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UK Free Spaces Newswire Archive

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Your saturday night sorted

03-06-2005 21:39

Benefit event at the rampART this saturday 4.6.'05 for the one year anniversary of the arrests in Guadalajara in mexico by the London Zapatista Support group with Live music food and drink.

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International Anti-G8 Networking Meeting in Thessaloniki, Greece

03-06-2005 09:00

International networking meeting in thessaloniki

"We don't want to be what we are now; we want to be what we want to become!"

From 20 – 22 of May 2005 the Antiauthoritarian Movement (Assembly of Salonica), Greece hosted the International Networking Meeting in Thessaloniki to spark off Dissent against the G8.

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Venezuela - The Country of Parallels

03-06-2005 03:36

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

On a parallel street, within walking distance from the presidential palace, you can find a squatted building taken over and run by communities. It is an old office building, very close to one of the most touristic squares in downtown Caracas: Bellas Artes and the huge hotel Hilton, which nowadays also hosts Bolivarian conferences and friends of the revolution. A theatre rehearsal is the activity on the Saturday afternoon when I visit the building. People of all ages are represented on that main floor built to be a fancy reception and not a centre for community activities.

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G8 protests not banned?

02-06-2005 09:44

Articles from recent Sheffield's Star newspaper say that protests will not be banned outside a security cordon for the G8 summit from 15th - 17th June.

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Massive UK Teknival goes ahead in Wales - May Bank Holiday Weekend

31-05-2005 13:43

teknival up close
The much talked about UK TEKNIVAL went ahead this weekend despite police operations across several counties to thwart 'organised illegal raves' - it ran from saturday night(28th may) through till monday.

On the anniversary of the in(famous) Castlemortan free party and just days before the anniversary of the battle of the beanfield around 20-30 sound systems and thousands of people gathered to party on Betws mountain in Wales.

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Pix of Critical Mass London, Fri 27 May 05 - Set 1 of 2

31-05-2005 12:25

The S&M Pride flag flies proudly from one cyclists ride
Static and from-the-saddle pictures of Critical Mass London's first ride of its 12th year.

For permission to copy and use, see CopyLeft at the end of the story below the photos.
For a link to other sets of photos/video, see the Links Comment at the foot of this page.

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Pix of Critical Mass London, Fri 27 May 05 - Set 2 of 2

31-05-2005 12:10

The S&M Pride flag flies proudly from one cyclists rideThe proud owner of an ult
Static and from-the-saddle pictures of Critical Mass London's first ride of its 12th year.

For permission to copy and use, see CopyLeft at the end of the story below the photos.
For a link to other sets of photos/video, see the Links Comment at the foot of this page.

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Free Festival of Mapping Opening Night

29-05-2005 13:17

'YOU ARE HERE but why?' Free Festival of Mapping
Opening Night is on Friday 3rd June 7pm
56a Infoshop 56 Crampton St London SE17
Tube or Bus to Elephant + Castle

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Battle of the Beanfield Talk - London

29-05-2005 13:07

Andy Worthington, author of 'STONEHENGE: Celebration and Subversion' will be giving a talk on the infamous Battle of the Beanfield, June 1985.

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Radical History at Free Festival Of Mapping!! London June 2005

27-05-2005 12:56

SOUTH LONDON RADICAL HISTORY GROUP presenting a bunch of stuff... YOU ARE HERE BUT WHY? A Free Festival of Mapping

South London June 2005

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Critical Mass ride on Friday

24-05-2005 19:23

Another critical mass this Friday, Chinatown Gate, 6.30pm!! Be there or be a bit crap.

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Health, Education, Women and Production – Advances in Zapatista Autonomy

23-05-2005 15:08

Indigenous people are making important advances in their autonomy in the zone of Morelia, in Chiapas, Mexico. The most important aspects in the development of autonomy have been health, education, production and the situation of women, say the Zapatistas.

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G8 Gleneagles Road Closures, Exclusion Zones and offer of rally for just 5000

19-05-2005 09:32

On Monday 6th May, Tayside police announced the initial security cordon plan (or as it's been labelled the 'traffic management plan') for the Gleneagles Summit in July. This will see local road closures to the west of Auchterarder, as well as the closure of rights of way through the southern part of the Gleneagles estate. Police will also be stationed at the junctions at Blackford, Loaninghead, Auchterarder and Aberuthven, an no doubt Braco and other junction locations.

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RAMpolishART this week

18-05-2005 18:36

Tonight is WANC and rampART - womens only cafe with a school playground theme tonight.

All the rest of the week we have an exhibition of polish street art and at the weekend we have a party to celebrate one year of the rampART...

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GASHcollective FREE party

18-05-2005 17:46

For a night of rockin and heavy drinking.....

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Social Centres round up

18-05-2005 14:33

Ok, rampART in London is celebrating it's first birthday next weekend (21st May) and they will be having a bit of a party with band and stuff. They also intend to do some kind of presentation and show films about various social centres around Europe. So, how about we get together something of a round up of the current social centre projects in the UK. Leave comments here listing those you know of or write up something about the ones you are involved in or frequent often.

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Rough Music is online

18-05-2005 02:50

Rough Music 4
'Rough Music' - the free monthly(ish) rebel rousing, shit stirring news sheet for and about Brighton brings out a fourth issue, and goes online with a website.

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Video footage of the Birmingham G7 protests May 1998

17-05-2005 12:07

Reclaim the Streets Flyer
May 1998 saw a global street party take place in Birmingham to coincide with the G7 summit being hosted in the city. The following downloadable films contain footage of the street party.

"Reclaim the Streets - Birmingham, UK. An organised street party erupts during the G8 summit." April 1997 (20mb/5'28min)

Reclaim the Streets - the film!

"May 1995, London, England. A small group of people decide to organise an illegal street party in Camden, a part of the city renowned for its consumerism and incessant traffic. The final location is kept secret, because they know that the state and business will not be amused. Reclaim the Streets! is born, a cocktail of raging love, revolutionary carnival, art and anarchy. Since then, clandestine street parties have erupted all over the world. From Hull to Sidney, Lyon to Tel Aviv, Vancouver to Valencia, people are taking back their streets. And this is only beginning."

Download the Reclaim the Streets film here - it's got footage of the Birmingham G7 street party.

792.75 Mb mpeg

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EU counter summit in Luxembourg: status of the preperations

16-05-2005 20:35

Only one month left until the (anti-) european counter summit in Luxembourg.
Whilst in the European public everybody is paying attention to the EU constitution and fear or hope its rejection, networks of the radical left and anarchists in Luxembourg have initiated protests against a Europe of capitalism.

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king's cross community conference

16-05-2005 07:27

"One of ways of empowering people is to increase their level of awareness of options they have... how they can shape decisions that affect their lives."

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