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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Something for the weekend

24-10-2007 02:36

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This saturday is set to be a busy one for activists in London with both the 9th annual remembrance procession against deaths in custody and the 27th Anarchist Bookfair.

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Pre-emptive Peace Strike: "Don't Attack Iran" (on Saturday 27th October)

24-10-2007 00:40

Regular grass roots meetings for support and communication, working towards collective international 'peace strikes' in the event of military attacks on Iran.

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TUC Work in Freedom Conference

24-10-2007 00:25

A TUC conference to commemorate bicentenary of the abolition of the slave trade
Contribuitions at the conference will be made by speakers from Africa, American and the Caribbean and the UK. A number of workshops will be organised on:Captialism, Slavery & Abolition; Slavery, legacy and Education; Forced Labour and the Olympics; Black Women & Slavery; Forced labour & Domestic Workers; and · Trafficking

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SWP collaborates in union’s betrayal of postal strikes

23-10-2007 16:15

On October 17, the web site of Britain’s Socialist Workers Party published the first detailed depiction of what was then only a proposed management offer to settle the ongoing post dispute. It was published as the response “from Socialist Worker supporters in the Royal Mail” and was only available online, as it came out after the party’s newspaper had gone to press.

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Oppose efforts by Communication Workers Union to end postal strike

23-10-2007 16:14

The Communication Workers Union executive has endorsed a rotten deal with the Royal mail to bring an end to the postal workers’ dispute.

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Demand release of Aotearoa/NZ Political Prisoners

23-10-2007 15:52

17 political activists in Aotearoa/New Zealand are being held in jail and threatened with charges of terrorism. What they have in common is supporting tino rangatiratanga, Maori claims to self-determination. These arrests are political (new tougher terrorism laws are coming up for debate in parliament) and aimed at creating a climate of fear. Therefore we see these arrests as state terrorism and demand the immediate release of the prisoners. This event is in support of a global day of action called by supporters of the prisoners.

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Saudi embassy demo report: over 7000 lashes'sentence' for gay men.

23-10-2007 15:49

Demo outside Saudi Arabian Embassy Oct 22. led by Peter Tatchell/NUS students etc - report and pics.

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Crassrail jobs! spin will CURSE East End, mis-led by MP Jim F Patrick -1

23-10-2007 13:15

BBC TV’s ‘Politics Show’ on Sunday 21 October 2007.

BBC London presenter Tim Donavan’s introduction stated that “London has the most entrenched problem of unemployment and poverty…..”

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Capitalisms Biggest success story "THE MAFIA"

23-10-2007 10:55

Forza Mafia !! INNIT
If anyone had any doubt about the mafia being the number one success story for (democratic) Capitalism an article published today in most Italian newspapers should put you straight on that one. Italy was founded by freemasons and run by the mafia from the off but now the mafia have recently become "ligit" business men or rather more accurately they have totally corrupted the entire politcal process and are therefore totally exempt from all controls.

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The Vícam Declaration: “we will defend mother earth with our lives”

22-10-2007 22:30

Reports from the Encuentro of the Indigenous People of América are still coming in. I was hoping to share with you an English version of the Encuentro's "Vícam Declaration," but I've not yet found it available in print...and the task of translating from the audio recording seemed too daunting. So here in its place is a solid piece by Hermann Bellinghausen:

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Mapuche supporters call for Vigil at Chilean Embassy, London.

22-10-2007 19:07

Vigil to be held on : Friday 26 October 2007

Contact Reynaldo on #0117-9279391 for more info and transport.

Caring people needed ................. please be there!

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Benefit night for Break the Siege - Free Gaza

22-10-2007 18:00

Benefit night for Break the Siege - Free Gaza at the Trades Club, Hebden Bridge on Dec 20th to raise money for the Freegaza campaign. It is 'A Winter Festival Party' featuring Sketch (Maggie Boyle, Gary Boyle and Dave Bowie), Captain Hotknives, Clive Russell and The Bookworms (plus DJ).
Doors open at 8.30pm, £5 or £4 entry. All proceeds go to humanitarian aid.

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Community Gardeners Object To Council Eviction

22-10-2007 16:41

At our meeting on Sunday, Common Ground Community Garden Collective agreed that we wanted to make the following points to the public and the media about the eviction of the community garden:

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Common Ground Community Garden Evicted! For Now....

22-10-2007 16:35

Press Release:

Common Ground Squatted Community Garden Evicted - For Now...

Below is an account of the eviction of Common Ground Community Garden. Please e-mail further enquiries to the following e-mail address: katesgrovegraden(AT)

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No more farmers markets in Farnborough

22-10-2007 15:33

Thanks to the lack of support and bloody-minded obstruction by the Rotten Borough of Rushmoor, there will be no more farmers markets in Farnborough.

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MAYDAY Magazine launch weekend: Fri 26 & Sat 27

22-10-2007 14:58

MAYDAY Magazine is a newly published anarchist journal.

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Sussex students pass motion in support of posties

22-10-2007 07:14

The University of Sussex Students' Union just passed a motion of support for the strike, with reference to scab student labour in Liverpool, and with the intention of increasing student awareness about union organising. A letter is also being written to be sent to the Liverpool students' unions informing them about this and asking them to take some sort of action.

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Dalai Lama pawn in Bush's oil wars?

21-10-2007 22:33

We've already had to warn the heroic Buddhist dissidents of Burma and colonized Uighur people of China's far west against allowing themselves to be exploited as propaganda fodder by the Bush White House. Now it seems we have to warn the Dalai Lama—whose official website boasts the text of his Oct. 17 Capitol Hill acceptance speech upon being awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor.

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Annual Rally & Procession against custody deaths 2007

21-10-2007 11:17

No More!!
Come and join protestors at the 9th annual rally and procession in London

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European Housing action round-up 2007

20-10-2007 19:45

The fight for the Enforceable Right to Housing in the midst
of Property Speculation

Campaigning for Housing and Land Rights in Europe.

It seems when "free-market" is adapted to the places where people
live, love, raise their children and their vegetables, THE LAND, from a
pure financial asset is becoming a poisoned asset; "Poisoned" in
fact by the voices and souls of people fighting for their dignity, for
their right to live in peace in the place where their families died rather
than become subject (physical and economical) of Stock Market brokers
in their Private Equity business.
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