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UK Free Spaces Newswire Archive

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InfoUsurpa and OffLine London now published together

22-02-2008 11:21

Please download, print and distribute.

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21-02-2008 23:07

Follow up from the various actions and "silent" work in France (in particularly)
and in Europe towards the implementation of the Right to Housing for all and
after that the French government voted on a law that turned the right to housing
justiciable (5 March 2007).

Three French active groups, AITEC, DAL and FAPIL
finalized a document under the platform Europe – Third World Centre (CETIM)
to be presented at the next U.N. HUMAN RIGHTS COUNCIL between the
3rd and the 28th of March.

Attached and below is the full text.

Today 21st FEB, is called a night of solidarity with the homeless at the Place de la république in Paris.
It’s organized by 27 organizations for housing rights and homeless.

Here :
you can watch the movie about the tent action of “Enfants de Don Quichotte" in
Canal Saint Martin, last year (71 minutes)

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'Not An Eviction Party' at the secret social centre

21-02-2008 21:02

Today, the backup venue for the rampART social centre faced a court hearing as the owners sought an interim possession order which would have seen the occupiers given just 24 hours to pack up and leave. However, as luck would have it, only the squatters turned up to court so the case was adjourned. No eviction tomorrow and we guess not for at least another week...

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Unrest Aftermath in Copenhagen

21-02-2008 14:42

After a week of burning barricades, cars and public buildings across the country the unrest has settled down. Now we're looking back at what actually happened.

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Picket Foxtons In Islington Monday 3rd March

20-02-2008 15:07

Estate agents are destroying communities. They are destroying London.

Foxtons, one of the most visible (and most unpleasant) will be picketed as part of a week of action against estate agents.

Lets stop moaning about housing issues, and begin to act! The sooner we stop the likes of Foxtons from operating in our communities, the sooner an affordable London could be built.

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Second Action Central Meeting in Leeds: March 16th

20-02-2008 14:16

A growing and important network for planning actions and campaigns in leeds and the surrounding area.

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Interview With A Hacktivist

19-02-2008 19:35

I recently conducted an interview with 'Shai', Liverpool's resident hactivist. He's organising a hactivism evening at the city's social centre, Next To Nowhere, on Wednesday 5th March. I talked to him about his plans for the event, his ideas for improving activists' use of technology, and asked what's so damned exciting about all those zeroes and ones anyway...

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Denmark: 3rd night of riots in Copenhagen

18-02-2008 09:27

Denmark. The struggle for a new social centre and youth house in Copenhagen continues. Yesterday was the 3rd nigth of riots in the Dansih capitol.

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Food Not Bombs (Brixton) - Police Repression.

17-02-2008 23:26

Sunny Winter's Day, Tasty Vegan Food, Anti-Social Behaviour?!?!
Those enjoying the regular open picnic were forced to leave Brixton Town Square today in a typically heavy-handed Metropolitan Police fiasco.

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Camden Inferno -

15-02-2008 22:58

Will the fire in Camden see another area fall to corporate High Street culture? Wild rumours of a corporate plot behind the fire may have nothing in them, but one thing is certain another part of Camden is under threat.

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Hackney Social Centre Opens!

15-02-2008 18:04

Free cafe!
London's newest autonomous zone opened last night with a free cafe, music, and a series of short films.

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BlokR Cancelled

14-02-2008 18:13

BlokR calls off the siege on Copenhagen's City Hall on February 21.

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New social centre opening tonite!

14-02-2008 13:51

Having fought off raids by police and landlords, the new occupied social centre in Hackney is flinging open its doors for a great evening of food, films and friends...

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Copenhagen prepares for siege of town hall

13-02-2008 19:58

Plans and preparations for the siege on city hall are moving forward. On Saturday the 2nd, the first set of workshops was held and more details on the blocks and their structure was given out.

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Nottingham's Speaker's Corner

12-02-2008 17:57

Nottingham's Market Square is set to get it's own Speaker's Corner.

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Leeds: Are we going in the right direction? 28th feb 6pm

11-02-2008 15:03

Leeds: Are we going in the right direction?

28th of February, 6:00 – 8:00 P.M.

Rupert Becket Lecture Theatre. Michael Sadler Building. University of Leeds
How to get here:

Drinks and nibbles

Leeds has enjoyed major economic success in recent years, becoming the fastest growing city in England and number one financial centre after London. Its universities attract thousands of students and retail is booming. All this is reflected in the changing face of the city centre. But is the price of success now too high? The well loved Corn Exchange shops are all but gone; Kirkgate Market traders await an uncertain fate; skyscrapers and over-priced flats are set to dominate the skyline with little consultation while affordable council housing is demolished;

So we ask: Is Leeds going in the right direction? What does the general public think? Are there any alternatives?

This event will discuss the positive and negative things that are happening to Leeds as well as proposals for change. Leeds City Council has a major role to play but it is not alone – the public must have a big say in the future of the city.

Come to this Public Event where your views will be heard, debated and recorded in a public report.

Organised by academics at the University of Leeds and Leeds Metropolitan University
Chaired by Andrew Edwards from BBC Radio Leeds ‘Andrew and Georgey’s Breakfast Show’
For more information contact

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Decentralised Day of Action for Squats and Autonomous Spaces

11-02-2008 13:32

On Friday the 11th and Saturday the 12th of April 2008, there will be two days of demonstration, direct action, public information, street-party, squatting... in defence of free spaces and for an anti-capitalist popular culture. Come to an organisational meeting to get involved in Manchester!

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reclaim the city action planning event sun 17th feb 6pm

08-02-2008 16:23

Transform the City!
An action planning event at the Common Place, Leeds.
23 Wharf St.
0845 345 7334

6pm Sunday 17th February

Sick of skyscrapers, posh offices, yuppie flats and overpriced entertainment in Leeds?

Do you really live it and love it?
Or do you want to do something else?

April 11th and 12th 2008 will be European days of action to transform and reclaim our cities. As part of this there are plans to hold a weekend festival of resistance and creativity in heart of Leeds city centre.

All skills, ideas and interests are needed to transform the city. Let your imagination run free and help us dream another city!


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Critical Mass 'Have a Go Hero' cleared of all charges in Bristol

07-02-2008 16:16

In May of last year, someone stood in the road and tried to stop a car, who had hit a Critical Mass cyclist off their bike, from driving away. For that he was arrested for obstructing the highway, thrown to the floor by his neck whilst handcuffed, and then - surprise surprise - also arrested for assaulting a police officer.

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Occupy, Resist, Produce!

07-02-2008 09:44

When its owners abandoned the Junin Clinic in 2002, its workers occupied and reopened this community health centre in Cordoba, Argentina. They have been fighting ever since to provide affordable health care for all. As their struggle with the state and the private owners of the clinic continues into its 6th year, they are now appealing for messages of solidarity from supporters around the world.
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