12-2008 14:49

I'm sending this from the Basque Society to post on the listings. It's a screening of awards winning documentary "Nomadak TX", on two txalaparta players around the world trying to interact with people of the world through music.

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Anarchy erupts in Exarchia, Central Athens! Come join the fun.

08-12-2008 19:55

In what the author is describing as 'the biggest anarchist insurrection he has seen since Claremont Road, and the Albanian insurrection' the entire periphery of the small neighbourhood of Exarchia in central Athens has been effectively sealed off from Police forces. Barricades are up in the streets and forces stand ready to repel the police!

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Dissident Island Tonight - Ho Ho Ho

05-12-2008 14:16

ho ho ho
In our last show of 2008 we bring you talk about the Genoa G8 trials, Space Hijackers Christmas spirit, LARC at 10, Professor Kayoss & Critical Mass, and our very own DJ Lung Collapser.

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Text by the people behind The Cyclops on the burning of their house...

03-12-2008 13:39

Here is a text by Kulturkampanjen, the people behind the autonomous social centre in Stockholm The Cyclops, on the burning of their house. Please repost and spread it widely. Messages of solidarity can be posted as comments on and sent to

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Open meeting to develop the Social Centres scene in London

03-12-2008 11:48

Rampart and beyond, open meeting for developing new and existing London Social Centres

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Firebird benefit carboot now on 14th Dec

02-12-2008 23:12

There is a change of date for the Firebird/Community Justice Centre benefit car boot, see for previous article.

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Finally, Letters from Bologna have arrived

02-12-2008 14:29

Finally, after much waiting, and with many apologies for the delay, letters from Bologna have arrived!

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What, No Prices?

01-12-2008 20:45

Really, it's free
More than 150 people came to Next To Nowhere's Free Shop on Saturday. This was a one-off event to mark Buy Nothing Day. The organisers encouraged people to come in by offering free tea and toast and free mistletoe on the street outside.

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Bristol Queer Cafe... December Dates

01-12-2008 16:34

Queer Cafe & Film Screening: Kinsey
Thurs 11th, 7pm onwards

Discussion: Creating Queer Spaces
Tues 16th, 7.30pm

both events @ kebele

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Arson against Swedish social center Cyklopen. Nazis suspected!

30-11-2008 19:09

Shortly before 19:00 Swedish time on Saturday the 29th of November, the social center Cyklopen (the Cyclops), caught fire. The place had been broken into and arson was immediately suspected. Nazis are believed to have been behind the attack against this self built house at the outskirts of Stockholm.

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The Sparrows' Nest - A centre for anarchist education and culture

30-11-2008 13:21

Anarchists in Nottingham have been busy converting a house in the St Ann's area into a centre for anarchist education and culture. The Sparrows' Nest will be home to a library of books, pamphlets and other media relating to anarchism, workers' struggle and local struggles. I went along to chat to one of the residents...

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Firebird Benefit Car Boot and Open Day

30-11-2008 01:34

The campaigners at the squatted Firebird pub, renamed the Community Justice Centre, are holding a car boot in the pub car park on Sunday 7th Dec. £5 a table opening 7am for sellers and 8am for buyers.

All proceeds to go to the evolving Social Centre.

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