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UK Free Spaces Newswire Archive

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police illegally evict squat, bristol

26-04-2009 20:32

The police are attempting to break in and illegally evict the occupants of 141 Ashley Road, St Pauls, Bristol,which has recently been squatted. This is illegal under the terms of Section 6 of the law.

Latest: Those who were inside the building have been arrested unders suspicion of burgalry

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Critical Mass! Nottingham pictures...

24-04-2009 19:41

An initial upload of pictures of todays Critical Mass bike ride through Nottingham city centre. Reclaim the streets!

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Indians blockade main Amazon tributary - 24 April 2009

24-04-2009 17:28

A large number of Indians have blockaded one of the Amazon’s main tributaries, the Napo River, in response to the violation of their rights by oil companies and Peru’s government.

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BEWARE! The importance of NO COMMENT whilst under caution by the police!

24-04-2009 14:05

I know it has been said before but making comments under caution helps convict people every day. Have some sense and respect for your fellow protesters / friends / comrades / family etc who might be implicated by anything you say whilst under police caution.

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Justice Not Crisis evicted from Beechwood Hotel, Birmingham

24-04-2009 13:52

After a half-hearted attempt earlier in the week, bailiffs and police returned to the Beechwood Hotel in force this morning at 6.30 am to evict 'Justice Not Crisis' supporters and homeless people being housed by the campaign. There are reports of dogs and riot gear being used, as well as assaults on some of the inhabitants. Pictures from the Birmingham Mail also show 'Evidence Gathering Teams' in attendance. No arrests were made.

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Radio reports from RavensAit Island

23-04-2009 17:05

Two Audio reports from the visionOntv studio.

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CALL OUT: Permaculture! Party! Resistance!

23-04-2009 11:20

Beechwood Hotel/Squat
A day of permaculture workshops, followed by a BBQ and party. Then stay and help us resist the bailiffs.

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Scarborough Climate Action Network opens community resource centre.

22-04-2009 19:08

After being inspired into action by the fight against global climate chaos, the Scarborough Climate Action group have opened "Green Planet", a community resource centre for education, information and participation on the east coast of Yorkshire.

They aim to provide a central point for people in the local area to find out how they can make positive changes to their environment, as well as providing an autonomous space for people to use the internet, meet like-minded people and get directly involved with the newly burgeoning Scarborough activist networks.

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JNC Squats Resist Double Eviction

22-04-2009 05:20

back yard of the hotel
Occupied social centres operating under the Justice Not Crisis banner, thanks to a spirited resistance from the squatters and supporters, escaped eviction on Tuesday. The squats however remain on high eviction alert, and request all supporters to mobilise.

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MediaCampLondon - The Media is Dead, Long Live the Media!

21-04-2009 16:36

May 1st-3rd - new media gathering on Raven's Ait Island.

The imminent commercial collapse of mainstream media, and its replacement by PR-driven news, threatens the journalistic integrity and independence necessary for a free scoiety. The next generation could be without the 4th Estate.

We have 20 people sighed up, we have space for more - please add your name and contact to wiki if you whona come for the weekend.


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CALL OUT: Resist the bailiffs at Justice Not Crisis squat

20-04-2009 18:28

Justice Not Crisis is set to lose their latest five squats; the houses on Pershore Road and, more importantly, the Beechwood Hotel, Birmingham; 22 rooms that could be housing 22 of Birmingham's thousands of homeless. We need all the help we can to resist the eviction tomorrow.

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Police Violence in Berlin Endangers Life

17-04-2009 17:02

More police violence in Berlin

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Hackean the web In the anniversary of the II Spanish Republic

17-04-2009 16:21

The republican community came 6 years publishing a web in defence of the freedom of communication

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Erfurt, Germany: Squat Eviction

17-04-2009 08:51

Video of the eviction of the squatted areas in Erfurt, Germany
Translation from German

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NW // Is there any doubt that Steve Discombe witnessed Ian Tomlinsons attack?

12-04-2009 13:46

Stevey forgot his bally...
It is obviously important that we are all pro-active in bringing those coppers who witnessed the brutal attack of Ian Tomlinson to justice whether they want to step forward or not.

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Ancient woodland threatened by oil drilling help us try and save it!

09-04-2009 12:35

Ancient Bury Hill Wood
Europa Oil and Gas has applied to drill for oil at Bury Hill Wood which is part of the Abinger Forest, Surrey. The hydrocarbon exploration site (or oil well as most people know it!) will result in the loss of 0.74 hectares (1.8 acres) of precious ancient woodland.

The testing phase of the application will last a minimum of five weeks, however depending on what is found the works could last significantly longer.

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Boris cancels Rise Festival

08-04-2009 22:53

Boris Johston has cancelled the annual Rise Festival, enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of Londoners every year.

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New Tesco for Crookes (round 2) - Fargate Speaker

08-04-2009 10:45

Despite a previous planning application being thrown out by hundreds of objections from local residents Tesco are once again putting forward proposals to build another superstore in Crookes. Not to be bested the Fargate Speaker is once again on the case.

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Defaced Banksy

06-04-2009 08:07

Banksy Mild Mild West
In the early hours of this morning, Banksy's 'Mild Mild West' on Stokes Croft in Bristol (UK) was repainted by a member of Appropriate Media, presenting an alternative version of this 'alternative Bristol landmark'.

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G20 Convergence - Kidspace

05-04-2009 21:14

Here are some photos of the kidspace and childcare cooperative that was organised to facilitate the protest and activism of parents and carers around the G20 summit in London on the 1st and 2nd of April 2009.
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