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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Three undercover political Police unmasked as infiltrators into UK Anarchist, Anti-Fascist and Climate Justice movements

15-01-2011 21:17

PC Mark Kennedy (AKA "Mark Stone"), "Lyn Watson" and "Mark Jacobs"
Statement for translation.

For attention of all international activist groups and movements regarding known involvement of UK undercover political police.
We need translation into French, German, Icelandic, Italian, Greek, Spanish, Polish, Russian, and any other languages people think are relevant. Please post translations here

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Tunisian Revolution can inspire the world

15-01-2011 17:06

THE INITIAL phase of the remarkable Tunisian Revolution of 2011 is now complete.

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Mook Vintage Closed Down? New Cambridge Fur Target!

15-01-2011 15:29

Mook Vintage Closed Down...
Mook Vintage (fur sellers) closed down, Dixie's Vintage stall maybe the last fur seller in Cambridge. Police fail to intimidation protesters:

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Obama Capitulates Again

15-01-2011 13:45

"Several liberal media commentaries deliberately disguised the political significance of Obama’s speech, which was an abject surrender to the arrogant demands of the ultra-right that there should be no accountability for the Tucson events.
E. J. Dionne of the Washington Post claimed that Obama “pointedly took no sides on the controversy over the role of vitriolic politics in the tragedy.” This is flatly untrue, and the columnist knows it. Obama provided an amnesty for the right and effectively repudiated his own liberal supporters."

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"Indignez-vous!" 600,000 sold, shaking France &world (Translation here) Hessel

15-01-2011 05:48

Coming to US, should be $4 or $5.
Perhaps the timing of the book, released during troubled times of economic crisis and inequality has rung a bell for the people of France. Maybe it’s the fact that the author is a holocaust survivor almost a century old -- former spy, escapee from a concentration camp, then Resistance fighter for the rest of WWII -- which lends credibility to his message. Maybe it's the poetic prose. Whatever the reason, Indignez Vous! by Stéphane Hessel is the #1 bestselling book on, and has been for some time. The book has sold over 600,000 in just three months.

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Tunisia...some bits you may have missed

15-01-2011 01:50

Brief run-down of latest events & links

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Tunisian people power topples dictator!

14-01-2011 18:42

TUNISIAN dictator Ben Ali has been toppled from power in an historic day for the North African nation - and the world.

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Tunisian Uprising Wins Concessions From US-Backed Elite

14-01-2011 17:15

US-backed Tunisian dictator Zine El Abidine Ben Ali is making concession after concession to a spontaneously created protest movement, in a desperate attempt to cling onto power in the North African country. Solidarity protests have been held in neighbouring Algeria, and support for the Tunisian 'bread intifada' is growing throughout the Arab nations. It seems likely that such demonstrations will spread internationally, amongst equally impoverished populations.

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Tunisia: The Strength of Disobedience

14-01-2011 02:38

This is a piece from a Tunisian exile in Paris on the recent uprising of the people of Tunisia against the Dictatorship of Ben Ali.

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Democracy Dead in Oxford City...

13-01-2011 21:06

The Labour administration running Oxford City Council has stopped yet another way of interacting with the general public. Lack of accountability and transparency is becoming a trademark for them, as they ignore the largest ever petition in the city's history, councillors refuse to talk to their voters, and now this...

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March on parliament-London 19th Jan - finally a huge protest is happening again

13-01-2011 18:50

The scum in parliament are debating taking even more money from the poor - in this case scrapping EMA

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Solidarity demo for the Thessaloniki 4 – London friday 14.01.11

13-01-2011 18:36

Map of the embassy

14:00 Friday January 14, 2011

Greek Embassy, London
1A Holland Park,
London W11 3TP
Nearest tube: Lancaster Gate, Central Line

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Save Liebig 14! - Demo This Friday‏‏

13-01-2011 13:51

Defend autonomous spaces! - Save Liebig 14!
Demo outside the German embassy
This friday - 14th January - 12 midday
23 Belgrave Square, sw1x
Underground: Knightsbridge / Hyde Park Corner

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Right to Work has called for a protest this Friday at the Royal Bank of Scotland

13-01-2011 11:03

In London, Right to Work has called for a protest this Friday at the Royal Bank of Scotland building, 280 Bishopsgate EC2M 4RB from 4pm.

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Upcoming Anti-cuts events in Swindon

13-01-2011 09:06

Last night, a very large meeting saw the birth of Swindon-Anti-Cuts Campaign. We already have several events in the pipeline -

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Tunisian People's Revolution

13-01-2011 02:12

Tunisian protesters, many of them are now organized in several "People's Resistance Committees"(PRC) say they will continue demonstrating over unemployment, mass poverty and against the dictatorship in the North African country despite the government's deadly crackdown on them.

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Urgent Appeal - Please distribute far and wide.

13-01-2011 01:54

I don't believe too much in the efficacy of the kind of write-in protest advocated below, but an international spotlight on this case just might have an effect on
the final sentencing of these exemplary militants. So if you are on any listservs, please post. Thanks

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Translated: "Indignez-vou" by 93-y.o. Incites Young French-600,000 Sold

12-01-2011 21:45

Waving Hessel's "Little Red Book"
Booklet "Indignez-vou" by Man 93 Incites Young French-600,000 Sold

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Dissident Island Radio 07/11/2011 - Available for Download NOW

12-01-2011 14:13

Dissident Islands latest show now available for download
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