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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Thames Path dispute.

23-03-2006 11:04

Video Artist's impression of development on hording.
Luxury flats developer allowed to continue blocking path.

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Northern Class War Organising - May 1st

23-03-2006 10:15

Utilising the Haymarket martyrs anniversary and the 80th anniversary of the start of the General Strike. Class War are inviting Northern unaffiliated anarchists and working class activists to a day long event in Doncaster - celebrating the finest rebellious working class traditions.

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Palestine Non-stop! (by Latuff)

23-03-2006 04:18

Palestine Non-stop
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff, on behalf of brave Palestinian people.

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Hacktivists Attack Philippine Government Websites

23-03-2006 03:59

Several Philippine government websites are now subjected to attacks from online hacktivists: the Office of the President, the Police and the Military. The groups responsible were the Justice League of the Internet (JLI), and the Brigada Elektronica. Hacktivists worldwide have supported the action and now the target sites have been having problems.

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invitation to paris!

22-03-2006 23:35

join us in paris!

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Mobilisations in Ecuador continue. Repression increases

22-03-2006 20:01

As the protests against the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with the US, against the contract between the Ecuadorian state and the oil company OXY, against Plan Colombia and for "life and self-determination" enter their third week, police and military repression increases in Quito and other protest areas.

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Legal action warning to Crossrail-hole-Minister Alistair Darling re cash

22-03-2006 16:05

Contrary to the 'popular expectation' that the latest plethora of evidence of sleaze against Tony Blair's regime both as the occupant at No 10 Downing Street as well as the leader of the Blaired Party - will shame him and his regime into submission to the expectation for decency in public life, all indications point to the opposite direction. That so long as they can do it they holders of public offices will remain prone to sleaze and undemocratic and unethical behaviour.

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Support political activist locked up in Belarus

22-03-2006 14:22

Enira, a girl who is about 25, has been held in custody in the KGB detention facility of Minsk since February 21th, 2006. Her crime? She simply wanted to have independent elections in Belarus. Yes, this is a crime in Belarus.

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Newswire Radio Show - Wed 22nd March - Listen Now

22-03-2006 14:12

Weekly hour long show from Indymedia Radio London with coverage of the CPE uprising in France and the global day of protest, the occupation of Iraq on the third anniversary of the illegal invasion by the US led forces, plus confessions from an economic hit man.

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ETA calls ceasefire

22-03-2006 12:48

In a statement issued to the websites Gara, Berria and Basque Radio, the terrorist organisation has announced a cessation to its armed conflict to begin on Friday.

consider this a news flash.

It is the first ceasefire for Spain since 1998
the group issued a partial ceasefire for Catalonia in 2004

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40,000+ Students protest in Paris + More: Tues 21 March CPE Roundup

22-03-2006 09:41

Tuesday March 21st: summary of the days events from libcom below.

This thursday is also another student day of action ahead of next week's general strike.

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The Public Speaks for Itself

22-03-2006 01:52

We are ONE.
There will be ‘hell to pay’ and hopefully an entertaining spectacle when the ICC becomes a real people’s court and those in the dock will prove that the people of the WORLD cannot be abused or deceived for long.

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French Government Responds to Virtual Sit-In

22-03-2006 01:27

The virtual sit-in in solidarity with French students, youth and workers opposed to the CPE has effectively taken the street protests through the walls of the French government buildings and deep into the operations of the French government itself. This morning, an email containing this text was mailed to Sysadmins at the b.a.n.g. lab at UCSD, where the borderlands Hacklab is hosted...

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Legal grounds against Crossrail promoters - 1st summary

21-03-2006 23:03

As the battle against the gentrification of parts of the East End of London goes on, the main cosy establishment of 'civil liberty' 'human rights' professionals are taking it easy. There is no evidence that they are concerned about the destruction of communities that the Blair regime is carrying out across the inner cities. The Khoodeelaar! Campaign has today published the first of a series of legal action gerund which will be used to mount the campaign in courts. This is in the context of the absence of any evidence that any of the so-called opposition prayers seeking election to Tower Hamkest Council is going to make any difference at all. The people will have to defend the community from the Crssrail-hole-Tower Hamlets Coucnil attacks

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Brilliant Activists Taking it to Congressional Official's Door Steps

21-03-2006 19:47

This past weekend saw demonstrations all around the world with hundreds of thousands taking to the streets to protest the third anniversary of the War in Iraq. But something new is happening.

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Infousurpa n16

21-03-2006 17:13

Weekly independent poster of social centres activities

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BREAKING NEWS: EDO Injunction Breach Criminal Case Dropped

21-03-2006 14:49

Today the CPS in Brighton dropped yet another controversial criminal case against an anti-arms trade protester in Brighton. A legal observer who was arrested for using a video camera at a demonstration outside EDO MBM in June last year in an alleged breach of the harassment act injunction then in force, has had all charges against him dropped . In February EDO dropped their interim injunction against all protesters after a long legal battle by protesters in the High Court.

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Jo Wilding on UK Anti-War Movement

21-03-2006 10:57

Jo Wilding gives her view of the current state of the UK anti-war movement.

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Greece: Another Two Police Surveillence Cameras Destroyed

21-03-2006 05:29

Greece, Athens: Another Two Police Surveillence Cameras Destroyed
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