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UK Free Spaces Newswire Archive

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UG#600 - Evolution Beyond Money (Giftivism, Reforming and Quitting Money)

21-12-2012 15:51

This week, a follow up show to our last show on money. We begin with a talk by Nipun Mehta on 'Designing for Generosity'. Then, an interview with Suelo, now moneyless since 2000 and his biographer, Mark Sundeen. In our second hour, an audio adaptation of the 2011 money reform film, Money As Debt III.

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20/12/12 Greece: Police raided occupation of Villa Amalias Squat,Athens

20-12-2012 22:59

You wont get Villa Amalias. Not your dreams only

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Statement of the squatters of the former ministry of finance in altona, hamburg

17-12-2012 18:50

the squatting action last year
december 2012

At the 23rd of april in 2011, 200 people squatted the former ministry of finance in altona, a district in hamburg and declared the autonomous center of altona (az altona). The action was dedicated to the rise of selforganised spaces, against the ongoing housing misery in hamburg and the parallel existance of massive vacancy of office buildings in the city. After seven hours, the police evicted the building and later started penalty against the 40 squatters. Some weeks ago, the first penalty-letters were sent by prosecutors to demand more than 20000 euro in total!

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Rumours of our Demise Have Been Greatly Exaggerated!

17-12-2012 16:55

As you may be aware, our plans to host a temporary community cafe run on anarchist principles in Bristol this weekend, have been scarpered after Avon & Somerset Police decided to raid Everything Is Not OK Cafe on Friday morning; evicting the building and arresting the five occupiers.

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Travellers celebrate “step in the right direction” as Basildon approve planning application for a 15 pitch Traveller site

12-12-2012 08:05

Yesterday evening Basildon Borough Council’s planning committee finally passed a planning application for 15 pitches to accommodate some of the most vulnerable homeless Gypsy and Traveller families in Basildon. This is the first site approved by the Council since official planning needs assessments in 2006 stated the need for between 157 and 163 pitches for Gypsy and Traveller families in Basildon by 2011.[1]

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Estate agents concerned as Cardiff squatters set up network

11-12-2012 20:06

Squatters briefly took over the Bute Dock Hotel last month owned by Keylet
Original article here:

Hello, we exist now. A network of squatters, travellers, the unrooted, homeless people, and supporters.

We’re now meeting monthly and are hosting our first event, a Squatters/Travellers Workshop & Skillshare on Thursday 20th December at 3pm, venue to be confirmed. This will be an hour discussing the law around squatting, recent changes, and how to still squat legally in commercial buildings. Followed by another hour skill-sharing how to secure and occupy spaces to live in.

We are currently organising events, planning projects, plotting against further criminalisation, setting up a squatters estate agents, and creating a support network for people currently squatting and for others interested in doing so.

Contact us at to get involved.
Find us at to stay updated.

Love & Rage!

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Critical Mass Defence: Urgent Callout

30-11-2012 19:44

Nine people are being prosecuted after the police crackdown on London Critical Mass in July. You could be a crucial witness for their defence or help us find one! Their trial is in February, but we need to gather evidence by December 10th. That’s really soon!

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News from the Library Street Social Centre

30-11-2012 02:11

The Library Street Social Centre, is a fairly new autonomous community centre situated on in the Large Colorama Building on Library Street in Elephant and Castle (SE1 0RY) we regularly hold talks, film screenings, and social events. Anyone is welcome to approach us and put something on. Below is a report of the Peoples Kitchen and Film Night we had yesterday (29/11/12) for more infor see our website librarystreetlondon(dot)wordpress(dot)com.

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Free Stall, Wrexham People's Market

26-11-2012 21:22

There's now a free stall in Wrexham People's Market, Chester Street, Wrexham open for sharing from Monday to Saturday every week. The stall's being run by the people for the people. Those taking part include members of Give and Take, Freeconomy Wrexham and the Yum Yum project, others with an interest in developing the gift economy and everyone else who's given stuff, taken stuff and who's helping look after the space. Join us, to take, give or help out on the stall.

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Buy Nothing Day

24-11-2012 10:00

TODAY is Buy Nothing Day

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14-11-2012 19:17

eviction of laZad

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Centreprise booskhop evicted

11-11-2012 17:00

The Black community bookshop. cafe and centre, Centreprise, in Dalston, East London was evicted last week.

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Westcountry Mutineer issue #2

04-11-2012 12:26

Weclome to issue 2 of the Westcountry Mutineer - your one stop anti-shop for all the best direct action, protest, strikes and scandals from the Westcountry and beyond

Drop us an email at to subscribe, get involved, help distribute in your neck of the woods, or sue

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Anarchist Black Cross Prisoner Art UK Tour

02-11-2012 15:03

Full res poster:

SEPTEMBER 2012: London – Colorama #2
OCTOBER 2012: London – Freedom Bookshop (London ABC)
NOVEMBER 2012: Cardiff – Red & Black Umbrella (Cardiff ABC)
DECEMBER 2012: Nottingham – Sumac Centre (Autonomous Nottingham)
JANUARY 2013: Bradford – 1 in 12
FEBRUARY 2013: Liverpool – Next to Nowhere
MARCH 2013: Brighton – Cowley Club (Brighton ABC)
APRIL 2013: Plymouth – Venue TBC
MAY 2013: Bristol – Emporium (Bristol ABC)
JUNE 2013: Belfast – Warzone Collective
JULY 2013: Dublin – Seomra Spraoi

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Acme Acre - Stratford - New squatted space

27-10-2012 02:23

a new 1.5 acre commercial estate of warehouses plus a block of art studios has been opened in stratford. amazing space would have to be seen to be believed ;) all are welcome to come visit and help paint up the space and give ideas about what theyd like to see come from the project. the address is The sugar house, 9 sugar house lane, stratford, e15 2qs, just after the bow roundabout. if you visit please press buzzer h on the red gate. spread the word to like minded people and artists who would like to get involved.

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Romney's Mormon Church Abuses Animals

23-10-2012 16:00

One of many beaches affected by oil
As Obama, Romney, Libertarians, Greens, Socialists and other parties battle for
the presidency of the United States, underreported are environmental issues in the campaign including the
Mormon church's war with Florida residents re their 300,000 acre cattle ranch which has 44,000 animals.

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Police vs. Brag

23-10-2012 03:34

The police in the UK claim to be neutral enforcers of the law – disinterested machines dedicated to the violent enforcement of the will of the state. This would be contemptible enough, if only it were true. The thugs in uniform that House of Brag has encountered over the past week have not only persecuted us in the absence of any accusations of law-breaking but have actively ignored strong evidence of violent law-breaking which clashed with their anti-squatter agenda.

To take a step back – House Of Brag (HoB) is a small collective of idealistic queers and allies seeking to create a non-commercial space for queer people and activists to organise, network and socialise. A week and a half ago, we squatted a long-term abandoned council-owned building in South-Central London and opened up The London Queer Social Centre with a cafe, free-shop, work-shop, stage, library and events spaces – all free to use for anybody. For context, it may be worth making clear that we have not had any late or loud parties or done anything that could be considered anti-social or a disturbance in any way.

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La ZAD Eviction Up to date Report

22-10-2012 17:08

Europes largest protest zone is going through multiple evictions (because there are numerous sites) - all through much media silence! Over the past four days La ZAD, an anti-airport protest zone, composing of over 20 occupied sites has been putting up the barricades, opposing and protesting against the harassment and the evictions by a troop of police over a 1000 strong.

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Siege of The Elephant: Convergence against gentrification 17th November 2012

22-10-2012 00:09

The Siege of The Elephant - Sat 17th November
The Siege of The Elephant: A One-day Convergence
Saturday 17th November 11am – 5pm
Pembroke House 80 Tatum Street London SE17 1QR
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