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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Activists arrested over Gujarat videos

14-01-2005 02:02

Preceeding the indian activist film festival at the rampART this week, an unrelated yet related incident ...

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The police are under resourced (part 2)

14-01-2005 00:44

from Larc window
Police were intimidating Larc users this evening with aggressive surveillance.

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Tom Hurndall remembered.

13-01-2005 21:22

Candlelit vigil one year after Tom's death.

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Edinburgh Starbucks Picket

13-01-2005 17:21

Supporters of the Zapatista’s, and the International Workers of the World joined forces in Edinburgh to picket Starbuck’s on the Royal mile for the second time on Saturday the eighth of January. Ignoring the cold, they handed out steaming cups of free fairtrade coffee from Chiapas to passing punters, and tried to persuade them not to go into the café. AUDIO AND PICS BELOW

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UNISON United Left wants UNISON to back amnesty for illegal workers

13-01-2005 10:22

UNISON's Greater London Regional Committee today agreed to support Westminster UNISON proposals for an amnesty for 'illegal' workers. The committee wants the proposals to go forward to UNISON's National Conference and will support this at the upcoming Regional Council AGM.

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The 'Black Book' of U.S. Imperialism: Ward Churchill's Roosting Chickens

12-01-2005 21:03

Todd Gitlin, Paul Berman and assorted intellectuals of the "decent left" have earned their keep arguing that anti-imperialism is nothing but an echo chamber of nihilism, oedipal rage and tacit support for whomever the governing class declares the enemy. Once upon a time their kind derided the Communist left as window dressing for the gulag; now they argue with parallel duplicity that anti-imperialists are shills for "Islamo-fascist" death cults and suicide bombers. As the gate-keepers of acceptable dissent, that is to say "none," they rarely take time to note what it is, this America, they've declared their loyalty to and what it is exactly the "anti-Americans" oppose.

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Scandal: Did Expatriate & SoldierVote COUNT?

12-01-2005 16:15

NO SoldiersVote Left Behind
U.S. CitiZeNs; ON The FrontLines Of Int. Relations- DID Expat.
& SoldierVote get Left Behind?
A Pivotal, Hotly contested 'election of a lifetime' spurring
Worldwide interest saw OverSeas Voters registration increase
fourfold as these Americans are the Country's spokespeople, and
best face forward. Recalcitrant insistence on conflict creating
perpetual war, was on the table for We Decide, you saw the
BillBoards reminding US whose Will was to be measured- The People's! RiP van
Winkle Voters came out of the woodwork, contributing herculean
volunteer efforts & enthusiasm were unprecendented and
encouraging. NEVER in U.S. Presidential politics have MASSIVE
crowds shown up to endorse an incumbent. But to throw out, Reject
malfeasence and Get Rid of incompetence!

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UK premiere in Oxford of award-winning Brazilian documentaries - Jan 18th

12-01-2005 11:43

First UK showing of two recent award winning Brazilian documentary films

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Talk: Europe and the Israeli/Palestinian Conflict

12-01-2005 10:05

The Oxford Branch of the United Nations Association (UNA) are holding a lunchtime lecture on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict on Tuesday 18th January 2005.

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Bristol G8 Dissent news

11-01-2005 23:09

Britain’s year as ‘host’ to the G8 has got off to a fairly high profile start as a result of the disastrous consequences of the earthquake & tsunami in the Indian ocean on 26 December. The subsequent outpouring of support & donations by people around the world (around 2$billion) has forced the G8 to play catch-up with the publics’ sense of solidarity.

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Video of Palestine Solidarity Picket and Tsuanmi Samba

11-01-2005 16:36

Manchester on the 8th of Jan was seething with pre-revolutionary activity. Well there was a lot of people out getting good messages accross.
Have a look at a Video of the Victory to the Intifada picket and the Manchester Samba raising money for victims of the Tsunami

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Another Palestine benefit welcomes performances and visitors…[London]

11-01-2005 14:57

Thursday - 13th of January

The gig will happen at Arbour Square (East London, E1, off Commercial Road, nearest Tube: Stepney and Shadwell – 5 min.)

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another dead microbiologist

11-01-2005 08:31

A retired research assistant professor at the University of Missouri-Columbia died of multiple stab wounds before firefighters found in his body in the trunk of a burning car Friday.

this follows the exclusive death of Dr kelly and 19 other microbiologists....

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International Anti0G8 Meeting: Invite and Agenda

10-01-2005 17:09

Calling All Anti-Capitalists…
An Invite to an International Networking and Co-ordination Meeting (26th -27th February in Tuebingen, Southern Germany) for Those Wanting to Build Radical Resistance to the 2005 G8 Summit to be Held in the UK

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Threat to disrupt Asian film festival

10-01-2005 01:16

Source: The Hindu (

Threat to disrupt Asian film festival
JAN. 9. - By Hasan Suroor

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AnotherDem claims shutdown Spanish site on the European constitutional Treaty

09-01-2005 11:14

AnotherDem claims shutdown the Spanish governmental website on the European constitutional Treaty

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ACT for Rosia Montana: Romanian activists resist Gold Mine!

08-01-2005 11:08

In Romania, centred on the village of Rosia Montana, locals are fighting against the development of the largest gold mine in Europe, a development which has received inter-national condemnation: the gold will be mined using cyanide technology, a procedure which has caused catastrophical environmental damage in the past. Local people, with interational support, have resisted this strongly. This is one of the most vociferous movements in Romania!

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Our Starbucks website to go down on 14/01/05

08-01-2005 11:07

After a long and sometimes boring legal battle with the Starbucks Corporation over the domain name, the latter will be transferred to the evil and ubiquitous coffee chain on the 14/01/05 (approx)

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Indian activist film festival (10th to 16th Jan)

07-01-2005 22:44

MOVEMENTS IN MOTION: 10th – 16th January 2005

15-17 Rampart Street, London E1 2LA

The rampART Creative Centre in East London is hosting a week long festival of contemporary documentary films from India. Grouped around themes of social and political issues, made by accomplished and dedicated filmmakers, this festival brings to London audiences documentaries that are rarely seen, inside or outside India, with the intention of creating spaces for debate. Disturbing, impassioned, humorous, inspiring and controversial, these films provide a glimpse into some of the most difficult challenges facing Indian society.

The festival runs over 6 days, from Monday 10th January to Saturday 16th January.

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US Election Disenfranchisement & Fraud: Logging today's Blog

07-01-2005 00:10

Civil Rights Movement. One more time.
This from William Rivers Pitt's Truthout weblog.

You will have heard nothing about this (beyond ridicule) from the mass media. Very worrying. Read from the bottom up.
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