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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Students Occupy Runcorn College!

04-03-2007 16:23

Over fifty Sixth Form students at Riverside College, Runcorn, Cheshire reacted against the removal of I.T. facilities from the college and the atmosphere of secrecy in which the ill-disguised asset strip was carried out.

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Copenhagen, saturday afternoon:Big demo in support of Ungdomshuset

03-03-2007 21:24

Saturday afternoon, the 3. March 2007, a big demonstration with around 2.000 participants draw from the square in front of the City Hall to Nørrebro to express their support to the fight for Ungdomshuset in Copenhagen.
They were all there : The black dressed and the punks, mothers with prams and the eternal vagabonds, mature women with handbags and powder on their cheeks and old veterans with silver in the hair.

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Defend the NHS Day: Sheffield Demonstration

03-03-2007 20:15

Protestors assembled on Saturday 3rd March 2007 in Weston Park in Sheffield to march to a rally on the City Hall steps in opposition to the ongoing privatisation of the National Health Service.

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Denmark: Copenhagen is burning

03-03-2007 18:39

Tonight riots in Kopenhagen became extreme. Burning barricades were built all over the city. Several black outs caused chaos in Copenhagen - actvists had cut off electricity cables. Swedish police supports the Danish state.

Solidarity action in many european countries.

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documentary: Reclaim Power - voices from the camp for climate action 2006

03-03-2007 18:18

In the summer of 2006, 600 people convinced that there is no time to waste set up a Camp for Climate Action in the shadow of one of the biggest C02 emitters in Europe: Drax coal-fired power station in Yorkshire / UK. Cine Rebelde produced a documentary film about the camp.

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AUSTRALIA: NSW: Mardi Gras 2007

03-03-2007 00:17

Love Justice for David Hicks we know you're part of the crowd. Thanks!

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Rural Workers in Uruguay occupy land and call for solidarity

02-03-2007 19:34

On January 14 of this year, Mandiy� � a group of small dairy farmers � occupied a 388 hectare section of the Eduardo Acevedo Estate in the area of Bella Uni�n, in the north of Uruguay. This is the second land occupation in the country, following the group of �peludos� (sugar cane workers) in their occupation one year ago of another 32 hectares that had been abandoned for more than ten years.

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1. Day after eviction of Ungdomshuset - TIMELINE

02-03-2007 17:30

The day after the eviction of Ungdomshuset and the following demonstrations, barricades and riots in Copenhagen, the police is expecting more troubles. Activists are meeting tonight and a few happenings are taking place around town. Things have been planned for tonight and the fight is obviously not over yet! A lot of people have now been detained for 14 days or more.

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New 'rebel' bulletin - The Nottingham Sparrow - March 2007 - no.1

02-03-2007 17:14

Banner of March issue - full text below or read PDF on website
A new local bulletin by the Nottingham group of the Anarchist Federation is launched this month to 'celebrate' the opening of Nottingham's new Market Square later this month. Further issues will come out whenever we
have something new to say. We welcome letters and leads for the next issue. Contact Nottingham AF at:

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Ungdomshuset Solidarity Demo

02-03-2007 15:15

Reporting from the demo by mobile

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Ruths facistpolice clears the Youthhouse in Copenhagen!! Se all about it!!

02-03-2007 13:09


Ruths fascistpolice clears the Youthhouse in Copenhagen!!

Se all about it!!

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Rospuda Demo next Friday/Demonstracja na rzecz Rospudy

02-03-2007 13:08

A bit of a look
Tomorrow, in front of Polsih Embassy demo to save last wild marhes in Europe of its size.

Informacje dotyczace demonstracji przeciwko przeprowadzeniu obwodnicy przez dolinę Rospudy. Demonstracja odbędzie sie w sobote, 9 marca o 16:30 na przeciw Polskiej Ambasady w Londynie

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On the Ground: Shell to Sea protest, Dublin, 24/02/07 - video and report

02-03-2007 12:42

Leaving Bellanaboy Gas Terminal construction site at 7.30am, Saturday 24 February, we traveled out of Mayo.

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Call for International Anti-G8 Demo in Rostock, June 2

02-03-2007 11:20

The following is a call for an international demonstration against the 2007 G8 Summit in Heiligendamm, to be held in Rostock on Saturday 2 June, 2007. To sign up to support the Call, goto:

And remember to stick around for other actions and events throughout the week! See: and

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'Block G8' call for mass blockades of the G8

02-03-2007 11:15

The following call for mass blockades of the G8 summit has been published by a broad coalition of groups, from anti-fascists to non-violent action groups, BUNDjugend (the German Friends of the Earth youth organisation) to radical-left networks, socialist youth organisations to the Green Party Youth Steering Committee, trade union organisations to christian organisations, libertarian theologists to activsts from attac... More groups are being invited to sign up. Do so here:

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You can save political prisoner Ahmad Batebi from execution

02-03-2007 10:04

It is not long ago since the general massacre of Akbar Mohammadi, Valiollah Feyz e Mahdavi and Zahra Kazemi and lots of other political Activists, students, writers and journalists in prisons by the dictatorial regime in Iran. It is getting worse and worse.
Today Ahmad Batebi is one of the thousands of political prisoners that are not far from death because of non stop torture in prison.

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Polish solidarity with Ungdomshuset

02-03-2007 09:37

Poznań (consulate) -
And today around 2pm (1pm in UK) in Warsaw -

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Ungdomshuset Solidarity Demo Friday London

02-03-2007 01:15


Meet 2pm HYDE PARK CORNER, inside on park
Bring banners, flags, leaflets, noisemakers....

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Police evicts social centre 'Ungdomshuset' in Copenhagen

01-03-2007 19:32

After a long political and legal battle the basis-democratic, alternative political and cultural centre 'Ungdomshuset' was forcefully evicted by riot police and airborne anti-terror squads this morning. Ensuing demonstrations have seen large-scale confrontations between protestors and heavy-handed police, here is the full story from Copenhagen.
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