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UK Free Spaces Newswire Archive

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Benefit for Ian Tomlinson Family Campaign this Saturday (27th).

22-11-2010 18:55


It will be a benefit for the Ian Tomlinson Family Campaign:

As its on a Saturday we'll have Micky Vespre spinning the decks with a couple more bands to be announced.

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Fighting the squatting ban (Netherlands)

22-11-2010 13:59

Whatever they say, squatting will stay!
A timeline of actions in Amsterdam and elsewhere in the Netherlands during the squatting ban

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Reimagine the University -24th-26th November - Leeds

20-11-2010 11:04

Are you a skint student? An overworked member of University staff? A Leodian with a vision of a more inclusive University system?

The Really Open University invites you to ‘Re-imagine the University’, a three-day event dedicated to exploring and demonstrating an alternative educational system.

Download the programme here:

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Art of Activism (Oxford)

19-11-2010 18:07

Art of activism are an Oxford based art collective hoping to bring creativity out onto the streets and raise awareness that art can play a role in social change.

Article taken from Issue 1 of The Ox-Fly - Oxford's radical newsletter:

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Food not Bombs hold free feast (Oxford)

19-11-2010 17:57

Food Not Bombs (FNB) Oxford recently celebrated its first meal, in support of the Free University event.

Article taken from Issue 1 of The Ox-Fly - Oxford's radical newsletter:

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Statement of Departure

19-11-2010 09:27

Sussex University has come out of a 5 day occupation of a new lecture theatre, built while hundreds of our lecturer's lost their jobs.

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INTERNATIONAL SOLIDARITY with the 14 anarchists kidnapped by the Chilean state

18-11-2010 03:19

in support of the 14 anarchists arrested in Chile
14 anarchists arrested accused of "terrorism" by the Chilean state, around the mediatic "Bombs case", 10 are still in the Maximun Security Prisons.

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Reimagine the University - 24/11-26/11 - Leeds

12-11-2010 09:51

How could we transform the university, how could students and lecturers learn differently through more creative, critical and empowering processes, is it even possible to transform the university, or do we need to create an entirely different system?

We invite you to be a part of exploring and demonstrating an alternative educational system over three days. Be it a workshop, a lecture a discussion a film an event, we are calling... on students, lecturers and staff and others to come together and show another university is possible.

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Manchester Uni Occupation

11-11-2010 14:01

Occupation of Manchester Uni's Finance office to expose planned cuts within the institution

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New DIY booklet on building lockons

09-11-2010 12:34

A new DIY booklet is being produced containing notes on designing, constructing and using devices used for ‘locking-on’ during protest actions. It mostly focuses on the mechanics of lock-on devices rather than the actual tactics employed in using them. ‘Delia Smiths Blockading for Beginners’ and ‘The Direct Action Handbook’ will remain essential reading on how lockons are deployed as part of an action.

It is very difficult to obtain reliable first hand information on the effectiveness of different lockon designs and construction methods. Most lockon actions end without the devices being subjected to being cut up and if they are then few people get to witness it happening and even fewer report back on the methods used or the difficulties experienced.

Below is a short questionnaire which will hopefully provide a way for useful first hand experiences to make their way into the booklet. If you have first hand experiences, please copy and paste the questioned into an email along with your answers and send to, or reply as a comment below.

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police raid! shoot a 1000 to hit none!

07-11-2010 12:02

Autistici-Inventati Newsletter
November 6th, 2010

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Arrests at Cambridge Vodafone Shutdown

06-11-2010 18:15

Before the Action
Three activists were arrested today outside a Cambridge Vodafone store during a peaceful protest against Vodafone's £6bn tax exemption. The arrests were made at approximately 3.00pm this afternoon, as activists leafleting outside Vodafone's central store in the Grand Arcade shopping centre were harassed by security guards and police officers.

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Venue Change for Alternative Vegan Festival

01-11-2010 20:16

Alternative Vegan Festival Update

The Alternative Vegan Festival will be going ahead as planned in a new, amazing venue in Leytonstone, North London.

This event is DIY, and anyone is welcome to get involved.

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Arson attack on info shop

28-10-2010 21:23

Neo-Nazis are suspected to be behind an arson attack on Berlin's oldest info shop. On the same night fascist graffiti was sprayed on several left wing projects in the same area.

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Demonstration against the dutch squatting ban: Nov. 7th, The Hague, Holland

27-10-2010 17:55

On November the 7th 2010 a demonstration against the law on squatting will be held in The Hague. This law, enacted on the first of October 2010, effectively makes all the squatters in the Netherlands a criminal.

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'Grow Heathrow' Autum Celebration 14.10.10

26-10-2010 14:26

Gardeners & families mingle
Community day at squatted permaculture garden in Sipson

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Sober Living for the Revolution Talk: 25.10.10. Brighton

25-10-2010 07:59



Gabriel Kuhn will be doing a free talk at The Cowley Club (brighton) about his new book ‘Sober Living for the Revolution’ at 7pm on Monday 25th October 2010.

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Demi-Lune squat evicted, repression in Montreuil, France

22-10-2010 19:21

Thursday the 14th, great showing of state repression in Montreuil, suburb of Paris, France. Two squat evicted by the police and one by city administration, a high school pupil hit by a flash ball, at least 8 arrestations... Let's take to the streets!

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Defend Huntington Lane: Photo report and call-out (Part 2)

19-10-2010 20:42

Follow this path to the camp
More photos from the Huntington Lane camp, which is resisting UK Coal's attempts to destroy an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in Shropshire. UK Coal plans to extract hundreds of thousands of tonnes of coal, the dirtiest fossil fuel of them all, in a huge open cast operation over the next few years. The National Eviction Team now appears to be maintaining a continuous presence on part of the site. Support is needed to defend the main camp.

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Defend Huntington Lane: Photo report and call-out (Part 1)

19-10-2010 15:17

No New Works at Huntington Lane
Defend Huntington Lane coal protest camp has been building up and digging in since March, resisting plans by UK Coal to blight this lovely area of Shropshire with more open cast hell. With the arrival of the National Eviction Team who cleared an unoccupied part of the camp in the middle of last week, the main camp now needs your urgent help and support. Take yourself, your ideas, your energy and supplies along to this beautiful part of Shropshire if you can and as soon as you can.
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